Saturday, January 28, 2012

"La Pucelle", we will follow

I have watched the display of Republican candidates, without a Moral Compass, over and over, to complete distastefulness, and yet few of our citizens see the folly and disgrace that they present. Only one candidate, thus dismissed, had shown any potential leadership ability and authority, but alas, Michele Bachmann quit. So I give to you, citizens of this great nation, the only words that I can summon in an attempt to rally the minds of Patriots:

"La Pucelle"

We stand on a precipice overlooking the valley of a dead Constitution. A Constitution predicated on the belief in Free Will and of Human Freedom........... yet we make no sacrifice towards salvation. We rant and rave about soldiering up, but no leader comes forward. The pretenders beat their breast, and the vile spittle, endlessly, emits from their frothing mouths, but no muscle is exerted in the defense of this Constitution, and the greatest experiment in human Freedom that history has ever known. Where is our Joan of Arc? We have Harvard educated pretenders and cowards attending our leadership roles, but where is our simple little shepherd girl? Has the Divine turned it's back on our plight? Are our cries only being heard by the passing winds? Surely, in the midst of all this corruption, and deception, that surrounds us, one virgin should be found....... to lead us from this dire darkness of social slavery that "sweet destiny" continues pushing us towards; Leading this once great nation into a "New Dark Age".  The Men of this nation are cowards, so somewhere, yea, Joan of Arc, hear our calls on the winds; Seeking ears to hear; that will bring forth life to this nation. "La Pucelle". Ride forth to take command of this decaying nation, and its shameful military. We will look for your banner.........."Jesus-Mary";  And "La Pucelle," we will follow.
Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reality Really Bites!

Life is just too complex to have been an accident. When one finally comes to this conclusion, it is apparent that there are Natural Laws that can not be broken. Of all life forms on Earth, only man has a mind that can "view" into the future and equate it with the past. It is most unfortunate that most men spend their entire life with their "head buried in the sand", afraid to confront Reality foursquare. America is at the "tipping point", and it is time for Reality to take hold, and lead this nation from the depths of the "Harvard Illusion" that has "blinded" us for the past 70 years. We, as free men, can either take charge, or Nature, with her "invisible hand", will bring this nation into balance without choosing any favorites.

America lives in it's own economic cocoon. No other country on Earth is comparable in the amount of societal luxury that exists even for the poorest of America's population. When one lives in "Disney World", one tends to not understand the day to day struggle that consumes the peoples of the rest of the world, and because there is so much easy money available here, even if it is borrowed, America acts like a God, and hands out favors, and money to those who grovel at her feet. "Groveler's" are like parasites. They don't contribute to a healthy existence. They "suck" the life out of the host,  and in time this pairing ends with the death of the host.

What American's don't understand is that as technology increases the need for a large number of living and breathing persons, to make up a workforce, diminishes because of the fact that every action, on Earth, is balanced by an equal and opposite reaction. This is not some theory postulated by Harvard types, it is Reality dictated to us by Nature. There is no disputing or altering this fact. We are in an historic expansion of technology, yet the population of the world is also expanding at an equal, or greater rate.  The result of this will be one of two options: 1. The population of the world will be "killed off" to a much lower level, by some means as yet unknown, Or 2. We will fall back into a Dark Age of past history. These are the only two options available, and there is no other way for Earth to remain balanced. 

Let me give you a simple example that maybe will help you understand the reality of "Balance of Nature". Chickens. If you have a pen that is 12 feet by 12 feet and place a 50 pound bag of feed in the middle, and introduce 4 chickens into this pen. You will have a balance of chickens to feed and space. In fact there will be more than enough feed so the chickens will live a peaceful life. Now, don't increase the amount of feed, or space available (this represents the finite supply of raw materials available on Earth), but increase the amount of chickens in the pen (this would represent the increase in the natural population that would be the result of plentiful amounts of food). The more you increase the amount of chickens in the pen, the more the competition for this finite amount of food increases. The once gentle chickens become combative, and will begin to kill and eat each other. This is the same with human populations because human populations are under the control of Nature. Nature seeks balance at all times, and Nature doesn't have favorites.

