Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Obama Fiddles While Joplin Is In Ruin

Today, May 23, 2011, finds the papers "plastered" with the destruction of another city in Missouri, and the deaths of at least eighty nine persons in Joplin. The weather forecast says that there are massive floods imminent, in a few days, for Montana and Idaho, and where is our President? He's in Ireland, looking for his "roots". I understand that in order to be reelected in 2012, he will have to pander to the "lighter side" of the electorate, and pretend that he is not "all black", but frankly, I think he just might be looking in the wrong country. Maybe he should be looking for his roots in Italy.......... Rome to be more precise. He seems, to me, to have quite a historical parallel with Nero. Now, can Obama play the fiddle?

It seems that the Republicans believe that President Obama can easily be beaten in the coming elections of 2011. I do not believe that this will be possible unless Obama is removed from office prior to these elections, as his, Marxist/Socialist,  administration will by that time have just too many people dependant on the Federal Government for their very existence. There are already 46 million, plus, people in the US on "food stamps". Couple this with the fact that only about 60% of those eligible, to receive this assistance, are presently signed up, and collecting the said benefits, making it possible that there are some 70 million eligible persons in total, from a population of some 300 million persons, who are living below the poverty level in The United States of America.  Knowing this fact, do you wonder how Obama can write off billions in loans to Egypt and other countries when so many Americans are apparently living like citizens of a third world country? I contend that being a loyal Democrat is a form of mental illness, and unless the Republicans find candidates other than the current, "weak sisters", and recycled RINOS, it will make little difference which party leads this nation. The only benefit of a Republican win would be that there will be more time, to maybe find a solution to our financial and moral disasters, before the complete collapse of our Free Enterprise system, and our Constitution.  President Obama is a fraud, and only the work by Jerome Corsi, "Where Is The Birth Certificate", is keeping the hope for Impeachment alive. But it seems the Republicans, who rant and rave about defending the Constitution, are just too timid, and afraid of being called a racist by these Marxist "gangsters", to logically investigate the facts, and demand that Obama, now that he has released his long form birth certificate to the world,  let anyone that wants to, access his Hawaiian files to compare the birth certificate he has on record in that state,  with the one he authorized to be placed on the Internet. I have a strong feeling that he will never let this happen, and he, and his "thugs" in the popular media, will continue to ridicule anyone who refuses to take Obama at his word.  Marxist don't use investigation, and logic, to ascertain the truth of an issue. They harass, distort the facts, refuse to provide asked for information, "stonewall",  bully, and intimidate. If Obama was telling the truth about his birth certificate, he would let anyone that wanted; to examine his records in Hawaii; and he would laugh should the facts make the investigators to be morons. He doesn't do this for one reason, and one reason only; His posted birth certificate is a fraud; Impeach President Obama, Now!, or this great experiment, in Freedom, and Rule by Law, called America, will be just a minor footnote somewhere in the history of the world. 
Lord Howard Hurts  

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