Saturday, January 28, 2012

"La Pucelle", we will follow

I have watched the display of Republican candidates, without a Moral Compass, over and over, to complete distastefulness, and yet few of our citizens see the folly and disgrace that they present. Only one candidate, thus dismissed, had shown any potential leadership ability and authority, but alas, Michele Bachmann quit. So I give to you, citizens of this great nation, the only words that I can summon in an attempt to rally the minds of Patriots:

"La Pucelle"

We stand on a precipice overlooking the valley of a dead Constitution. A Constitution predicated on the belief in Free Will and of Human Freedom........... yet we make no sacrifice towards salvation. We rant and rave about soldiering up, but no leader comes forward. The pretenders beat their breast, and the vile spittle, endlessly, emits from their frothing mouths, but no muscle is exerted in the defense of this Constitution, and the greatest experiment in human Freedom that history has ever known. Where is our Joan of Arc? We have Harvard educated pretenders and cowards attending our leadership roles, but where is our simple little shepherd girl? Has the Divine turned it's back on our plight? Are our cries only being heard by the passing winds? Surely, in the midst of all this corruption, and deception, that surrounds us, one virgin should be found....... to lead us from this dire darkness of social slavery that "sweet destiny" continues pushing us towards; Leading this once great nation into a "New Dark Age".  The Men of this nation are cowards, so somewhere, yea, Joan of Arc, hear our calls on the winds; Seeking ears to hear; that will bring forth life to this nation. "La Pucelle". Ride forth to take command of this decaying nation, and its shameful military. We will look for your banner.........."Jesus-Mary";  And "La Pucelle," we will follow.
Lord Howard Hurts

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