This same situation is in play around the world today, and only the most aggressive of populations will survive to pass on their genes to the next generation. If America wants to survive, then America must copy Nature, and start using "Tough Love" to lessen the number of parasites that are feeding off the host. Reality Really Bites.

Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Let Them Eat Sand

This Posting In Response To Article: Stand Up America Alert – Iran & the Strait of Hormuz

By SUA Intelligence Staff

Yawn. Yawn. Sorry, but this is all a bunch of crap to me. The simple fact is Arabs (Iranians also) can not eat sand. So instead of letting them feast on the better things in life, MAKE THEM EAT SAND. If the rest of the world needs oil then let them defend against these gangsters in the Mid East. It is time for the U.S. to stop being the Free Policeman to the world. If this were to be done, Socialism as we know it today would be drifting away, and Reality would reign. Socialism only works when there is some benevolent benefactor to prop up its Fantasy Ideals. The mistake being made is that our government, and our citizens, are once again being "pushed" into a Good Guy, Bad Guy, situation. You must understand that our leaders, Obama, and Hillary Clinton, can not exist unless they can create a "Spooky Villain". They have to focus our attention on someone to hate. They have to create a cause so that the rational citizens will accept their distorted views, and applications of government. They know that when there is a common enemy, the nation will pull together and accept sacrifices.... and the "bending" of our Constitutional law (Example: Over 7000 Japanese Americans were held in internment camps during World War ll).  

Question: Well if we don't protect the Strait of Hormuz, the flow of oil will stop and we can't let that happen.

Yawn. Yawn. Let The Arabs (Iranians also) Eat Sand. Let them close down the Strait of Hormuz. Don't send our war ships into a situation where they are sitting ducks. Back off and let the rest of the world ponder and decide what they want to do about it. It is time for the rest of the world to stop feeding off the "teats" of the American producer and taxpayer. It is time for this government to step aside, and let the real thinkers and doers of this nation take charge. We don't need anymore theorists from Harvard to lead this nation from the dept's of the depression that we are currently wallowing in, because these are the same morons who lead us here in the first place. 

Question: But America needs oil to thrive and exist. We can't just let these crazy Arabs (and Iranians) deprive us of the oil we need to continue jobs and services Americans need. 

Yawn. Yawn. This needing of oil is not new. Both Republicans and Democrats have used this cheap ploy for more than  60 years. It is the American public that is at fault. From kindergarten to college we are brainwashed to trust our government. And it is our government that has let us down. It is time to start thinking in a more rational direction. Arabs (Iranians also) can not eat sand. They have oil. They can not eat oil. A population that can not feed itself is vulnerable. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. This is their Achilles Heel. Let them keep their oil. Let them try and eat their oil. There is enough oil in the western part of American to keep things moving along for the next 100 years. This oil is found in the shale rock. Instead of letting Obama, and his thugs, throw more money away to Solar Scams, Electric Car Scams, or Wind Farms Scams, do your own research on this, and get these MORONS out of office, and let the thinkers of this nation create jobs, and futures, for our own citizens by extracting this oil from this Shale. LET THE ARABS (Iranians also) Eat Sand. 

If you do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result, you are not only part of the problem, you are a MORON. Don't continue to wait and hope. Throw The Bum's Out, NOW!

Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hello, Union of Socialist States of America

I have ranted and raved about the military not doing their sworn duty to see that Barack Obama is removed from office to no positive effect.  I have said, over and over, that unless he is removed from office before the elections of 2012, the great experiment in Freedom, The United States of America, and it's Constitution, will become a footnote in the big book of history.  I will once again present an argument that will give definition to my plea. Obama is a man who wanted to hide his actual self from the public, and thus he wrote books (and there is no proof that Obama actually wrote his books, only his word for such......and that is suspect because the style of writing, and verbiage used, is most unlike the examples we have of Obama's known writings) outlining the character and attitude of himself, and unfortunately very few people with "Big Media" exposure took the time to dig into the true character of Barack Obama, aka: Barry Soweto. There are so many inconsistencies in his books, about himself, that it is astonishing that few have tried to find out who this Impostor really is. It seems that most working Americans are just too timid to take on a Black Socialist, whom they view as just another guy that can be voted out of office, and replaced by some RINO Republican, and the nation will move on as usual. Well this is not the case THIS time. The slow move toward Socialism has created a nation of "Blind Sheep" that have no Moral Compass, and these "Blind Sheep" mistakenly view MONEY as the measure of all Earthly success. Remember: The Mafia makes a lot of money, but are these the type of people we want to uphold the Constitution, and lead this nation? So here are some things that responsible citizens of this nation need to research:

1. "Big Media" says that the birth certificate issue with Obama is unfounded nonsense concocted by racists. They declared, with their only evidence being Obama's word for it, that he has an Hawaiian birth certificate, and thus is qualified as a Natural Born Citizen. But regardless, the ongoing dispute that he was born elsewhere, continued. And after 3 years of debate and questioning, Barack Obama posted a copy of his birth certificate on the Internet for the world to view. Immediately, after posting this document experts, with experience in document fraud, said that the document Obama had published was a composite, and a faked, document. They voiced the opinion that the only way to ascertain the validity of his posted birth certificate would involve a comparative view between the original birth certificate, kept in a vault in the state of Hawaii, and the one Obama posted to the Internet. For some reason, Obama claims that the posted document is the only one anyone gets to see as he is worried about the security dangers posed should he let distracters view his original birth certificate. Make sense to you, or are you just too timid to say, Bull Shit?

2. Barack Obama. was adopted, and lived in Indonesia, and his name was changed to Barack Soweto. He lived and went to school in Indonesia. Islam is the dominant religion in Indonesia, which also has the largest Muslim population in the world. Now Obama's mother was not religious, but his step father was a Muslim. Does this, in any way make you wonder if his youthful training could carryover to his future life? Obama says, "No. I am a Christian, and always have been one." Sounds good, but Hillary Clinton once told about being under fire in Bosnia, and it finally was proved a lie (she says, she misspoke. I think lie is the truth). So Remember: Actions always speak more truthful than words.

3. Obama went to high school in Hawaii, and moved to Los Angeles, California, attended Occidental College, and received only passing grades. He then transferred to Columbia University after 2 years, and graduated from Columbia, and then was accepted, and went to Harvard Law School. Now the part that is suspicious is that Obama has never released any school records. He has admitted to not taking college as serious as he should have. But if this is code talk for not getting good grades, how is it that he was able to go to Harvard Law School? Is there more to this "grades" issue than "Big Media" wants you to know about? Wake Up!, "Blind Sheep". I can only say, "When someone doesn't want you to know his past, maybe there is a huge surprise coming in the future".

4. Now college is not cheap, and Harvard Law School is especially NOT CHEAP. So how did a man of modest financial means pay his way to, and through, Harvard? It has been stated by Percy Sutton, son of a former slave, former Borough President of Manhattan, former Tuskegee Airmen of World War ll, former lawyer to Malcolm X, and media mogul, that Dr. Khalid al-Mansour had paid for Barack Obama's education at Harvard Law School. I further note that Black Muslim, and Black Nationalist, Dr. Khalid al-Mansour was an advisor to Saudi prince, Alwaleed bin Talal (one of the most wealthy persons on planet Earth). And to be fair: Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt told Newsmax that Sutton's account was "bogus" and a "fabrication that has been retracted" by a spokesman for the Sutton family (note: Sutton Family not Sutton). So.....Why not post all Obama's college grades, and student loans, for the citizens of this nation to read, not only to end this "conflict", but as a means to draw the much divided citizens of this great nation together to further the Freedoms granted by our Constitution? I can only say, "Where there is smoke, there just might be a raging fire." Also, and I can't help but to mention this: Has anyone noticed that Obama looks more like Malcolm X than Barack H. Obama Sr.? Just making an observation here. 

