Monday, January 28, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg Is A Thug

Police officers who follow unlawful orders from someone like mayor Bloomberg need to remember that many Nazis were hung at Nuremberg as war criminals because the "just following orders" excuse did not fly. 
Lord Howard Hurts 

You Have To Break A Few Eggs To Make A Great Omelet!

America, and the Constitution, is lost. Hillary (my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia) Clinton, and Bill (I did not have sexual relations with that woman) Clinton are mentally ill Socialists......... and unfortunately, this nation is dominated by a voting majority suffering from this same affliction. It is time for the Patriots to stop preaching to the choir. It is time for those who cherish and defend our exalted  Constitution to take action rather than continue to write and document the flaws of these degenerates of the Left. America needs a "King David", and until he is found, and our "Moral Compass" restored, this nation will move towards total social and economic destruction. The fate of this great Republic is now in the hands of a Conservative minority that continues to look backwards instead of "seeing the writing on the wall" and daring to understand that the only way out of this mess is to fight "fire with fire". It is time for the Patriots of this nation to understand that to win we must give the Obama Administration everything it wants. Our economy must be completely destroyed in order for a restoration to occur. We can not continue to believe that the mentally ill Democrats will read, and suddenly understand that the American Constitution is a unique document that provides individual equality, and responsibility, so that those who want can succeed. Socialism appeals to the fearful mass of citizenry that believes that there is a "Free Lunch" and that nobody should be left behind financially regardless of how lazy, or incompetent, they may be. As Patriots we must immediately "crash" the economy, and when the poor see that the Hillary Clinton's of America can not deliver the "Disney World" society they have promised.... the disgruntled masses will take them down, and a "King David" will finally appear. 
Lord Howard Hurts  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sodom and Gomorrah Exists Today!

When one accepts the fact that life on Earth is just too complex to have been an accident, one acknowledges the fact that there is a Creator. As I have previously mentioned, I was never a religious person and I thought of the Bible as book filled with nonsense and fantasy. But now I find myself, through the possession of the Holy Artifact that I hold (read: to be a messenger of the Creator, and I ask all American Patriots to stop running  with the "herd", and to start thinking logically. The "End of Times" is predicted in the Bible, and it is reality. We, as the living and thinking product of The Creator, need to be aware that every word in the Bible is the direct result of the thoughts of this Creator. And as we are a product of this Creator, we need to follow his wants and desires, and not be deluded into believing that we, as his children, can be anything more than his children. In order to stop running with the "herd" one must understand and accept Genesis 18:16-19:29. I employ you to read these passages and THINK. I assure you that these passages are most relevant to what is happening today in America. To study these passages is to understand that B.H. Obama is a Muslim, a Marxist, and a homosexual. Bad things happen when good persons refuse to stand up for truth.
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, January 18, 2013

America Is Completely Corrupted

If you don't believe that America is completely corrupted you only have to read the latest report from the West Point think tank, "Combating Terrorism Center", and you will get the "big picture". This think tank report warns about "far right" groups that shout "individual, personal, responsibility", "individual freedoms", or "smaller and less Federal Government". It contends that they are the root cause of Americas domestic terrorism. And for some strange reason (not strange if you understand that to get anywhere in America today, and the military in particular, you need a "passport" from some college or university, and these schools of higher learning are extreme "left leaning"...... so how does one procure one of these "passports" without "parroting" the "left wing", socialist, philosophy?) Islam, and the global terrorism it promotes, is not even mentioned as a problem. Now please note, and remember, that this West Point think tank, "Combating Terrorism Center", is the vehicle that molds American men and women into Army officers.

Where do we start to get America back on track? We need leaders who are committed to the Christian faith. Our military was designed by our Founders to be the last resort against a corrupt Federal Government, but our military is now so corrupted by "left leaning", college graduates, that it has been affectedly neutered as a defense. We need to now rally around a leader who is not afraid to announce that he is a Christian, and someone who is a "Maverick" military type such as "King David". The Patriots of this nation must come together and start a Christian Revolution, and throw out all those who refuse to believe that America is a special gift, to the world, from the Creator. A Godless nation will not survive and God will not help those who will not help themselves. 

