Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reason The USPS Must Go!

If there is one reason, and there are actually hundreds, for the entire Congress, and President Obama, to be removed from office it is the continued existence of the USPS. There might have been a time in our history that made the Post Office a reasonable option for the delivery of First Class Mail, but that time has come and gone, and there is no reason for this semi independent  agency of government to continue to deliver mail while losing billions of dollars each year. In the year 2010, USPS lost 8.4 billion dollars, and this was 4.7 more than they lost in the previous year. The losses continue. When a private company fails to make a profit, it closes its door. It doesn't raise wages, hire more employees, and give more benefits and pensions. 

The USPS has over 600,000 employees, and surprise......218,000 vehicles (remember that a lot of the rural carriers own their own vehicles). USPS is the largest owner of vehicles in the world. "As of 2003, the Postal Service paid a 34.2% wage premium to its employees over comparable private sector labor, and wages at USPS have only risen since."  (Rep. Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, 2011). All this while, UPS and Fedex pay taxes, and make a profit. USPS should be shut down immediately, and all pensions should be payable from funds directly "marked" for pensions, and should there be not enough money available, then some revision in payments would be necessary. The government has "worked"  pensions on a Ponzi Scheme for too long. Workers in the private sector have to invest their money in whatever "market" they can find to provide for their retirement, and at retirement they are only able to use what money they have made over the years, or what money is left from their investments. There is no Ponzi Scheme available for them. Currently, the private sector retirement accounts are in the negative "direction" because of the bad economy created by Congress, and especially President Obama. Government pension plans are based on some type of "Disney World" formula that makes retirement payments not only funded by little or no actual contributions from the worker, but they are not dependant on the current market value of the retirement fund. This is where the Ponzi Scheme takes effect, and government workers are guaranteed a lifetime monthly check, sometimes with cost of living increases. The actions of government amount to "limited" socialism, with regard to pensions, and this unfair practice must be stopped, and eliminating the USPS is a good place to start. 

I am sure everyone has a tale of "fright" concerning something that has happened to them in a US post office, but here is my favorite, and believe me this is no exaggeration: I had purchased a second home in North Florida. It was to be a weekend house, but because of the cooler climate and the friendly people of the area, I found that I was spending more than 3 days a week at this house. Well, it got to the point where I decided that I would need a mail box, and not wanting to have mail delivered to a "house" box at the street, and have the mail set for 3 or 4 days while back in Sarasota, I opted to get a mail box at the local post office. 

Waiting in line, I was finally served by a postal worker named Fred. I told Fred that I want to purchase a PO Box. He asked me for my house address. I gave him the Sarasota address because I had no mail delivered to me in that north Florida town. This is when things got interesting. Fred then told me that I would have to take a postal form to Sarasota, and have it signed by the Postmaster at the post office that sent me my mail. I informed Fred that I wanted to receive mail at both addresses, and had no idea from which post office in Sarasota I received my mail. He then informed me that this would not be possible as I could only receive mail at one address. Now I was very confused............... I thought that Fred had misunderstood me. I only wanted to purchase a PO Box at his location, and I wanted it today, not after having a Postmaster, who, I did not know, give me permission. When I tried to make Fred understand that I was willing to pay for the overpriced PO Box he was offering, but I wanted it today, and had no intention of consulting a postmaster in Sarasota, he became extremely "huffy" and aggressive. He told me that  the reason for me having to get the signed permission from the Sarasota Postmaster was related to terrorism..... Some new law directed by Homeland Security. I then told Fred, that I was not a terrorist, but that he could check up on me if he so desired. And further, I told him that in the meantime, it would seem a better idea for him to sell me a PO Box, so that if it should turn out that I am a terrorist, all the FBI would have to do would be to "stake out" this PO Box, and "snap the cuffs on me" when I reached into the box to pick-up my mail. Well, this sent Fred into "orbit".  He told me that I needed to leave his post office immediately, or he would call the police, and have me arrested. Not wanting to find out all the postal laws I am sure I am ignorant of, I left the premises. Never to return.

A week or so later, while pruning some plants in the front yard of the north Florida house, the postal delivery woman came down the street. I stopped her and asked her about Fred, and if she had an idea how I could get a PO Box. She said that Fred was known to be very strict, and that he went by the book, even when he did not know what the book really said. She said that my best "bet" would be to put up a mail box on the street like everyone else in the neighborhood. She said that if I would purchase one at Home Depot or wherever, all I had to do was place it at the correct height, and she would deliver my mail. She also said that Fred had no oversight on mail delivery outside of the post office. Well, I purchased a mail box, placed it at the correct height, and within a few days, I began to receive "junk" mail. So much for protecting the world from terrorists. And I am so glad I now receive all that "junk" mail, I had been missing.
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It Is Time To Take Affirmative Actions

This posting is in response to:  Are Americans Ready For Civil War?