5. This eligibility issue could have been avoided had "Big Media" read the Constitution, and the legal precedence concerning the Natural Born Citizen clause, Section 1 of Article Two of the United States Constitution. This section, of Article Two, sets forth the eligibility requirements for serving as president of the United States, and FORGET all the "spin" to make Obama eligible for the Presidency. It is clear that Obama is a USURPER, and it is a "CRIME" that the Supreme Court has not accepted any claims of Obama being ineligible to serve from the many citizens of this nation who have filed legal challenges. And just a note: In the elections of 2008, John McCain was so far behind in early polling that it was a joke that he continued. The "Big Media" "drooled" all over him, and pointed out that he was the only Republican that could be elected because he was a moderate, and proven leader. The polls started to swing, and McCain became the "MAN". Then, once elected in the primaries, "Big Media" said that McCain was too old, and a far right radical, moron (the moron part was right). The scam was that McCain had been born in Panama, and some thought that he was not qualified by the eligibility requirements of the Constitution to serve as President. A lower court took the charge, and The Supreme Court finally ruled that  McCain was born of 2 American citizens, and even though he was born in Panama, he was eligible to serve as President. And even though there were many relevant prostrations about Obama not being qualified to serve during this time, the courts ignored all claims. Again, make your own decision as to the validity of the courts decisions, but I say, once again, "Where there is smoke, there is a good chance there could be a raging fire." 

I hope that this information makes someone in the military THINK about more than: If gays can wear dresses or short skirts, or if they can be pink or green. But then again, how have the current military leaders received their promotions? Oh Crap! I guess I have answered my own question as to why the military is not defending the Constitution. Oh Well! 200 hundred years is the historic maximum life of a Republic. Hello, Union of Socialist States of America. Good bye, United States of America.
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stop "Hounding" Obama

This posting in response to:

Obama and Clinton – Negotiate with old enemies?
January 12, 2012 | Filed underPolitics-DC | Posted by SUAadmin,

Hey, don't bother me with this stuff. We don't know all the facts concerning this, and anyway, Obama and Hillary are doing their best to represent this nation. Remember, Obama, was elected by a huge majority, and he needs to be left alone. Give the guy a chance. What does it matter that he will not provide his school records or his writings from his college days at Harvard? Only a racist would continue to "hound" the man about such trivial things. Don't bother me, I need to know if Kim Kardashian has buttocks implants, or if her Rubenesque posterior is real. And I want to know when the Pope is going to be on "Dancing With The Stars". This is what is important in America today. All that depressing stuff about government and corruption is just Republican racists trying to embarrass our first Black President. 

I am 66....I wonder if I can get one of those free cell phones the Federal government is handing out? I need to be able to call my doctor in an emergency........and why pay for a cell phone if the government is giving them away for free? Might look into this. I could use the money I pay for my current cell phone to buy more Lottery tickets. Hey, here is a good idea...........Let the Federal government give out Lotto tickets, one for each tax dollar paid, and in that way most people would not complain about paying taxes. And maybe some people will even pay more in taxes than they really owe. And maybe some persons, not even American citizens, will pay taxes just for the Lotto tickets. Isn't America is great. Obama is the best.

Lord Howard Hurts 

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Boat Is Sinking

Warren Buffett's latest pitch for the wealthy to pay more in taxes is nothing but more, Yawn, Yawn. The man is suffering from hardening of the arteries, and clearly shows signs of severe Democratic, Mental Illness. Proof of this is his latest challenge to Republican members of Congress, and especially his 3 to 1 special challenge to Republican Senate leader, McConnell, to send a check to the government to help pay down the National Debt. Yawn, Yawn. What a bore. 

Firstly, just how does this old duffer, Buffett, think the National Debt came to be so large? Wake Up!, Gramps. Could it be that government has spent more than it legally takes in? If your boat has a hole in its side, and water is coming in, you don't drill holes in the boats bottom to let this leakage water out. The problem has been, for the past 50 years, that the Federal government has a penchant to promote itself, and keep corrupt Congressmen in office. To accomplish this the Federal government allows these Congressmen to "buy votes", using the money of working taxpayers, by creating legislation that has built a welfare system that now has more than 46 million citizens dependant on it. This destructive legislation has all but killed incentive, and self esteem, in this nations productive citizenry. Think this: Is it possible for everyone who enters a casino to win on every pull of the slot machine handle? And if it were, why even build casino's or slot machines. Just give the money away, and cut the complexity, and the "middle man". Well that is precisely what President, Obama, and Congress, is doing. And it is getting to the point where even morons can see the flaws in the plan. So what is the next logical step in this dependency progression? Civil War and Socialism. There is no other result that can occur given this set of circumstances. 

