Saturday, January 21, 2012

Let Them Eat Sand

This Posting In Response To Article: Stand Up America Alert – Iran & the Strait of Hormuz

By SUA Intelligence Staff

Yawn. Yawn. Sorry, but this is all a bunch of crap to me. The simple fact is Arabs (Iranians also) can not eat sand. So instead of letting them feast on the better things in life, MAKE THEM EAT SAND. If the rest of the world needs oil then let them defend against these gangsters in the Mid East. It is time for the U.S. to stop being the Free Policeman to the world. If this were to be done, Socialism as we know it today would be drifting away, and Reality would reign. Socialism only works when there is some benevolent benefactor to prop up its Fantasy Ideals. The mistake being made is that our government, and our citizens, are once again being "pushed" into a Good Guy, Bad Guy, situation. You must understand that our leaders, Obama, and Hillary Clinton, can not exist unless they can create a "Spooky Villain". They have to focus our attention on someone to hate. They have to create a cause so that the rational citizens will accept their distorted views, and applications of government. They know that when there is a common enemy, the nation will pull together and accept sacrifices.... and the "bending" of our Constitutional law (Example: Over 7000 Japanese Americans were held in internment camps during World War ll).  

Question: Well if we don't protect the Strait of Hormuz, the flow of oil will stop and we can't let that happen.

Yawn. Yawn. Let The Arabs (Iranians also) Eat Sand. Let them close down the Strait of Hormuz. Don't send our war ships into a situation where they are sitting ducks. Back off and let the rest of the world ponder and decide what they want to do about it. It is time for the rest of the world to stop feeding off the "teats" of the American producer and taxpayer. It is time for this government to step aside, and let the real thinkers and doers of this nation take charge. We don't need anymore theorists from Harvard to lead this nation from the dept's of the depression that we are currently wallowing in, because these are the same morons who lead us here in the first place. 

Question: But America needs oil to thrive and exist. We can't just let these crazy Arabs (and Iranians) deprive us of the oil we need to continue jobs and services Americans need. 

Yawn. Yawn. This needing of oil is not new. Both Republicans and Democrats have used this cheap ploy for more than  60 years. It is the American public that is at fault. From kindergarten to college we are brainwashed to trust our government. And it is our government that has let us down. It is time to start thinking in a more rational direction. Arabs (Iranians also) can not eat sand. They have oil. They can not eat oil. A population that can not feed itself is vulnerable. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. This is their Achilles Heel. Let them keep their oil. Let them try and eat their oil. There is enough oil in the western part of American to keep things moving along for the next 100 years. This oil is found in the shale rock. Instead of letting Obama, and his thugs, throw more money away to Solar Scams, Electric Car Scams, or Wind Farms Scams, do your own research on this, and get these MORONS out of office, and let the thinkers of this nation create jobs, and futures, for our own citizens by extracting this oil from this Shale. LET THE ARABS (Iranians also) Eat Sand. 

If you do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result, you are not only part of the problem, you are a MORON. Don't continue to wait and hope. Throw The Bum's Out, NOW!

Lord Howard Hurts

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