By JB Williams of the Patriots Union
JB Williams, You are so correct. Take notice of what the governor of North Carolina, Perdue, said the other day,  “I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover.” And yes, the Tea Party is just "sitting on its thumbs, and enjoying the ride." This is why I have said, many time before in my postings,, that Obama must be removed before the elections of 2012. And with this October 6, Egyptian style rally in Washington, D.C., that is planned, it becomes evident that a real possibility exists that Obama will be given the chance to "pretend" to be a defender of the Constitution,  and be able to suspend all elections. Now with the "Wall Street Adventure" not going as planned, it is doubtful that this "Egyptian" type rally will work, but it will provide another issue for Republicans to make further compromises. These damn, moronic, Republicans are more worried about not being viewed as "extremists" than defending the Constitution from all attackers. This is why I want Paul E. Vallely, MG U.S. Army, retired, as President. He is totally capable of making the hard decisions that need to be made, and he is capable of "backing" his decisions with whatever force is necessary to accomplish the mission. All the current Republican contenders are "weak sisters", and "Legends In Their Own Minds". Our foundation of Freedom is spelled out clearly in the Constitution, and this document needs to be the main focus of our President and our Congress. It is time to stop retreating, and to "lift the banners high", and move forward into battle. Every "foot" of territory you give in retreat is just that much harder  to retake when you desire victory. Stop the retreat now by holding a Tea Party rally in Washington, D.C. before the October 6, "trail balloon" that the socialist have planned. And if Paul E. Vallely will not lead.... then Lord Howard Hurts will lead, if asked. Take the time to read my postings at  For the most part they are serious....I inject some humor at times to keep it interesting (or so I think)
.Lord Howard Hurts 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Blind Sheep", Wake Up! and Smell The Coming Armageddon

If the Republican debates don't wake you up, maybe this will:

By Mark K. Matthews, Washington Bureau
September 20, 2011, 5:26 p.m.
Reporting from Washington— If NASA ever wants to send astronauts to Mars, it first must solve a problem that has nothing to do with rockets or radiation exposure.

A newly discovered eye condition found to erode the vision of some astronauts who have spent months aboard the International Space Station has doctors worried that future explorers could go blind by the end of long missions, such as a multiyear trip to Mars.

What a surprise. Just more proof that the "Space Program" is nonsense, and a total waste of taxpayer money.  Earth is a "terrarium", and it is impossible to successfully travel outside of this "closed" system devised by the "Creator", but still the US government budgets 18.7 billion dollars to NASA in 2011. Are you aware that the International Space Station is only about 220 miles from Earth? Is this really "Space"?  But wait............ here are some more depressing stats that prove conclusively that America is heading for a complete "meltdown":

74% of Americans are obese, and the number is climbing.

There are currently nearly 46 million Americans on Food Stamps

27 million Americans are on anti-depressants.

There are more than 12 million alcoholics in America today.

47.9 million Americans have a disability.

There are 2.5 million persons, in 2011,  in American jails (state and Federal).

As of August, 2011, 14 million Americans were unemployed

According to NAMI,  2011,  57.7 million Americans-experience a mental health disorder in a given year

More than 1.5 million Americans filed for bankrupsy in 2011.

Our Government just bailed out Wall St with $720 Billion dollars.

Congress rammed through a health care agenda that they did not read, that they are exempt from, and that takes over 1/7 of our economy.

Since 9/11, America has spent 1.4 trillion dollars on the war effort in Afghanastan and Iraq
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, September 23, 2011

Should Lord Howard Be Imprisoned?

Oh Crap! I hardly publish my latest post at and I get all kinds of email telling me that I should be imprisoned for impersonating a rational human being. This would be the posting furthering my thoughts on Noah's Ark (the Nigel Smith article in The London Sporting Times). Read the following stats, and think.  
Lord Howard Hurts

Mathematicians have said that any event with odds of 10 to the 50th power or over is impossible even within the entire time frame of the supposed billions of years popularly assigned for the age of the universe.

The odds of an average protein molecule coming into existence by chance is 10 to the 65th power. That's just one protein molecule! Even the simplest cell is composed of millions of them.

It seems that the cell is irreducibly complex. For example, without DNA there can be no RNA, and without RNA there can be no DNA. And without either DNA or RNA there can be no proteins, and without proteins there can be no DNA or RNA. They’re all mutually dependent upon each other for existence! It could not have gradually evolved! Evolutionists generally believe that it took one billion years for the first life form or cell to have evolved. That belief, although still taught as gospel in many elementary and secondary schools, cannot be sustained by modern science.

The great and well-known British scientist Frederick Hoyle showed that the probability of the simplest form of life coming into being by chance is 10 to the 40,000th power. You don’t have to be a theologian to respect such numbers!

In the midst of arguments over evolution and intelligent design, it is amazing how many in society, including the very educated, believe that scientists had already created life in the laboratory. No such thing has ever happened.

All that scientists have done is genetically engineer already existing forms of life in the laboratory, and by doing this scientists have been able to produce new forms of life, but they did not produce these new life forms from non-living matter. Even if scientists ever do produce life from non-living matter it will only be through intelligent design or planning so it still wouldn’t help support any theory of life originating by chance or evolution.

