Friday, September 23, 2011

Noah's Ark Revisited

My interview with Nigel Smith, in the August issue of The London Sporting Times, brought me many letters. Most asked me to explain my mention of Noah's Ark. In the interview, I had remarked that I had given enough clues for the reader to form their own conclusion as to the validity of the Ark story. And here is what I said:  

Nigel. I am not just on "The Crazy Train", I am the "Driver" of "The Crazy Train". I can now see that this interview is finished, and why there is no need for me to explain myself. I have given you all the information you need to know why the story of Noah and the Arc could indeed be a true story, and if you can not "mathematically" deduce how it is a possibility, then you can not understand that "Might Always Makes Right".  Just stick around and watch the political theater in the US....that is coming.......... and you will witness what the churches have always preached........ as "hate" in fact the reality given us by the "Creator".

So if you want to further understand, continue to read on......but should you be a person who does not believe that all living things are the product of a "Creator", don't waste your time reading, and making notes to send to me; Pointing out flaws in my lesson in thoughts. Continue living your life without direction, and be smug inside yourself, for you will never be happy.  

Here is my effort to give you a few ideas that may help you form your own opinion: First, there is a "Universal Thought", in all humans on Earth, that "Guides" every civilization on Earth, past and present, and that "Universal Thought" is the belief that all life is the product of a "Creator" from some distant Star. This fact alone is proof enough to establish the existence of a "Creator". Then when you couple this fact with the fact that all persons living today have some DNA that is part of, not just a great, great, great, grandfather, but someone that lived in the time of Noah, you have proof positive that we live in a "closed" system of existence. Young people today don't give much credit or thought to DNA, unless it is being used to solve some TV crime, but DNA is what defines and regulates all life on Earth. It is a continuing chain of existence, and it leads straight from ancient times to the present, and it is not something exclusive to persons born in the last 60 years. I say this because the youth of today think that they know everything, and don't give consideration to the fact that all living persons come from DNA that originated from much earlier civilizations. I am now going to give you facts that are available from the Bible, and Sumarian text. I mention Sumarian text because this is probably the civilization that first recorded events in writing, and some of these early texts include a similar flooding of the earth as found in the Bible, the book of Genesis, and could in fact be the "source" for the Noah's Ark event written about in the Bible. So now, we have established proof that the Noah's Ark story, as found in the Bible, might be "made up", but even so, the Sumarian event had a similar large boat filled with animals, and its story is very similar to the one in Genesis....... including a man named Noah. And regardless if the Bible account is a real story, in its designated time period, or not, it is an account that could have happened. How? In Genesis, Noah was some 600 years old when he started building the Ark. And this account further states that he lived some 300 plus years after the water had receded (after the world flood). Would this not make one logically think that Noah might have been a "Space Traveler"? Remember that for an Earth based human to travel to Jupiter takes about 2 years. And in view of the fact that there is no intelligent life on the planets in our solar system, it would take more than the average, human, life span to get "out" to some other planetary system. Thus if Noah was a "Space Traveler," it is very possible that he was 600 years old when he started building the Ark. Then when you take, into account, the measurements of this Ark, as included in the Bible, you find it hard to believe that such a small boat could contain 2 of all the animals on earth (this is the implied context of the Bible, if not the exact wording). And how could Noah gather, say for instance, American Buffalo? Impossible? Well, not impossible if Noah had the DNA of every living thing on earth. It then becomes probable that the described Ark would be large enough to hold all this DNA. (In 1848, an archaeological expedition working in Egypt discovered strange hieroglyphs on a ceiling beam at an ancient temple in Abydos, several hundred miles south of Cairo. The hieroglyphs were carefully copied and brought back to Europe. The mysterious images gave rise to heated debate amongst Egyptologists. Eventually, however, they were dismissed as bizarre objects that nobody could adequately explain, and were forgotten. Look these up yourself, and read and decide). Is it possible that DNA could have been the method Noah used to distributed the different life forms all over the planet? Yes. But what about the flood itself?  Firstly, logic would point to the fact that there is not enough water on earth to cover the planet to the height of the Arrat Mountains (these mountains are some of the highest mountains on earth at around 20,000 feet above sea level). And this is a fact, if one dismisses the idea that extra water could have been brought to earth, or manufactured on earth (H2O). Both ideas seem improbable, but if Noah was a "Space Traveler", and had the ability to create life from DNA, then the idea doesn't seem so "out of reach".  And remember, if the Ark was filled with "bottles" of DNA, rather than actual living animals, it is understandable how it would be possible for the animals to get down from the high mountains, to places where they could survive, thus eliminating another "block" to this most interesting story (mountains don't have roads down. And these mountains would be too cold and void of oxygen for most living forms). Now back to the flood. I know. I know. If Noah created extra water to flood the earth, where did it go? It was returned from where it came. Noah, after creating all life once again, of course knew that there is a special relationship or balance of water needed to sustain life on this "closed" planet. So, much the same as a person would do when "building" a terrarium. The correct balance of water is added, and the vessel stopped up. And if the balance of all the elements is right, life in the terrarium continues and thrives by recycling. 

Your brain getting tired? Not thinking that there is  much logic to any of this so far? Well think about this to give your brain a "time out": The Antikythera Mechanism. It is an ancient, intricate, machine that was found in a shipwreck near Greece. It dates back to about 100 BC. Do your own homework on this mechanism, and maybe you will be able to further understand Noah's Ark.  
Ecclesiastes 1:9  The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

Lord Howard Hurts

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