Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Future Of This Republic Hangs With Just 3 Options

This posting is in response to: "Court denies Obama plea for dismissal in Eligibility Case", by Scott W. Winchell,January 3, 2012 | Filed underBreaking News,Corruption | Posted by SUAadmin

I hate to be the one to burst your dream of our judicial system producing an "Honest Judge", but it makes no difference if Obama is found qualified to serve or not. The trick will to be to get him out of office without starting a Civil War. The telling point of the discussion should, at this late date, not be that a Constitutionally Unqualified person, Obama, was allowed to run for office in the first place, but the issue shoud be that he, Obama, continues to hold the office of President, illegally.  He won the election by the slimiest of margins (of course he and his party call it, "Huge Mandate"), and he has been able to hold this office for over 3 years, with no Honest Judicial Review. So now tell me.......... how is some "Honest Judge" going to come along, at this late date, and remove him from Office? This will not happen. Our Constitution has not failed, our Military has failed. There is a reason that our military takes an oath to defend the Constitution.......... and it is they who have failed.  

The future of this Republic hangs with just 3 options:

1. Obama is declared unqualified and is removed.

2. We wait for the elections of 2012, and vote him out.

3. The Military steps up and invokes its Constitutional authority.

The bad news is that all these options lead to one outcome, Civil War..........and should you think that option 2 is a good option, WAKE UP! Disney World and Santa Claus are not reality. The candidates on the Republican side of the upcoming Presidential elections, for 2012, are RINO's. They are not persons of the strong moral character needed to lead this nation from the "dark wilderness" of Socialism. They are professional politicians who live or die by the popular vote. Their election will only slow the fall into a Civil War. We have for too long let social programs be instituted to give money and comfort to the poor without compelling them to face the reality that neither Disney World nor Santa Claus are reality based "destinations". There is NO "FREE LUNCH" in this world we call Earth. 

The good news is that option 3 is bad, and will prompt a Civil War, but being persons of moral character, and dedicated to duty, the military will be able to contain the problems, and restore Constitutional Government. With option 3, Freedom will only be temporally curtailed by the actions needed to restore Constitutional Law. 

Please note that this is just one mans opinion of the current state of affairs. The opinions I provide are deduced, not by my brain, but by the combined brains from all those civilizations, of the past, that attempted to institute and retain the noble experiment of a Republic based on Human Freedom. Now I ask you this: What political party was Jesus affiliated with? How many popular votes did he receive? Did he wait for the police, or other authority, before implementing reform to the "Money Changers"? 

Lord Howard Hurts

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