Noah's Ark Revisited

My interview with Nigel Smith, in the August issue of The London Sporting Times, brought me many letters. Most asked me to explain my mention of Noah's Ark. In the interview, I had remarked that I had given enough clues for the reader to form their own conclusion as to the validity of the Ark story. And here is what I said:  

Nigel. I am not just on "The Crazy Train", I am the "Driver" of "The Crazy Train". I can now see that this interview is finished, and why there is no need for me to explain myself. I have given you all the information you need to know why the story of Noah and the Arc could indeed be a true story, and if you can not "mathematically" deduce how it is a possibility, then you can not understand that "Might Always Makes Right".  Just stick around and watch the political theater in the US....that is coming.......... and you will witness what the churches have always preached........ as "hate" in fact the reality given us by the "Creator".

So if you want to further understand, continue to read on......but should you be a person who does not believe that all living things are the product of a "Creator", don't waste your time reading, and making notes to send to me; Pointing out flaws in my lesson in thoughts. Continue living your life without direction, and be smug inside yourself, for you will never be happy.  

Here is my effort to give you a few ideas that may help you form your own opinion: First, there is a "Universal Thought", in all humans on Earth, that "Guides" every civilization on Earth, past and present, and that "Universal Thought" is the belief that all life is the product of a "Creator" from some distant Star. This fact alone is proof enough to establish the existence of a "Creator". Then when you couple this fact with the fact that all persons living today have some DNA that is part of, not just a great, great, great, grandfather, but someone that lived in the time of Noah, you have proof positive that we live in a "closed" system of existence. Young people today don't give much credit or thought to DNA, unless it is being used to solve some TV crime, but DNA is what defines and regulates all life on Earth. It is a continuing chain of existence, and it leads straight from ancient times to the present, and it is not something exclusive to persons born in the last 60 years. I say this because the youth of today think that they know everything, and don't give consideration to the fact that all living persons come from DNA that originated from much earlier civilizations. I am now going to give you facts that are available from the Bible, and Sumarian text. I mention Sumarian text because this is probably the civilization that first recorded events in writing, and some of these early texts include a similar flooding of the earth as found in the Bible, the book of Genesis, and could in fact be the "source" for the Noah's Ark event written about in the Bible. So now, we have established proof that the Noah's Ark story, as found in the Bible, might be "made up", but even so, the Sumarian event had a similar large boat filled with animals, and its story is very similar to the one in Genesis....... including a man named Noah. And regardless if the Bible account is a real story, in its designated time period, or not, it is an account that could have happened. How? In Genesis, Noah was some 600 years old when he started building the Ark. And this account further states that he lived some 300 plus years after the water had receded (after the world flood). Would this not make one logically think that Noah might have been a "Space Traveler"? Remember that for an Earth based human to travel to Jupiter takes about 2 years. And in view of the fact that there is no intelligent life on the planets in our solar system, it would take more than the average, human, life span to get "out" to some other planetary system. Thus if Noah was a "Space Traveler," it is very possible that he was 600 years old when he started building the Ark. Then when you take, into account, the measurements of this Ark, as included in the Bible, you find it hard to believe that such a small boat could contain 2 of all the animals on earth (this is the implied context of the Bible, if not the exact wording). And how could Noah gather, say for instance, American Buffalo? Impossible? Well, not impossible if Noah had the DNA of every living thing on earth. It then becomes probable that the described Ark would be large enough to hold all this DNA. (In 1848, an archaeological expedition working in Egypt discovered strange hieroglyphs on a ceiling beam at an ancient temple in Abydos, several hundred miles south of Cairo. The hieroglyphs were carefully copied and brought back to Europe. The mysterious images gave rise to heated debate amongst Egyptologists. Eventually, however, they were dismissed as bizarre objects that nobody could adequately explain, and were forgotten. Look these up yourself, and read and decide). Is it possible that DNA could have been the method Noah used to distributed the different life forms all over the planet? Yes. But what about the flood itself?  Firstly, logic would point to the fact that there is not enough water on earth to cover the planet to the height of the Arrat Mountains (these mountains are some of the highest mountains on earth at around 20,000 feet above sea level). And this is a fact, if one dismisses the idea that extra water could have been brought to earth, or manufactured on earth (H2O). Both ideas seem improbable, but if Noah was a "Space Traveler", and had the ability to create life from DNA, then the idea doesn't seem so "out of reach".  And remember, if the Ark was filled with "bottles" of DNA, rather than actual living animals, it is understandable how it would be possible for the animals to get down from the high mountains, to places where they could survive, thus eliminating another "block" to this most interesting story (mountains don't have roads down. And these mountains would be too cold and void of oxygen for most living forms). Now back to the flood. I know. I know. If Noah created extra water to flood the earth, where did it go? It was returned from where it came. Noah, after creating all life once again, of course knew that there is a special relationship or balance of water needed to sustain life on this "closed" planet. So, much the same as a person would do when "building" a terrarium. The correct balance of water is added, and the vessel stopped up. And if the balance of all the elements is right, life in the terrarium continues and thrives by recycling. 