Now I am sure that Losers, and Democrats, think that Robin Hood was a nice guy because he robbed from the rich, and gave to the poor, but actually this type of lawlessness promotes only a loss of the producers in a society. Because, why take the time, effort, and risk, to produce something when it is easier to steal? And without a fair system of laws, and a large number of producers, civilization can only move backwards. It is always easier to take, than to produce. So it is easily proved that either "Robin Hood" Buffett is a moron, or he is a man with a plan that deceives all earthly logic. 

Now, I don't think Buffett is a moron, so he therefore must be a man with a plan, and he wants Socialism to be the American form of government. For you see there is, and has been for years, a law on record that gives anyone the opportunity to pay extra taxes without requiring all persons in the U.S. to participate. It is called: "Voluntary Gift To Government". If "Robin Hood" Buffett really wanted to help the poor of this nation he would spend his last years giving his money to worthwhile individuals who possess the producer spirit that is needed to continue America's legacy of Human Freedom. Without the producers of this nation there can be no consumers. And likewise, without consumers that is no need for producers. And this was about how I would think it was during the Caveman Era.

To continue to give the Federal government more money to squander is just letting more water into the boat through all the holes that have been drilled through its bottom. Impeach the Congress, and the Socialist, Obama, before it is too late, and the boat sinks.

Lord Howard Hurts

Impeach Obama and Hillary Clinton, Now!

This Rant is in response to: Marines guilty of shocking act against Taliban identified, President Obama and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, say it is a big embarrassment to the Obama administration.

Typical political big deal out of nothing. Obama and Hillary (the smartest woman on Earth) Clinton are once again showing that they are TRAITORS to this nation, and to the men they sent to this worthless hellhole to kill the enemy. If they had real life experience under fire,..........Oh! I remember. Hillary and her daughter were under fire in Bosnia, and had to run for their lives......Oh, wait....... That was just a made up, "miss speak"....not an outright lie, they might not be making such a big deal out of NOTHING. It is time for the military of this nation to shrug off the worthless political leadership that imposes silly standards of conduct on our Warriors, and stand behind LEADERS who understand how the stress of War controls the minds of those having to perform tasks that the elite excuse themselves from doing. Wake Up, America! You have chosen leaders who are  not capable of following an order, and thus are not capable of leading. Obama and Hillary Clinton need to be IMPEACHED NOW!, and sent to live in the Socialist country of their choice. They do not deserve to be Americans. They are TRAITORS.

Lord Howard Hurts

Monday, January 9, 2012

Could this be the sound emitted by a Phoenix rising from the ashes?

I go out into the morning, and stare intently into the western sky, and wait and watch for the morning Sun to rise. Thus far my "watching's" have been uneventfully, but with Big Media declaring Obama and his administration the smartest, and most benevolent, in the history of this nation, I feel that my "watching" must soon be rewarded. 

Likewise, I wait, daily, for the message from Big Media that the Constitution has been rescinded, and "glue" myself to the television, awaiting news that Obama has been chosen, by Congress, to dictatorially lead this nation until a new, and more popular, Constitution can be written. At one time I had hoped that this nations military would assume their responsibility, and uphold the oath they pledged; to defend the Constitution from all usurpers, foreign and domestic. But that time has passed. 

Much like the events that befell the ancient Roman Republic (133-27 BC), our military has become less loyal, and there seems to be no need for further wait. Our military now has became a government job, with a generous pension, rather than a mission. But, I waited, and waited, hoping that there existed a "King David" among us. 