In the next week or so, I will be posting something that many may find offensive, and unbelievable. I only ask my Facebook friends to read these postings and be skeptical towards them........ but I ask that you read them completely, and THINK with an open mind before condemning me. The postings will transmit a message to America from the Creator. I assure you that what I will be posting is the truth, but I ask  you, the reader, to be most skeptical, and do your own "due diligence". I have never been a religious person...... in fact I have many times laughed at the stories in the Bible as "pure fantasy" or worse. But in 1970, I received a "Treasure" that has now changed my thinking 100%. Until a few years ago I viewed this "Treasure" as only an art object, but now I understand that "Life is just too complex to have been an accident", and that all my good luck in life, and making money, was a gift from the Creator, and related to this "Treasure". I ask also that should you find these posting interesting, that you send them to your friends. I will post only a few more times and then I will be deleting my account and returning to my "normal" life. I leave you today with this message: Job 36:11
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Could this be the sound emitted by a Phoenix rising from the ashes?

I go out into the morning, and stare intently into the western sky, and wait and watch for the morning sun to rise. Thus far, my watching's have been uneventfully, but with Big Media declaring Obama and his administration the smartest, and most benevolent, in the history of this nation, I feel that my "watching" will soon be rewarded. 

Likewise, I wait, daily, for the message from Big Media that the American Constitution has been rescinded; and I "glue" myself to the television, awaiting news that Obama has been chosen, by Congress, to dictatorially lead this nation until a new, and more popular, Constitution can be written. At one time I had hoped that this nations military would assume their responsibility, and uphold the oath they pledged; "To defend the Constitution from all usurpers, foreign and domestic"; But that time has passed. Much like the events that befell the ancient Roman Republic (133-27 BC), our military has become less loyal and less informed, and there seems to be no need for further wait. Our military now has became a government job, with a generous pension, rather than a mission. Alas, I am now sure that there is no "King David" among us.
The taxpaying citizens lost both their faith, and interest, in the government as it daily became more distant...... and held only the weak, the uninspired, and the poor, in high esteem. Traditional love of country became only words sung by Country Western singers (And we all know that they are just hillbilly's, and not real American citizens). The small family farm has been both taxed and legislated into extinction. The large, corporate run farm, with it government ties and funding turned a country, that had not only fed itself, but fed the world, into a nightmare of regulations and farms run by persons who only know how to shuffle papers, not grow crops. As the colleges and universities granted more and more of their self serving degrees, in disciplines that represented no actual physical or social value, the cities and towns began to crumble from neglect. And during this decline, government began to place less and less interest in the traditional citizenry. English became a second language. Americas sovereign borders became mere lines drawn on world maps. Diversity became the rule of the day....... Things became more "curiouser, and more curiouser". All roads led to "Wonderland". Moral decay became more and more evident. Gratuitous sex became the norm, closely followed by a decline in both the work ethic and productivity. Goods and services finally became too expensive, and/or, unreliable, so that foreign trade increased to the point that over 48 million Americans became depended, not only a "handout" to keep fed, but they more, and more, depended on the "Supreme Ruler", Obama, son of a goat herder from Kenya, to determine, and legislate, every mans place on Earth, and his responsibility to the "Great Society". What was Up was now Down. What was East was now West. 

I continue to scan the western sky to await the rising of the sun..........but off in the distance, I can hear the sound of a most melodious bird. Could this be the sound emitted by a Phoenix rising from the ashes?
Lord Howard Hurts

Is Lord Hurts Ready To Serve?

I receive hundreds of emails a day, and I can't answer them all, but I have attempted to "get into the mind" of one, an Adine Blanc. She recently wrote: "Actually Howie, West (Allen West) was a Lt. Col. You never call a Lt. Col. that, you call them Lt. Col. You must know he was forced out of the army for misconduct. Were he an enlisted man he would have received a dishonorable discharge." "You can't write the rules on rank in the military. Are you a veteran Howard? I am by the way." Here is my response:

Adine. How interesting that you want to get formal with such a trivial piece of nothing. It is quite acceptable in social settings to refer to a Lt. Colonel as just "Colonel". How about getting as interested in a guy who writes a book about himself and says that his father was a goat herder in Kenya, when he knows that this is not true?  And anyone with half a brain can see that this guy looks quite similar to a man, who was a friend of both his mother and grandfather, named Frank Marshall Davis.......a Communist. Then think about that this same man, who goes to the extreme, and has his birth certificate posted on the Internet for the world to see, so as to disprove rumors that the he was not born in Hawaii and that his father was not a goat herder.........but then, when document experts dispute this posted certificate and judge it a fraud........this same man refuses to let any disputer go to Hawaii and view this document in "real time" to verify that it is the same as the one he had authorized to be posted. And then this same man calls all persons who have doubts about the truthfulness of this birth certificate, "Birthers" and morns and crazy persons. And then all his little "robot supporters" begin to say nasty and untruthful things about these "Birthers", when this could all be settled if this man would let Dr. Jerome Corsi go to Hawaii and view this document, in the vault, for verification. It would seem to me, and I assume most persons with a logical mindset, that this mans actions would equate to "hiding" the truth from the American public. If my memory isn't fooling me, I think that President Richard Nixon removed himself from office over just such a dispute. And I believe that this failure to let anyone verify this birth document would, without a doubt, be conclusive evidence that the birth certificate in question is FAKE.  Not to be redundant, but I did give you an Internet address of some interesting information on this very subject..........but then you accused me of "infecting your computer or worse". So here is the address once again:    And Adine, I thank you for your service...... and in answer to your "muttering",  I attended a naval academy, but when I became an American citizen, I was given a 4F designation as I had had asthma since the age of 7, and was not allowed to serve unless there was an all out attack on The United State of America. When I encounter persons like yourself.......I am now ready to serve. 
Lord Howard Hurts   

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Men Stumble Over The Truth.....From Time To Time

This country is "buried" in laws. Laws on top of laws. And at the same time, ignorance of a law can not be used as a defense. This is pure insanity. Nobody can know all the laws on record, and be expected to follow them or be penalized. Maybe we need to slow the system down. How about demanding that before any vote on some new Federal law by Congress, that that proposed law would have to be "run by" the Supreme Court, so as to "prove" its constitutionality. Why do we have to be "damaged" by some passed law, and then have to expend our own time and money in an attempt to have a Supreme Court review?

On this issue of Obama's birth certificate. Isn't it strange that several courts have ruled that US citizens have no standing in bringing a suit against the President? The citizens, of this country, are the "employer" and should always have standing in issues having to do with the conduct of any Federal "employee". I have posted before that I believe President Obama is a Natural Born citizen because he is the son of Frank Marshall Davis, and not the goat herder he professes.....Obama Sr. from Kenya. But I believe that his failure to provide his long form birth certificate, and other school, and passport records, leaves him open to any conspiracy theory out there. And by his actions of obviously "hiding behind friends in the courts," Obama shows that he truly has something to hide from the citizens.

"Men stumble over the truth from time to time, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened".-- Winston Churchill

Lord Howard Hurts

Obama Fiddles While Joplin Is In Ruin

Today, May 23, 2011, finds the papers "plastered" with the destruction of another city in Missouri, and the deaths of at least eighty nine persons in Joplin. The weather forecast says that there are massive floods imminent, in a few days, for Montana and Idaho, and where is our President? He's in Ireland, looking for his "roots". I understand that in order to be reelected in 2012, he will have to pander to the "lighter side" of the electorate, and pretend that he is not "all black", but frankly, I think he just might be looking in the wrong country. Maybe he should be looking for his roots in Italy.......... Rome to be more precise. He seems, to me, to have quite a historical parallel with Nero. Now, can Obama play the fiddle?