Your brain getting tired? Not thinking that there is  much logic to any of this so far? Well think about this to give your brain a "time out": The Antikythera Mechanism. It is an ancient, intricate, machine that was found in a shipwreck near Greece. It dates back to about 100 BC. Do your own homework on this mechanism, and maybe you will be able to further understand Noah's Ark.  
Ecclesiastes 1:9  The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Evolution Not Creation!

My dear Christian, Patriot, Friends.If you have been reading my past posting, you will know that I logically believe that all living things are the exclusive result of having been given life by a "Creator". I have given proof that life is just too complex to be an accident, and that 'evolution' is only a slight part of all living things, instead of being the major part of existence that the "Harvard Types" espouse, and hold as proof that believers in a "Creator" are mentally inferior. I.......Wait a  minute!.........CNN has a Breaking Announcement, and has taken complete control over my TV: 

NASA has announced that finally there is proof that all existence on Earth developed from evolution millions and millions of years ago. The Mars Ranger has sent back startling photos of a new find that has "set the "Intellectual World on fire". These new photos are proof that Mars, like Earth, is slowly evolving. These photos have been studied over the past week, to let the greatest minds at NASA, at Harvard, and the DNC, study and prepare for comment. There will be an exclusive, later tonight, with both NASA and Harvard, to provide detailed information on this Mars "find" that will conclusively prove that all Faith based beliefs are nothing more than silly stories, made up by people afraid of reality. CNN news reporter,  B.S. Biden, on the scene at NASA, reports that this Mars find is so unbelievable that he can hardly believe that it is not some Fake News. He says....... and this has not been confirmed by the White House as yet.....but there will be a Special White House Report issued at 9 PM eastern time, which will  divulge all the details of what the Mars Rover found. it has been leaked that "A nearly completed manuscript of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, was half buried in the dust, near a massive brown boulder, at the desert area the Rover has been working for the past year. Surrounding this manuscript are several blank pages of paper, and a Jello box". NASA would make no statements nor confirm the find. But Professor Ima Hoarlick, of the Harvard school of Antiquities and Sexual Orientation Studies, has given us this exclusive statement: "This is the greatest find possible. Finally, the debate of Evolution Vs Creation is over. There is nothing else to discuss. Finished." Professor Horalick estimates that within 2,421 years the manuscript will be completed, including the signature of Mark Twain. Wait!  More "Breaking News!"...... Vatican City! The Pope has just resigned. He had been informed of this Evolutionary find by NASA officials less than an hour ago, and he immediately resigned his position,  and  procured a real estate license, and with the help of several Altar Boys, he is going to assume a new position, and turn the Vatican into a "Time Share Condo" development.  Keep tuned to CNN for "Breaking News", and now, back to our regularly scheduled programing: "The Kardashian's meet 'Bush 41' For Fun and Games". 

Boy! I didn't see this one coming. But I don't think paper is a living thing. But then again, paper is made from trees, and trees are living things. So maybe this is like the old, "which came first: the chicken or the egg?" I guess paper came before the tree. And CNN is reliable, and honest. It was started by Ted Turner. Nothing wrong with Ted Turner, so I guess the debate is over. Evolution must be the way all life started. It just took a little longer than 6 days to create Earth and all living things. Wait a minute! There will be a lot of "religion" workers looking for jobs next week. Unemployment will 'rocket' upwards. Isn't it funny how one problem solved, evolves into another more complex problem? 
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, September 16, 2011

Obama: 'Victory' Not Necessarily Goal in Afghanistan

"President Obama has put securing Afghanistan near the top of his foreign policy agenda, but "victory" in the war-torn country isn't necessarily the United States' goal", he said Thursday in a TV interview.
"I'm always worried about using the word "victory"........ because, you know, it invokes this notion of Emperor Hirohito coming down and signing a surrender to MacArthur," Obama told ABC News.

The enemy facing U.S. and Afghan forces isn't so clearly defined, he explained.
"We're not dealing with nation states at this point. We're concerned with Al Qaeda and the Taliban, Al Qaeda's allies," he said. "So when you have a non-state actor, a shadowy operation like Al Qaeda, our goal is to make sure they can't attack the United States."  Published July 23, 2009,

What has changed since then? Nothing. There is no reason to be in Afghanistan. There is no objective to win, and because of this policy, Americans killed or wounded in this "War", are just the pawns of Congress and this most clueless President. Without a clear objective and a moral goal, there can be nothing more than an extended stay in a "Hell Hole" that holds no interest to the citizens of this Republic. How do you eliminate the "Shadowy Enemy" when it operates in a country that is only one step above a caveman society? Was not the great Roman Empire also defeated by a caveman society? The generals leading this farce in Afghanistan need to either resign, or remove their men from this unspecified conflict immediately. And if  this President wants to further peruse this "War" , he needs to be removed. And while we are moving out of Afghanistan, all airport searches need to be stopped.  Let these Al Qaeda or Taliban do what they need to do, and if they should harm any American on any airliner or wherever, they should be treated to Military Law, and immediately shot. And any country that would give these vermin a base of operations, they would also be subject to the immediate bombing of their cities, starting with their Capitol and the best neighborhood in that city. It is time the "Blind Sheep" of America, stop being afraid and start showing moral strength and courage.