The taxpaying citizens lost both their faith, and interest, in the government, as it daily became more distant, and held only the weak, and the uninspired, poor, in high esteem. Traditional love of country became only words sung by Country Western singers (And we all know that they are just hillbilly's, and not real American citizens). The small family farm has been both taxed and legislated into extinction. The large, corporate run farm, with it government ties, and funding, turned a country that not only fed itself, but fed the world, into a nightmare of regulations, and "farms" run by persons who only know how to shuffle papers, not grow crops. As the colleges and universities granted more, and more, self serving degrees, in disciplines that created no physical, societal infrastructure, the cities and towns began to crumble from neglect. And during this decline, government began to place less and less interest in the traditional citizenry. English began to become a second language. Our sovereign borders became mere lines drawn on world maps. Diversity became the rule of the day....... Things became more curiouser, and more curiouser. All roads led to "Wonderland". Moral decay became more and more evident. Gratuitous sex became the norm, closely followed by a decline in both the work ethic and productivity. Goods and services finally became too expensive, and/or, unreliable, so that foreign trade increased to the point that over 46 million Americans became depended, not only a "handout" to keep fed, but they more, and more, depended on the "Supreme Ruler", Obama, to determine, and legislate, mans place on Earth, and his responsibility to the "Great Society". What was Up was now Down. What was East was now West. 

I continue to scan the western sky to await the rising of the Sun..........but off in the distance, there can be heard the sound of a most melodious bird. Could this be the sound emitted by a Phoenix rising from the ashes?

Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, January 7, 2012

B.F. Skinner, Notorious Adviser To Obama Administration

One of the most notorious and sinister of advisers, employed by the Obama administration, is not even living, yet his influence is far felt, and just might be the "architecture" that dooms this Republic to another failed experiment in Freedom.  I had mistakenly thought that this Tempter was either Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, or Ivan Mikhaylovich Sechenov, Russians who studied and developed a "Rational" for human behavior. But after further study, I found that my theory was wrong. This Obama "adviser", leader of progressive thought and behavior, is none other than American born, B. F. Skinner (1904-1990).  

In 1948, Skinner quit his profession as a novelist, and entered the psychology graduate program at Harvard University, where he continued for the rest of his life. He founded the study, Operant Behavior. Skinner found that behavior was learned, but not dependant on some preceding stimulus as Pavlov had maintained. Skinner further maintained that  behavior could be influenced by some stimuli, good or bad, but that a change in behavior was the result of what happened after the exposure to the stimuli, rather than exposure before, as postulated by Pavlov. 

Question: What makes Skinners ideas so damaging to this nation and its citizens? 

Answer: It isn't that his Operant Behavior is something that is totally deviant, but it is the lack to understand, by the average American citizen, that the ideas of Skinner are  progressive, and basic. And thus subject to immediate use by those who have, and desire, only primitive human responses or have a suppressed ego (both of the preceding traits are the dominate attribute of the followers of Socialism).  The essence of Socialism can be pinpointed as: A community of persons, who, for whatever reason, are afraid to fail. They might know the difference between right and wrong, but they always choose the path of least resistance when confronting any situation dealing with their personal survival. They accept the "IMMEDIATE" rather than push the human experience towards perfection, Free Will. 

Question: Why do you believe this, and what examples can you provide?

Answer: The examples are all around us. One only has to "Open their Eyes" to see. The easiest answer, and it is your classic, answering a question with another question, is: Why are 46 million Americans on Food Stamps? I don't have to enumerate on this answer. If you can't figure it out yourself, you are a person of basic intelligence, and a person with a low opinion of your own ability to understand the "Creator Given Concept" of Free Will. You must always remember that progressives prey on the weak, and they make the excuses needed, by these weak individuals, that stops them from exploring the rights granted to all humans to be the "Keepers Of All The Lower Elements Of This Earth". If you remember only 3 things during your conscious stay on this planet, remember these: 

1. Nothing Can Be Created Or Destroyed, On This Planet  Called Earth.  

2. For Every Action, There Is An Equal And Opposite Reaction.

3. Life Is Just Too Complex, To Have Been An Accident

Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Future Of This Republic Hangs With Just 3 Options

This posting is in response to: "Court denies Obama plea for dismissal in Eligibility Case", by Scott W. Winchell,January 3, 2012 | Filed underBreaking News,Corruption | Posted by SUAadmin

