Monday, January 14, 2013

"Brave New World" Of E-Filing Federal Income Taxes

Our Federal Government not only extracts money from Working Americans by threats and intimation, but it lets criminals, through the use of electronic filing, abuse these same Working taxpayers by identity  fraud. And should you be one of the millions this year who are going to have their identity stolen, and refunds issued to some criminal, remember that your Federal Government refuses to let you file by paper only (using e-filing criminals can process hundreds of returns an hour) so as to prevent you from being a victim. And don't be fooled by the ads offering credit-monitoring services. They are not effective, and are actually useless, against income tax identity theft. And if this is not enough bad news, remember this: There are over 650,000 cases waiting for action from the IRS, and should you have an identity theft problem you will wait a year or more for your refund
Lord Howard Hurts

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