I can only add: If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it. (Julius Caesar 100 BC - 44 BC).
Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where Is Nigel Smith?

I am posting this unpublished article by Nigel Smith, of The London Sporting Times. He sent me this copy of his work to review before submitting to his publisher, and I have not heard from him since. The address I had, was in the charming old-colonial town, Purto de la Cruz, Canary, Islands, and I have a cell phone number that isn't connected. Nigel is nowhere to be found. He is not even listed on the Internet, as living or dead, and The London Sporting Times has no listing either. Lord Howard Hurts

The London Sporting Times
By Nigel Smith

This is my second interview with Lord Howard Hurts. We talked, both at his home in central Florida, and in a Mexican restaurant, Don Pepe, in Dunnellon, Florida.

The world is "crashing". There is no doubt that the future of the world is heading in the same direction as the great "Real Estate Bubble" that enveloped, and then destroyed the economy of the United States. The "Hand Writing Is On The Wall" , but the so called educated masses can't even read, let alone decipher it. There is only one person, living today, that has all the answers, to the questions not even yet asked. This person is Lord Howard Hurts. He is "King David" waiting to be found. Not only does he have the answers to questions not yet asked, he holds the solution to keeping civilization from total destruction. He has been writing from an obscure blog,, from somewhere in Florida. He has been moving between 3 locations, but the "enemy's" are finally getting a "fix" on his location, and it will be just a short time until he is either the "King David" that this nation requires, or he will be found, like national defense expert John P. Wheeler,  molding away in some landfill.  I have talked with him extensively, and I truly believe his "Story".  Should I be wrong in my assessment of this man, and should his "Story" prove false, I am doomed to forever writing copy at The National Enquirer, at best. Here are the highlights of my conversations with Lord Hurts.

Lord Hurts was never a religious person, though he classified himself as a Christian, and "of the Church of England group" (these are his exact words). It was not until sometime around 1970, while on a return trip to Florida, from South America, that things began to change for him. While on the plane heading to Miami, mechanical problems suddenly developed........... which forced an unscheduled landing on Grand Cayman. It was during this stop-over that Lord Hurts engaged in a conversation with a smallish, dark complected, man, with a pronounced French accent, who was also a passenger on this flight. During their discussion, Lord Hurts was offered the opportunity to purchase a most regal treasure. This smallish man said that he was tired of protecting this treasure, and would sell it to Lord Hurts for $30,000. He further stated that this was a treasure that the entire world had been looking for, and that it would bring good fortune to its new owner. Of course, Lord Hurts had not just fallen off the "turnip truck on its way to market", and even at that young age (he would have been in his early to mid 20's) he was more worldly than the majority of his peers. And this proposal seemed, on "face value", a blatant scam. But, never the less, Lord Hurts, made plans to meet this man in Haiti, in front of the National Library, at Port au Prince, in two weeks time. At this point I will let you read the exact words of this "Story", as told to me, by Lord Hurts:  

"When I got to Miami, I went through one side of customs, and the small man went through the side reserved for persons not of American citizenship. I went home and told my mother (I was 23 years old at the time) about the small man and the treasure. She told me that even if the guy was a "nut-job" the adventure alone would be worth the trip. And that if he was telling the truth, maybe this would be something to set me up for life. Well, I thought about it, and decided to make the trip. I flew to Haiti, and had $20,000 on me, and kept the appointment at the time and place in Port au Prince. We met and discussed the treasure and finally, I paid $7,000 (I guess about $35,000 today), and headed back to Miami. I never told anyone I had this treasure, an Holy Artifact, and until a few years ago, I had it hidden in a safety deposit box".

"Now here is what the mysterious man from Port au Prince told me about this treasure. He said that this was an Holy Artifact. That it was either a piece of the stake or cross on which Jesus was crucified. He said that the actual word in Greek was "stake", but most translations today denote a cross. He told me that this Holy Artifact was a treasure captured by the Knights Templar. That this particular piece of wood was part of the loot the Templar's had stored at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and during the mid 1100's, the tide had begun to turn, and the Crusades were nearing an end. That this True Cross Artifact was removed, and placed in hiding in the seaport town, Acre. It then was moved to Cyprus, and finally lost. This fellow had come upon it in Syria, and now he wanted to let me take responsibility for it. I may be slightly off in some minor respects as I did not have the foresight to write everything down. When I say 1970, it might have been early 1971, And I only can relate what I was told".