I hate to be the one to burst your dream of our judicial system producing an "Honest Judge", but it makes no difference if Obama is found qualified to serve or not. The trick will to be to get him out of office without starting a Civil War. The telling point of the discussion should, at this late date, not be that a Constitutionally Unqualified person, Obama, was allowed to run for office in the first place, but the issue shoud be that he, Obama, continues to hold the office of President, illegally.  He won the election by the slimiest of margins (of course he and his party call it, "Huge Mandate"), and he has been able to hold this office for over 3 years, with no Honest Judicial Review. So now tell me.......... how is some "Honest Judge" going to come along, at this late date, and remove him from Office? This will not happen. Our Constitution has not failed, our Military has failed. There is a reason that our military takes an oath to defend the Constitution.......... and it is they who have failed.  

The future of this Republic hangs with just 3 options:

1. Obama is declared unqualified and is removed.

2. We wait for the elections of 2012, and vote him out.

3. The Military steps up and invokes its Constitutional authority.

The bad news is that all these options lead to one outcome, Civil War..........and should you think that option 2 is a good option, WAKE UP! Disney World and Santa Claus are not reality. The candidates on the Republican side of the upcoming Presidential elections, for 2012, are RINO's. They are not persons of the strong moral character needed to lead this nation from the "dark wilderness" of Socialism. They are professional politicians who live or die by the popular vote. Their election will only slow the fall into a Civil War. We have for too long let social programs be instituted to give money and comfort to the poor without compelling them to face the reality that neither Disney World nor Santa Claus are reality based "destinations". There is NO "FREE LUNCH" in this world we call Earth. 

The good news is that option 3 is bad, and will prompt a Civil War, but being persons of moral character, and dedicated to duty, the military will be able to contain the problems, and restore Constitutional Government. With option 3, Freedom will only be temporally curtailed by the actions needed to restore Constitutional Law. 

Please note that this is just one mans opinion of the current state of affairs. The opinions I provide are deduced, not by my brain, but by the combined brains from all those civilizations, of the past, that attempted to institute and retain the noble experiment of a Republic based on Human Freedom. Now I ask you this: What political party was Jesus affiliated with? How many popular votes did he receive? Did he wait for the police, or other authority, before implementing reform to the "Money Changers"? 

Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NASA and Pseudo Scientific Folly, has a guest article, "The Great 2012 Doomsday Scare" that was written by E. C. Krupp, Director of Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. In it, Krupp gives reasons why the "Mayan End of Times 2012" is just a bad joke. "Most of what's claimed for 2012 relies on wishful thinking, wild pseudoscientific folly, ignorance of astronomy, and a level of paranoia worthy of Night of the Living Dead", says Krupp. 

Now not to be a conspiracy theory type of guy, But....... why would I rely on NASA for any information? Let me see: There have been 6 manned landings on the moon between 1969 and 1974, but here we are, nearly 40 years later, with computers that far surpass what was available in '74, and NASA keeps putting off future manned moon landings. They say that we need 20 years to prepare for another manned landing. Call me crazy, but something just doesn't add up. They don't say, "We need 20 years to save up the money for a manned landing", they say, "We need 20 years to prepare for another manned landing". I know. You science fictions freaks think exploration of space is a worthwhile way to spend tax money, but I say to you: "If it takes one year to travel from earth to Mars, and one year to return, and there is no food, water, or air on that planet......... Why???" 

Just something to think about: If NASA told you that you were going to drive from Florida to Death Valley, CA, and were going to travel at 5 miles per hour all the while, and that during this trip there would be no stopping to get out of the vehicle for any reason. That you would be eating and sleeping and doing all bodily functions in that vehicle, and that when you finally did get to Death Valley, you will be allowed to go out and spend several hours walking around to make mental notes of the landscape. Then you would get back in the vehicle and return to Florida, moving, again, at 5 miles per hour, and keeping the same routine as when you went to Death Valley. Would you think that NASA could find many mentally normal people to sign on for this trip? What is the difference between this scenario, and a trip to Mars by NASA? They both accomplish about the same result, but the Florida to Death Valley trip could prove to be a much better use of taxpayer money. 

Lord Howard Hurts