It seems that the Republicans believe that President Obama can easily be beaten in the coming elections of 2011. I do not believe that this will be possible unless Obama is removed from office prior to these elections, as his, Marxist/Socialist,  administration will by that time have just too many people dependant on the Federal Government for their very existence. There are already 46 million, plus, people in the US on "food stamps". Couple this with the fact that only about 60% of those eligible, to receive this assistance, are presently signed up, and collecting the said benefits, making it possible that there are some 70 million eligible persons in total, from a population of some 300 million persons, who are living below the poverty level in The United States of America.  Knowing this fact, do you wonder how Obama can write off billions in loans to Egypt and other countries when so many Americans are apparently living like citizens of a third world country? I contend that being a loyal Democrat is a form of mental illness, and unless the Republicans find candidates other than the current, "weak sisters", and recycled RINOS, it will make little difference which party leads this nation. The only benefit of a Republican win would be that there will be more time, to maybe find a solution to our financial and moral disasters, before the complete collapse of our Free Enterprise system, and our Constitution.  President Obama is a fraud, and only the work by Jerome Corsi, "Where Is The Birth Certificate", is keeping the hope for Impeachment alive. But it seems the Republicans, who rant and rave about defending the Constitution, are just too timid, and afraid of being called a racist by these Marxist "gangsters", to logically investigate the facts, and demand that Obama, now that he has released his long form birth certificate to the world,  let anyone that wants to, access his Hawaiian files to compare the birth certificate he has on record in that state,  with the one he authorized to be placed on the Internet. I have a strong feeling that he will never let this happen, and he, and his "thugs" in the popular media, will continue to ridicule anyone who refuses to take Obama at his word.  Marxist don't use investigation, and logic, to ascertain the truth of an issue. They harass, distort the facts, refuse to provide asked for information, "stonewall",  bully, and intimidate. If Obama was telling the truth about his birth certificate, he would let anyone that wanted; to examine his records in Hawaii; and he would laugh should the facts make the investigators to be morons. He doesn't do this for one reason, and one reason only; His posted birth certificate is a fraud; Impeach President Obama, Now!, or this great experiment, in Freedom, and Rule by Law, called America, will be just a minor footnote somewhere in the history of the world. 
Lord Howard Hurts  

Monday, January 14, 2013

"Are we a nation ruled by men or are we a nation ruled by law?"

The fate of The United States of America rest with the answer to this one question: "Are we a nation ruled by men or are we a nation ruled by law?". The answer to this question will dictate if we are a Republic or a Democracy. Should we determine that we are a nation ruled by law, President Obama must be immediately removed. He has, for the past 4 years, ruled by selective enforcement of our laws and Constitution. Regardless of how many persons voted for him in the last election Obama must be removed from office, or the Republic is dead. America is at a standstill because its citizens can not determine in which direction they need to proceed to earn a living in an economy that is subject to the whims and favoritism dealt out by President Obama, and his socialist administration these past 4 years. It is "Do or Die" time. Our Congress has neutered itself, our Supreme Court has been corrupted by the socialist now found on its roster, and our military is controlled by "Harvard Types" who know little about fighting wars, but are experts in political maneuvers, and hanging out with women half their age. America is doomed from within unless the Patriots of this nation gather together and make their voice heard. This can best be accomplished in amassing at least !0,000 citizens to protest in front of the White House in a similar manner to the protests in Egypt that President Obama so much admired. It is time to demand that this fraud, Obama, remove himself from office now. It is time to find out just what that ring, on the left hand of Obama, really stands for. 
Lord Howard Hurts

President Obama Is A Fraud

In view of the re election of B. H. Obama, I only remind readers that I said from day one that Mitt Romney was the John McCain-Bob Dole, candidate. Just another pick by a Republican leadership that talks small Federal Government, but when elected always increases the power of the Federal Government. There is not a dimes worth of difference between Mitt Romney and B. H. Obama in reality. Now please don't misunderstand me. Mitt Romney as a human being is a study in good behavior, but unfortunately, leaders have to lead, and sometimes they don't come across as friendly, nice guys. Mitt Romney, as a national leader would have been a "sissy boy".  And for anyone wanting to restore this Republic to greatness, candidates like Mitt Romney must be rejected. We need leaders who will defend the Constitution, and make the difficult decisions needed to keep it the "Law of the Land". We need leaders who don't spend their life making politics a career. We need leaders who will serve and go back to private life. Our national motto is: "In God We Trust". If we believe that this motto represents America, then we must fight evil when evil presents itself. We must not compromise our ideals and we must fight for our Freedoms. President B. H. Obama was elected by voters who, for the most part, don't believe in God, do not believe that the Constitution, as written, is the "Law of the Land", and who believe that the producers of this nation owe them their "fair share" of all the profits earned by the investment and the hard work of these producers. Up is now Down, and Down is now Up. The first thing American Patriots need to do is to remove B. H. Obama from office by legal means. B. H. Obama is a fraud and a liar, and it is time for Americans to stop being intimidated by the Democrats, and the accommodating big media news corporations, and to deal logically and legally with the issue of B. H. Obama's eligibility to hold the office of President. 