Now after having this artifact for some 30 years, just what is the significance of this artifact to reality today? How does this make Lord Hurts more than just a nice guy with a "Story"? Well here is where it gets interesting, and to get through it you will need to "put on your "Thinking Cap", as it is very easy to dismiss all this as a scam, or some type of mental illness. These are facts that can be proven:

By 1972, Lord Hurts is successful in the real estate business, and builds himself a house, with cash, that cost around a million dollars. By age 30, Lord Hurts retires from business entirely, and begins to travel the world. From 1970 until today, Lord Hurts has not had a job, has never inherited anything, money or otherwise, and has never borrowed money for anything. He has a nice home and car, and does not seem to have any real "wants", nor does he desire to own anything. He was told by 2 doctors, in his youth, that he would never live past his teen years because of some heart defect, but at age 66, he is alive and well, and has not seen a doctor since 1970. Is there some relationship between this Holy Artifact and the "good luck" of Lord Hurts? I don't know, but he seems to "see" a relationship.....and this is where he claims that he was in fact contacted by the Creator, and by contacted, this means by some type of mental rather than actual vocal communication, around 1992. Of course all this sounds "crazy", but I have met the man, and I detect no inability to relate to current, rational, issues, and when coupled with the fact that he is not looking for any financial gain, I can't see a motive for a scam. He looks healthy enough, and doesn't look his age of 66. But continue following my thoughts, and keep your "Thinking Cap" on. He related to me, in a round about way, that the Creator "told" him that the survival of The United States of America was directly related to it being a practicing Judeo-Christian nation. And that failure to revert to older practices of morality and personal responsibility would result in the complete destruction of the Republic on October 28, 2012.  I questioned him on the accuracy of this last statement, and he assured me........ He said, "I went over everything I was told. I thought long, and hard, about if I had misunderstood. But I am confident that October 28, 2012, was the date I was given." So I assume that this is the reason that he, Lord Hurts, is so adamant, in his blog postings, about having President Obama removed before the elections of 2012. He says that unless the U.S. Military takes over the control of this nation, it will "dissolve" from within....... as so many other great nations have done in the past. He further states that our Congress has refused to uphold the Constitution, and only the military, now, has the ability to restore our Constitution to its place as the Supreme Law of The Land. "Our second greatest fear", he says, is from China. He claims to have knowledge of their 500 year plan that is coming to "maturity" in the near future. The Chinese will rule the world if not stopped. Their methods will make Germany's attempt at world domination look like a "walk in the park"..........Genghis Khan will seem a Boy Scout leader in comparison. Unless there is a complete return to our roots, the Judeo-Christian faith, the End of Times will be our fate, and the fate of all civilization ultimately. 

I did not see this Holy Artifact. I only saw photos of it, but I must admit that it "moved" my emotions. It looks like hard, polished, stone, but Lord Howard assured me that it is wood, cedar he thinks. It is polished at the top from all the thousands of hands rubbing it, for hundreds of years, in the hope of gaining either good health or financial riches. He said that he has it hidden away so that it can't be stolen. That he is currently looking for property in central Florida to build a Mediation Garden where he can exhibit this artifact for all to see and touch. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Brunello di Montalcino, 1999, A Good Year

Last week, I was attending a college graduation party held by a business associate for his daughter at an upscale Tampa, Florida, restaurant. The woman was newly graduated from Mount Holyoke College, and in an impromptu speech/ toast, she delivered two of the most astounding revelations I have heard in quite some time. Revelation number one was something like: "It'll be a great day when education gets all the money it wants, and the Air Force has to hold a bake sale just to buy bombers".  And the second: "Of all the courses I took at Mount Holyoke, I will always remember Professor Sandy Lawrence, and her....Whiteness: The Other Side of Racism class". And on and on she blabbed about how she was going to enter business with a duty to see that more minorities are advanced over racist whites. All this blabber when she herself, just out of college, was heading a department in a business owned by her white father, who gave her this job, maybe at the expense of not hiring some minority. This nonsense was enough to turn the  wonderful Brunello di Montalcino, 1999, I was drinking into vinegar. Such a waste (the daughter not the wine. Even bad wine produces good vinegar). But all this mindless blabber brought to my mind a quote from Martin H. Fischer, German-American physician: Education is the process of driving a set of prejudices down your throats.

