Friday, January 13, 2012

Impeach Obama and Hillary Clinton, Now!

This Rant is in response to: Marines guilty of shocking act against Taliban identified, President Obama and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, say it is a big embarrassment to the Obama administration.

Typical political big deal out of nothing. Obama and Hillary (the smartest woman on Earth) Clinton are once again showing that they are TRAITORS to this nation, and to the men they sent to this worthless hellhole to kill the enemy. If they had real life experience under fire,..........Oh! I remember. Hillary and her daughter were under fire in Bosnia, and had to run for their lives......Oh, wait....... That was just a made up, "miss speak"....not an outright lie, they might not be making such a big deal out of NOTHING. It is time for the military of this nation to shrug off the worthless political leadership that imposes silly standards of conduct on our Warriors, and stand behind LEADERS who understand how the stress of War controls the minds of those having to perform tasks that the elite excuse themselves from doing. Wake Up, America! You have chosen leaders who are  not capable of following an order, and thus are not capable of leading. Obama and Hillary Clinton need to be IMPEACHED NOW!, and sent to live in the Socialist country of their choice. They do not deserve to be Americans. They are TRAITORS.

Lord Howard Hurts

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