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Where Is Nigel Smith?

I am posting this unpublished article by Nigel Smith, of The London Sporting Times. He sent me this copy of his work to review before submitting to his publisher, and I have not heard from him since. The address I had, was in the charming old-colonial town, Purto de la Cruz, Canary, Islands, and I have a cell phone number that isn't connected. Nigel is nowhere to be found. He is not even listed on the Internet, as living or dead, and The London Sporting Times has no listing either. Lord Howard Hurts

The London Sporting Times
By Nigel Smith

This is my second interview with Lord Howard Hurts. We talked, both at his home in central Florida, and in a Mexican restaurant, Don Pepe, in Dunnellon, Florida.

The world is "crashing". There is no doubt that the future of the world is heading in the same direction as the great "Real Estate Bubble" that enveloped, and then destroyed the economy of the United States. The "Hand Writing Is On The Wall" , but the so called educated masses can't even read, let alone decipher it. There is only one person, living today, that has all the answers, to the questions not even yet asked. This person is Lord Howard Hurts. He is "King David" waiting to be found. Not only does he have the answers to questions not yet asked, he holds the solution to keeping civilization from total destruction. He has been writing from an obscure blog,, from somewhere in Florida. He has been moving between 3 locations, but the "enemy's" are finally getting a "fix" on his location, and it will be just a short time until he is either the "King David" that this nation requires, or he will be found, like national defense expert John P. Wheeler,  molding away in some landfill.  I have talked with him extensively, and I truly believe his "Story".  Should I be wrong in my assessment of this man, and should his "Story" prove false, I am doomed to forever writing copy at The National Enquirer, at best. Here are the highlights of my conversations with Lord Hurts.

Lord Hurts was never a religious person, though he classified himself as a Christian, and "of the Church of England group" (these are his exact words). It was not until sometime around 1970, while on a return trip to Florida, from South America, that things began to change for him. While on the plane heading to Miami, mechanical problems suddenly developed........... which forced an unscheduled landing on Grand Cayman. It was during this stop-over that Lord Hurts engaged in a conversation with a smallish, dark complected, man, with a pronounced French accent, who was also a passenger on this flight. During their discussion, Lord Hurts was offered the opportunity to purchase a most regal treasure. This smallish man said that he was tired of protecting this treasure, and would sell it to Lord Hurts for $30,000. He further stated that this was a treasure that the entire world had been looking for, and that it would bring good fortune to its new owner. Of course, Lord Hurts had not just fallen off the "turnip truck on its way to market", and even at that young age (he would have been in his early to mid 20's) he was more worldly than the majority of his peers. And this proposal seemed, on "face value", a blatant scam. But, never the less, Lord Hurts, made plans to meet this man in Haiti, in front of the National Library, at Port au Prince, in two weeks time. At this point I will let you read the exact words of this "Story", as told to me, by Lord Hurts:  

"When I got to Miami, I went through one side of customs, and the small man went through the side reserved for persons not of American citizenship. I went home and told my mother (I was 23 years old at the time) about the small man and the treasure. She told me that even if the guy was a "nut-job" the adventure alone would be worth the trip. And that if he was telling the truth, maybe this would be something to set me up for life. Well, I thought about it, and decided to make the trip. I flew to Haiti, and had $20,000 on me, and kept the appointment at the time and place in Port au Prince. We met and discussed the treasure and finally, I paid $7,000 (I guess about $35,000 today), and headed back to Miami. I never told anyone I had this treasure, an Holy Artifact, and until a few years ago, I had it hidden in a safety deposit box".

"Now here is what the mysterious man from Port au Prince told me about this treasure. He said that this was an Holy Artifact. That it was either a piece of the stake or cross on which Jesus was crucified. He said that the actual word in Greek was "stake", but most translations today denote a cross. He told me that this Holy Artifact was a treasure captured by the Knights Templar. That this particular piece of wood was part of the loot the Templar's had stored at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and during the mid 1100's, the tide had begun to turn, and the Crusades were nearing an end. That this True Cross Artifact was removed, and placed in hiding in the seaport town, Acre. It then was moved to Cyprus, and finally lost. This fellow had come upon it in Syria, and now he wanted to let me take responsibility for it. I may be slightly off in some minor respects as I did not have the foresight to write everything down. When I say 1970, it might have been early 1971, And I only can relate what I was told".

Now after having this artifact for some 30 years, just what is the significance of this artifact to reality today? How does this make Lord Hurts more than just a nice guy with a "Story"? Well here is where it gets interesting, and to get through it you will need to "put on your "Thinking Cap", as it is very easy to dismiss all this as a scam, or some type of mental illness. These are facts that can be proven:

By 1972, Lord Hurts is successful in the real estate business, and builds himself a house, with cash, that cost around a million dollars. By age 30, Lord Hurts retires from business entirely, and begins to travel the world. From 1970 until today, Lord Hurts has not had a job, has never inherited anything, money or otherwise, and has never borrowed money for anything. He has a nice home and car, and does not seem to have any real "wants", nor does he desire to own anything. He was told by 2 doctors, in his youth, that he would never live past his teen years because of some heart defect, but at age 66, he is alive and well, and has not seen a doctor since 1970. Is there some relationship between this Holy Artifact and the "good luck" of Lord Hurts? I don't know, but he seems to "see" a relationship.....and this is where he claims that he was in fact contacted by the Creator, and by contacted, this means by some type of mental rather than actual vocal communication, around 1992. Of course all this sounds "crazy", but I have met the man, and I detect no inability to relate to current, rational, issues, and when coupled with the fact that he is not looking for any financial gain, I can't see a motive for a scam. He looks healthy enough, and doesn't look his age of 66. But continue following my thoughts, and keep your "Thinking Cap" on. He related to me, in a round about way, that the Creator "told" him that the survival of The United States of America was directly related to it being a practicing Judeo-Christian nation. And that failure to revert to older practices of morality and personal responsibility would result in the complete destruction of the Republic on October 28, 2012.  I questioned him on the accuracy of this last statement, and he assured me........ He said, "I went over everything I was told. I thought long, and hard, about if I had misunderstood. But I am confident that October 28, 2012, was the date I was given." So I assume that this is the reason that he, Lord Hurts, is so adamant, in his blog postings, about having President Obama removed before the elections of 2012. He says that unless the U.S. Military takes over the control of this nation, it will "dissolve" from within....... as so many other great nations have done in the past. He further states that our Congress has refused to uphold the Constitution, and only the military, now, has the ability to restore our Constitution to its place as the Supreme Law of The Land. "Our second greatest fear", he says, is from China. He claims to have knowledge of their 500 year plan that is coming to "maturity" in the near future. The Chinese will rule the world if not stopped. Their methods will make Germany's attempt at world domination look like a "walk in the park"..........Genghis Khan will seem a Boy Scout leader in comparison. Unless there is a complete return to our roots, the Judeo-Christian faith, the End of Times will be our fate, and the fate of all civilization ultimately. 

I did not see this Holy Artifact. I only saw photos of it, but I must admit that it "moved" my emotions. It looks like hard, polished, stone, but Lord Howard assured me that it is wood, cedar he thinks. It is polished at the top from all the thousands of hands rubbing it, for hundreds of years, in the hope of gaining either good health or financial riches. He said that he has it hidden away so that it can't be stolen. That he is currently looking for property in central Florida to build a Mediation Garden where he can exhibit this artifact for all to see and touch. 

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