Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stop "Hounding" Obama

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Obama and Clinton – Negotiate with old enemies?
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Hey, don't bother me with this stuff. We don't know all the facts concerning this, and anyway, Obama and Hillary are doing their best to represent this nation. Remember, Obama, was elected by a huge majority, and he needs to be left alone. Give the guy a chance. What does it matter that he will not provide his school records or his writings from his college days at Harvard? Only a racist would continue to "hound" the man about such trivial things. Don't bother me, I need to know if Kim Kardashian has buttocks implants, or if her Rubenesque posterior is real. And I want to know when the Pope is going to be on "Dancing With The Stars". This is what is important in America today. All that depressing stuff about government and corruption is just Republican racists trying to embarrass our first Black President. 

I am 66....I wonder if I can get one of those free cell phones the Federal government is handing out? I need to be able to call my doctor in an emergency........and why pay for a cell phone if the government is giving them away for free? Might look into this. I could use the money I pay for my current cell phone to buy more Lottery tickets. Hey, here is a good idea...........Let the Federal government give out Lotto tickets, one for each tax dollar paid, and in that way most people would not complain about paying taxes. And maybe some people will even pay more in taxes than they really owe. And maybe some persons, not even American citizens, will pay taxes just for the Lotto tickets. Isn't America is great. Obama is the best.

Lord Howard Hurts 

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