All this talk about the value of a college education got me thinking about something Michel Eyquem de Montaigne wrote: "I prefer the company of peasants because they have not been educated sufficiently to reason incorrectly".  On this  subject I concur with old Michel. This obsession, from our Federal Government, to insure that everyone graduating from high school is entitled to a government sponsored college education is the root of all our current social and economic problems. Now when I say, sponsored, this includes not only government paid, through Federally backed student loans, but government using the self serving degrees issued by these institutions of higher education as the "ticket" for employment. It is "one hand washing the other". We have a need, at most, for 10% of our population to attend advanced educational classes. The government on the other hand thinks that 99% participation in advanced education is the way to insure that the U.S. has the most intelligent workforce on earth. Regardless, or more  appropriately, oblivious, of the fact that the majority of jobs available in this nation today are jobs that require job training of a year or less. But it seems that the educated elite have to have some form of testing to prove that their brain is more powerful than that of the perceived "peasants". Bringing me to my point: "If the educated elitist are so smart, why don't they see that to have a workforce, of 99% college graduates, is to have only 1% of the available workforce trained or willing to do the manual labor that is required to keep our living standard in place? And if there is only 1% of the workforce willing to do manual labor, then we will have to "import" workers from all over the world to do the work that Americans don't want to do." Think that this just might create a problem bigger than the current Mexican immigrant problem? The math doesn't lie. This "Nation of Blind Sheep" is heading for a disastrous, and historic, fall. And I think it would be better if all rational persons, rather than fight, and attempt to stop this fall to Socialism that this Obama "regime" has pushed us toward, just change their voting registration to Democrat. Yes, Democrat! Let this country be 100% Democrat! Then maybe the infighting will "spawn" several new parties, and finally do away with this neutered, ineffective, Republican party we have today. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Lord Howard Hurts Theory of Engagement

National events of the past few days have angered me to the point that I will, without hesitation, give the "Blind and Deaf Sheep" of this nation a plan of attack. It is time to stop catching the "grenades". It is time to begin throwing them back. It is time to exert a coordinated "frontal" attack on all Democrats and RINO's. 

When I was a boy back in Broadstairs, Kent, I was raised in a most gentile family setting. We lived in a great medieval, fortified, country house that included a moat. This family home had been built sometime in the 1400's. And when it came time for me to attend primary school, my mother insisted that I dress appropriately, and "to our standard", and thus I attended classes wearing both a coat and necktie. Several of the older boys took this as reason to "thump" me unmercifully. But having no history of having to defend myself, this uncalled for hostility not only hurt, but it confused me. It came to the point that I did not want to continue attending class. The Baron, my father, saw this as just something I would have to deal with, and dismissed even talking about my plight. But my mother, thank heavens, took me aside, and told me that I would have to change my tactics from running and hiding to attack. She told me that I would have to "make my mark" now; or always, I would be "hounded" by those that regularly watched my "beatings" with morbid interest. That if I did not take action soon, I would have to fight every student in the school, for after watching my cowardly actions, I would be a mark..... an easy mark. She further told me that to succeed, I would have to identify the "biggest" bully of the lot, and not wait for him to choose me out, but to get in his face, and just start "wailing" on him. I admit that I was not too keen on this approach as I figured that I would be spending some time in hospital, but at the same time I could see that the "slow beatings", would in time also deliver me to the same place. 

For a few days I practiced my boxing and kicking and wrestling moves....... I had a friend, David, that became my sparing partner. I found by experiment that my most effective wrestling move was the "scissors hold". If I could "trip" my opponent onto the ground, I could quickly wrap my legs around his torso, and apply leg pressure till the victim gave up. It worked admirable on David. He got to the point that once in the "scissors", he would scream loudly for me to stop even before I applied pressure. 

The big moment came on a Monday, before classes started. All the students were sitting around talking and joking, when along came Richard. It had been spoken around school that he was almost 16, and was the son of a fisherman, and dumb as a rock.  He was a most frightful sight, to me. But now when I look back on Richard, he might have been around 16, but he was no more than five foot tall. But at that time in my youth, Richard was a giant. He smoked cigarettes, and even had a self made tattoo of a bloody skull on his wrist, and his teeth were none too streaks and brown stains from the cigarettes he smoked. 

I walked right up to Richard, and told him that I was tired of looking at him, and that I was not taking anymore of his crap. Good old, Richard was with several of his friends, and they laughed, and asked me what I was going to do about it. I told Richard that I was  going to fight him.... to the death........ Right then and there. Now, I was not believing what was coming out of my mouth. I was actually scared to death of old brown teeth. But Richard got this strange look on his face. I could tell that he was not ready for a fight to the death, and I am sure that he knew to fight a punk like me and lose, would keep him busy fighting every other student that did not like him, till he grew old, or moved away. I could see that Richard was scared. I pressed on, and began to talk more vicious. Richard's friends encouraged him; Not only encouraged him, they "pushed" him into taking my challenge. Richard suddenly made up the excuse that he did not want to fight me because he was already in trouble with the school, and his mother had warned him that if there was any further trouble, he would be sent to live with some relative in lower London........his friends began to turn on him. He had to take the challange.

