Sunday, September 4, 2011

While Driving Towards Oz

While driving towards Oz you find that your car "pulls", suddenly, and dangerously, towards the left. Would you then turn the steering wheel more to the left, or would you correct to the opposite direction? The same logic applies to most political issues, education, welfare, illegal aliens just to name a few. 

It seems that the more money poured, by the Federal Government, into education, produces less and less education (lower test scores). How about this novel idea: Stop all federal government paid and sponsored education. Let the individual states fund their own education programs. The theory being that those persons who want to succeed will succeed, and will find the means, regardless of their personal situation, to get an education. It seems to me that Abraham Lincoln, without the help of the Federal government, or even state government, went on to be educated, and succeeded in life. My theory being: If it is good enough for Abe Lincoln, it is good enough for Me. The same goers for welfare. Let welfare be the generosity of the individual state and not the Federal government (every taxpayer in the nation). Let the non profit charities do their good works. Maybe then the rate of "single mothers" will decline rather than increase, and the taxpayer will not have to further fund "bad behavior".  Isn't it just possible that we have been pulling the steering wheel too long in the wrong direction?
Lord Howard Hurts 

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