Friday, January 18, 2013

America Is Completely Corrupted

If you don't believe that America is completely corrupted you only have to read the latest report from the West Point think tank, "Combating Terrorism Center", and you will get the "big picture". This think tank report warns about "far right" groups that shout "individual, personal, responsibility", "individual freedoms", or "smaller and less Federal Government". It contends that they are the root cause of Americas domestic terrorism. And for some strange reason (not strange if you understand that to get anywhere in America today, and the military in particular, you need a "passport" from some college or university, and these schools of higher learning are extreme "left leaning"...... so how does one procure one of these "passports" without "parroting" the "left wing", socialist, philosophy?) Islam, and the global terrorism it promotes, is not even mentioned as a problem. Now please note, and remember, that this West Point think tank, "Combating Terrorism Center", is the vehicle that molds American men and women into Army officers.

Where do we start to get America back on track? We need leaders who are committed to the Christian faith. Our military was designed by our Founders to be the last resort against a corrupt Federal Government, but our military is now so corrupted by "left leaning", college graduates, that it has been affectedly neutered as a defense. We need to now rally around a leader who is not afraid to announce that he is a Christian, and someone who is a "Maverick" military type such as "King David". The Patriots of this nation must come together and start a Christian Revolution, and throw out all those who refuse to believe that America is a special gift, to the world, from the Creator. A Godless nation will not survive and God will not help those who will not help themselves. 

In the next week or so, I will be posting something that many may find offensive, and unbelievable. I only ask my Facebook friends to read these postings and be skeptical towards them........ but I ask that you read them completely, and THINK with an open mind before condemning me. The postings will transmit a message to America from the Creator. I assure you that what I will be posting is the truth, but I ask  you, the reader, to be most skeptical, and do your own "due diligence". I have never been a religious person...... in fact I have many times laughed at the stories in the Bible as "pure fantasy" or worse. But in 1970, I received a "Treasure" that has now changed my thinking 100%. Until a few years ago I viewed this "Treasure" as only an art object, but now I understand that "Life is just too complex to have been an accident", and that all my good luck in life, and making money, was a gift from the Creator, and related to this "Treasure". I ask also that should you find these posting interesting, that you send them to your friends. I will post only a few more times and then I will be deleting my account and returning to my "normal" life. I leave you today with this message: Job 36:11
Lord Howard Hurts

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