Most of the students were more than excited about watching the slaughter. The fight was on. Richard drew a large circle in the dirt. He said that this would be our ring, and if anyone should entered this ring, while we were fighting, he would stop, and beat that person to death, and he said that I should do the same. Everyone was impressed. I was not even worried. I must have had a massive infusion of adrenalin because I was taunting Richard to get in the ring, and get ready for battle. One of his friends was acting as referee, and when we had ourselves inside the circle, this friend told us that we would fight only when he gave us the "word". He said, "There will be no stopping the fight for blood or broken bones. It will be a fight to the death". Well, all this buildup must have put Richard "over the top", for without notice, or "word", from the referee, he hit me hard on my right arm. It was a blow that "woke me up". I had never been hit this hard before. I was fast coming down form my adrenalin high. I was scared...........but Richard was gone. He had done a "hit and run", and he was gone. The school bell rang and everyone went to their classes. I was the talk of the school for days, and Richard was never seen at that school again. I don't know whatever happened to him. But what I learned that day was that my mother knew what she was talking about. I have used this strategy, abet a few modifications, to success over, and over, again. I think it is time for the "Tea Party Members" to use the "Lord Howard Hurts Theory of Engagement": When being attacked by an opponent that is larger, meaner, and unyielding, don't attempt to block the "blows". This response only stops some of the "sting", but does nothing to stop the attack. When in a "Do or Die" situation, find the opponents weak spot, and attack, attack, attack. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blueprint For Doom

We are living in a "Nation of Blind Sheep". The "Great American Experiment" is doomed.  Our Republic and our way of life is just "minutes" from becoming a footnote in history.  It is a process that  has been moving forward for over 70 years, and the blueprint of this disaster was open for all to see and investigate. But few took notice, and fewer brought notice to the complacent population. In the search for immediate satisfaction and gratification, the American public chose to "defy" all the rules of Nature, and followed false Leaders and Educators. The blueprint for our destruction can be found in the writing of Aldous Huxley, in his work: The Brave New World, something he wrote in 1931 and published in 1932. This prophetic book was followed by Brave New World Revisited, in 1958. This posting will be my shortest rant. And if you want to understand just what I am ranting about, you will have to do your own homework. Should you happen to be in the age bracket of 12 to 30, you will probably not understand the "Handwriting On The Wall" because you can't read.  And those...... over 30, and less than 55, years of age, probably will not take the time to get off the couch, and put down the snack bowl long enough to do the study needed to correct this "Disney World" we have found ourselves in. I am not saying that Huxley's is the easiest literature to "decipher" and assimilate, but I think you will find his, Brave New World Revisited (12 essays)  very straightforward. I leave the reader with this quote from Brave New Worlds Revisited: "The most distressing thing that can happen to a prophet is to be proved wrong; the next most distressing thing is to be proved right. In the twenty-five years that have elapsed since Brave New World was written, I have undergone both these experiences. Events have proved me distressingly wrong; and events have proved me distressingly right". 
Lord Howard Hurts

Sunday, September 4, 2011

While Driving Towards Oz

While driving towards Oz you find that your car "pulls", suddenly, and dangerously, towards the left. Would you then turn the steering wheel more to the left, or would you correct to the opposite direction? The same logic applies to most political issues, education, welfare, illegal aliens just to name a few. 

It seems that the more money poured, by the Federal Government, into education, produces less and less education (lower test scores). How about this novel idea: Stop all federal government paid and sponsored education. Let the individual states fund their own education programs. The theory being that those persons who want to succeed will succeed, and will find the means, regardless of their personal situation, to get an education. It seems to me that Abraham Lincoln, without the help of the Federal government, or even state government, went on to be educated, and succeeded in life. My theory being: If it is good enough for Abe Lincoln, it is good enough for Me. The same goers for welfare. Let welfare be the generosity of the individual state and not the Federal government (every taxpayer in the nation). Let the non profit charities do their good works. Maybe then the rate of "single mothers" will decline rather than increase, and the taxpayer will not have to further fund "bad behavior".  Isn't it just possible that we have been pulling the steering wheel too long in the wrong direction?
Lord Howard Hurts 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

America Needs Fearless Leader

Patriotic Americans are once again setting themselves up for disappointment by attempting to find a President in the current batch of RINO's looking for a job. The "Tea Party" is based on noble ideas, but it is a discombobulated assortment of Patriots without either a leader or a definite direction. They are much like the 12 tribes of Israel before they were brought together by King David. And a "King David" is exactly what is needed for the "Tea Party" to become a significant player in restoring the Constitution to its place of highness. The "Tea Party" needs a fearless leader to bring the Patriots together; This person also needs to be someone who understands that Freedom is won, not God given; Someone who knows that the past 70 years of "sliding" towards socialism will not be corrected by anything less than major social "surgery".  This person needs to be someone who understands that in these times of social and economic troubles, the "Gordian Knot" is the only solution.  Make no doubt that America is a Judeo-Christian nation. It was never intended to be a mixture of worldly religions. The power of America comes directly from this Judeo-Christian history. The Constitution makes it clear that the Congress will not establish a national religion, and it will not stop anyone from exercising their right to worship, or not to worship, as they might so find comforting. Failure to understand that a belief in a "Creator" is a necessary requirement for any ordered, and civil society, results in chaos, and a breakdown in unity in both thoughts and actions. A divided nation can not survive. Our current, misguided, leaders revel in the notion that diversity is social progress, and all the while turning a "blind eye" to the destruction this diversity has brought us, especially in the past 20 years. As a nation we can either "go back", and reaffirm what our history has given us, or we can continue down the path of destruction given us by our educators and leaders who hold no merit for the classic, God given, characteristics of a "King David". 
Lord Howard Hurts