Saturday, September 17, 2011

Evolution Not Creation!

If you have been reading my past posting, you will know that I logically believe that all living things are the exclusive result of having been given life by a "Creator". I have given proof that life is just too complex to be an accident, and that "evolution" is only a slight part of all living things, instead of being the major part of existence that the "Harvard Types" espouse, and hold as proof that believers in a "Creator" are mentally inferior. I.......Wait a  minute!.........CNN, has a "Breaking Announcement": 

NASA has announced that finally there is proof that all existence on Earth developed from evolution millions and millions of years ago. The Mars Ranger has sent back startling photos of a new find that has "set the "Intellectual World on fire". These new photos are proof that Mars, like Earth, is slowly evolving. These photos have been studied over the past week, to let the greatest minds at NASA, and at Harvard, study and prepare for comment. There will be an exclusive, later tonight, with both NASA and Harvard, to provide detailed information on this Mars "find" that will conclusively prove that all Faith based beliefs are nothing more than silly stories, made up by people afraid of reality. Our news reporter, on the scene at NASA, reports that this Mars find is so unbelievable that he can hardly believe it. He says, and this has not been confirmed by the White House as yet, but there will be a Special WH Report issued at 9 PM eastern time, that the Mars Rover found, "A nearly complete manuscript of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, in the dust, near a massive brown bolder, in the desert area the Rover has been working for the past year. Surrounding this manuscript are several blank pages of paper, and a Jello box". NASA would make no statements or confirm the find, but Professor Ima Hoarlick of the Harvard school of Antiquities Studies, has given us this exclusive statement: "This is the greatest find possible. Finally, the debate of Evolution Vs Creation is over. There is nothing else to discuss. Finished." Professor Horalick estimates that within 2,421 years the manuscript will be completed, including the signature of Mark Twain. Wait!  More "Breaking New!" Vatican City! The Pope has just resigned. He had been informed of this find by NASA officials yesterday, and he immediately  procured a real estate license, and is going to turn the Vatican into a "Time Share Condo" development. Keep tuned to CNN for "Breaking News", and now, back to our regularly scheduled programing.

Boy! I didn't see this one coming. But I don't think paper is a living thing. But then again, paper is made from trees, and trees are living things. So maybe this is like the old, "which came first: the chicken or the egg?" I guess paper came before the tree. And CNN is reliable, and honest. It was started by Ted Turner. Nothing wrong with Ted Turner, so I guess the debate is over. Evolution is the way all life started. Obama is great. It just took a little longer than 6 days to create Earth and all living things. Wait a minute! There will be a lot of "religion" workers looking for jobs next week. Unemployment will "rocket" upwards. Isn't it funny how one problem solved, evolves into another problem? 
Lord Howard Hurts

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