Saturday, January 7, 2012

B.F. Skinner, Notorious Adviser To Obama Administration

One of the most notorious and sinister of advisers, employed by the Obama administration, is not even living, yet his influence is far felt, and just might be the "architecture" that dooms this Republic to another failed experiment in Freedom.  I had mistakenly thought that this Tempter was either Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, or Ivan Mikhaylovich Sechenov, Russians who studied and developed a "Rational" for human behavior. But after further study, I found that my theory was wrong. This Obama "adviser", leader of progressive thought and behavior, is none other than American born, B. F. Skinner (1904-1990).  

In 1948, Skinner quit his profession as a novelist, and entered the psychology graduate program at Harvard University, where he continued for the rest of his life. He founded the study, Operant Behavior. Skinner found that behavior was learned, but not dependant on some preceding stimulus as Pavlov had maintained. Skinner further maintained that  behavior could be influenced by some stimuli, good or bad, but that a change in behavior was the result of what happened after the exposure to the stimuli, rather than exposure before, as postulated by Pavlov. 

Question: What makes Skinners ideas so damaging to this nation and its citizens? 

Answer: It isn't that his Operant Behavior is something that is totally deviant, but it is the lack to understand, by the average American citizen, that the ideas of Skinner are  progressive, and basic. And thus subject to immediate use by those who have, and desire, only primitive human responses or have a suppressed ego (both of the preceding traits are the dominate attribute of the followers of Socialism).  The essence of Socialism can be pinpointed as: A community of persons, who, for whatever reason, are afraid to fail. They might know the difference between right and wrong, but they always choose the path of least resistance when confronting any situation dealing with their personal survival. They accept the "IMMEDIATE" rather than push the human experience towards perfection, Free Will. 

Question: Why do you believe this, and what examples can you provide?

Answer: The examples are all around us. One only has to "Open their Eyes" to see. The easiest answer, and it is your classic, answering a question with another question, is: Why are 46 million Americans on Food Stamps? I don't have to enumerate on this answer. If you can't figure it out yourself, you are a person of basic intelligence, and a person with a low opinion of your own ability to understand the "Creator Given Concept" of Free Will. You must always remember that progressives prey on the weak, and they make the excuses needed, by these weak individuals, that stops them from exploring the rights granted to all humans to be the "Keepers Of All The Lower Elements Of This Earth". If you remember only 3 things during your conscious stay on this planet, remember these: 

1. Nothing Can Be Created Or Destroyed, On This Planet  Called Earth.  

2. For Every Action, There Is An Equal And Opposite Reaction.

3. Life Is Just Too Complex, To Have Been An Accident

Lord Howard Hurts

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