Less than a week ago, former President Bill Clinton said,  “who wants a president who will knowingly, repeatedly tell you something he knows is not true?”.  I understand that this statement is funny considering that it was said by Bill Clinton, but could anyone else speak more truthfully about the value of truth? We need to know the truth about President Obama. We need to know if in fact he is the son of a goat herder from Kenya. We need to know if he actually wrote the books that have been attributed to him. We need to know just how he was able to go to Harvard when he has said publicly that he spent most of his time in college smoking marijuana and getting low grades. We also need to know why he would post his birth certificate on the Internet, for the world to see, but steadily refuses to let anyone independently verify that the birth certificate in the vault in Hawaii is the same as the posted one. We also need to know about all the events leading up to the death of the Americans in Libya, during the attack on the embassy there, and we need to know all about the gold band Obama wears on the finger of his left hand. He has said that this ring was a gift from Michelle Obama at their wedding. But WND has clearly shown that this ring is the same one Obama has worn since his college days. WND has also discovered that this ring has an inscription, on the outside, that is written in Arabic, and is a Muslim expression of faith. In view of the fact that Obama has repeatedly said that he is a Christian, there needs to be a finding if he has told the truth, or has just said what he feels is expedient. As in the case of Watergate, it was the cover up and lying that ultimately brought Richard Nixon to resign his office. Obama is a Marxist and he is holding office through deceptive means. The main focus of the Patriots of this nation must be to have Obama removed from office, and have our "Moral Compass" re calibrated. It is time to logically understand that those who receive a handout from the taxpayers of this nation will only vote for those who will take more from these producers, and give it as payment for votes. Persons who don't pay taxes should have no say in who is elected to public office. What if anyone who wanted could go to a stockholders meeting at Ford Motor Company, and vote to elect officers, and to ferment policy. No. To vote at a Ford Motor Company stockholders meeting one must actually hold shares in the company. It is not enough to just be someone taking up space on earth. And with 47 million Americans on "Food Stamps" it is difficult to conceive that anyone except a Marxist can be elected President in future elections. So Patriots, the election is over, but it isn't actually over until the fraud, Obama, is removed from office. Let Freedom Ring.
Lord Howard Hurts

Romney Is Obama Lite

Why is President Obama still in office on this day, October 25, 2012? He has lied repeatedly about the events of the terrorist attack in Libya which killed 4 American, government, employees. Better still is why is Mitt Romney being viewed, by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, and other supposed conservative talk show hosts, as "Brilliant" in reference to the way he (Romney) handled himself in the recent debate? "Brilliant"? Romney is a fool and a narcissist. He had every opportunity to "beat Obama down" on his lack of truth concerning the Libyan terrorist issue, and he chose to use, as Rush Limbaugh expresses it, "Brilliant Strategy". Strategy? Brilliant? Romney used cheap parlor tricks on Obama. This nation needs a real leader to rescue us from the depts of the socialist ideology that President Obama has subjected us to these past 4 years. All Romney had to do during that debate was to tell the truth, and demand that Obama resign. Oh, this would not be Presidential. Bull Crap. Mitt Romney is just another empty suit looking for his place in history. If he cared about America and it's working citizens, he would have told the unvarnished truth, and demanded answers, and not worried about what the likes of Rush Limbaugh would say about him the next day on his EIB (Ego Is Big) network. This nation is in for a huge surprise when, and if, Romney wins. Romney is the Soros choice. I don't mean to imply that Romney got together with Soros, and that they have some pact, but I mean that Romney is everything Soros wants in an American President. Romney is Obama lite. If Romney is a real Patriot he needs to demand that Obama immediately explain, once and for all, the details of the terrorist attack on Libya, and also why he, Obama wears a gold band, inscribed with an Islamic phrase, on his left hand. Why has Obama told the world that this gold band was a wedding gift from Michelle when this same ring can be clearly seen in photo's from his college days? Obama is a known traitor, and it is time for Romney to stop with the cheap parlor tricks, and act like a leader. The truth will always win. Donald Trump is the only real Patriot in the news today. 
Lord Howard Hurts

