Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Is Lord Hurts Ready To Serve?

I receive hundreds of emails a day, and I can't answer them all, but I have attempted to "get into the mind" of one, an Adine Blanc. She recently wrote: "Actually Howie, West (Allen West) was a Lt. Col. You never call a Lt. Col. that, you call them Lt. Col. You must know he was forced out of the army for misconduct. Were he an enlisted man he would have received a dishonorable discharge." "You can't write the rules on rank in the military. Are you a veteran Howard? I am by the way." Here is my response:

Adine. How interesting that you want to get formal with such a trivial piece of nothing. It is quite acceptable in social settings to refer to a Lt. Colonel as just "Colonel". How about getting as interested in a guy who writes a book about himself and says that his father was a goat herder in Kenya, when he knows that this is not true?  And anyone with half a brain can see that this guy looks quite similar to a man, who was a friend of both his mother and grandfather, named Frank Marshall Davis.......a Communist. Then think about that this same man, who goes to the extreme, and has his birth certificate posted on the Internet for the world to see, so as to disprove rumors that the he was not born in Hawaii and that his father was not a goat herder.........but then, when document experts dispute this posted certificate and judge it a fraud........this same man refuses to let any disputer go to Hawaii and view this document in "real time" to verify that it is the same as the one he had authorized to be posted. And then this same man calls all persons who have doubts about the truthfulness of this birth certificate, "Birthers" and morns and crazy persons. And then all his little "robot supporters" begin to say nasty and untruthful things about these "Birthers", when this could all be settled if this man would let Dr. Jerome Corsi go to Hawaii and view this document, in the vault, for verification. It would seem to me, and I assume most persons with a logical mindset, that this mans actions would equate to "hiding" the truth from the American public. If my memory isn't fooling me, I think that President Richard Nixon removed himself from office over just such a dispute. And I believe that this failure to let anyone verify this birth document would, without a doubt, be conclusive evidence that the birth certificate in question is FAKE.  Not to be redundant, but I did give you an Internet address of some interesting information on this very subject..........but then you accused me of "infecting your computer or worse". So here is the address once again:    And Adine, I thank you for your service...... and in answer to your "muttering",  I attended a naval academy, but when I became an American citizen, I was given a 4F designation as I had had asthma since the age of 7, and was not allowed to serve unless there was an all out attack on The United State of America. When I encounter persons like yourself.......I am now ready to serve. 
Lord Howard Hurts   

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