"Brave New World" Of E-Filing Federal Income Taxes

Our Federal Government not only extracts money from Working Americans by threats and intimation, but it lets criminals, through the use of electronic filing, abuse these same Working taxpayers by identity  fraud. And should you be one of the millions this year who are going to have their identity stolen, and refunds issued to some criminal, remember that your Federal Government refuses to let you file by paper only (using e-filing criminals can process hundreds of returns an hour) so as to prevent you from being a victim. And don't be fooled by the ads offering credit-monitoring services. They are not effective, and are actually useless, against income tax identity theft. And if this is not enough bad news, remember this: There are over 650,000 cases waiting for action from the IRS, and should you have an identity theft problem you will wait a year or more for your refund
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

An Anti Judeo-Christian Horde Is Coming!

The Second Amendment is more important today than ever in the history of this great Republic. Forget all the incorrect arguments being thrown about by the bleeding heart liberals and socialist in the Obama Administration......this Amendment was specifically written to provide that the American citizenry would not be subject to a corrupt Federal Government without a means of defense. The Founding Father's knew that in time creeping corruption would invalidate all the Freedoms granted by the Constitution, and a New Revolution would be needed to remove these corrupt traitors. That time is nearing, and it is now time for the Patriots of this nation to Wake Up! and join together against this anti Judeo-Christian horde that is about to destroy our Republic. Compromise is the tool that has brought us to this point in our history, and the time is now upon us to either "Do or Die". 

The number of persons, today, receiving benefits, from the Federal Government of the United States of America, is now more than 128 million, and this means that 42% of our population is on some type of government program. Further.......... only Greece (181%), Italy (127%),  Portugal (126%), Iceland (125%), and Ireland (123%), currently exceed the U.S. in terms of government gross financial liabilities as a percentage of the GDP.

The "Writing Is On The Wall"...........Read It And Act.
Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Founders of The United States of America knew ......

On the 27th December 2012, Paul Rosenberg, the senior editor of "Random Lengths News", a bi-weekly alternative community newspaper, wrote this:

"According to NRA theology, guns are synonymous with freedom, the very basis of our democracy." 
 "The NRA is not alone in its misunderstanding, of course. But they are in the vanguard of getting the basis of American freedom utterly and totally wrong."

This article by Rosenberg, is absolute nonsense. The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America actually has nothing to do with self defense from individual citizens or hunting animals. It is a remedy against a corrupt Federal Government. The Founders of The United States of America knew that in time, any country that elects its leaders by a vote of the masses would be corrupted by those very persons seeking political office. It is just a fact of human nature that the only way to gain power and acceptance is to give things away, especially things that the giver has not personally worked for or saved. This is corruption, and it slowly becomes, in time, the huge "elephant" in the living room. America, unfortunately, is at this point in its history, and a ban on any type of firearms would nullify the ability of a defender of the Constitution to defend himself against a Federal Government that had a monopoly on firearms. 

We as Americans must always remember that this nation was not voted into existence. But that is was won by a Revolution fought by a minority of the population against a superior British war machine that had firearms. We must also remember the 1774-75 confiscations of firearms and gunpowder; and the use of the British military to effectuate these confiscations. These firearms and gunpowder confiscations  were the "sign" to the Patriots that the Revolution had begun, and that if these confiscations were not stopped, the fight for Freedom was over. Only time will tell if the producers and taxpayers of America will have the courage to stand up to a corrupt Congress, a corrupt Supreme Court, and a corrupt, and Marxist, President. And for this corrupt Obama administration to pretend that gun control legislation is something that will stop insane persons from using firearms to kill innocent persons is pure "Alice in Wonderland" drivel. 
Lord Howard Hurts