Friday, January 20, 2012

Hello, Union of Socialist States of America

I have ranted and raved about the military not doing their sworn duty to see that Barack Obama is removed from office to no positive effect.  I have said, over and over, that unless he is removed from office before the elections of 2012, the great experiment in Freedom, The United States of America, and it's Constitution, will become a footnote in the big book of history.  I will once again present an argument that will give definition to my plea. Obama is a man who wanted to hide his actual self from the public, and thus he wrote books (and there is no proof that Obama actually wrote his books, only his word for such......and that is suspect because the style of writing, and verbiage used, is most unlike the examples we have of Obama's known writings) outlining the character and attitude of himself, and unfortunately very few people with "Big Media" exposure took the time to dig into the true character of Barack Obama, aka: Barry Soweto. There are so many inconsistencies in his books, about himself, that it is astonishing that few have tried to find out who this Impostor really is. It seems that most working Americans are just too timid to take on a Black Socialist, whom they view as just another guy that can be voted out of office, and replaced by some RINO Republican, and the nation will move on as usual. Well this is not the case THIS time. The slow move toward Socialism has created a nation of "Blind Sheep" that have no Moral Compass, and these "Blind Sheep" mistakenly view MONEY as the measure of all Earthly success. Remember: The Mafia makes a lot of money, but are these the type of people we want to uphold the Constitution, and lead this nation? So here are some things that responsible citizens of this nation need to research:

1. "Big Media" says that the birth certificate issue with Obama is unfounded nonsense concocted by racists. They declared, with their only evidence being Obama's word for it, that he has an Hawaiian birth certificate, and thus is qualified as a Natural Born Citizen. But regardless, the ongoing dispute that he was born elsewhere, continued. And after 3 years of debate and questioning, Barack Obama posted a copy of his birth certificate on the Internet for the world to view. Immediately, after posting this document experts, with experience in document fraud, said that the document Obama had published was a composite, and a faked, document. They voiced the opinion that the only way to ascertain the validity of his posted birth certificate would involve a comparative view between the original birth certificate, kept in a vault in the state of Hawaii, and the one Obama posted to the Internet. For some reason, Obama claims that the posted document is the only one anyone gets to see as he is worried about the security dangers posed should he let distracters view his original birth certificate. Make sense to you, or are you just too timid to say, Bull Shit?

2. Barack Obama. was adopted, and lived in Indonesia, and his name was changed to Barack Soweto. He lived and went to school in Indonesia. Islam is the dominant religion in Indonesia, which also has the largest Muslim population in the world. Now Obama's mother was not religious, but his step father was a Muslim. Does this, in any way make you wonder if his youthful training could carryover to his future life? Obama says, "No. I am a Christian, and always have been one." Sounds good, but Hillary Clinton once told about being under fire in Bosnia, and it finally was proved a lie (she says, she misspoke. I think lie is the truth). So Remember: Actions always speak more truthful than words.

3. Obama went to high school in Hawaii, and moved to Los Angeles, California, attended Occidental College, and received only passing grades. He then transferred to Columbia University after 2 years, and graduated from Columbia, and then was accepted, and went to Harvard Law School. Now the part that is suspicious is that Obama has never released any school records. He has admitted to not taking college as serious as he should have. But if this is code talk for not getting good grades, how is it that he was able to go to Harvard Law School? Is there more to this "grades" issue than "Big Media" wants you to know about? Wake Up!, "Blind Sheep". I can only say, "When someone doesn't want you to know his past, maybe there is a huge surprise coming in the future".

4. Now college is not cheap, and Harvard Law School is especially NOT CHEAP. So how did a man of modest financial means pay his way to, and through, Harvard? It has been stated by Percy Sutton, son of a former slave, former Borough President of Manhattan, former Tuskegee Airmen of World War ll, former lawyer to Malcolm X, and media mogul, that Dr. Khalid al-Mansour had paid for Barack Obama's education at Harvard Law School. I further note that Black Muslim, and Black Nationalist, Dr. Khalid al-Mansour was an advisor to Saudi prince, Alwaleed bin Talal (one of the most wealthy persons on planet Earth). And to be fair: Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt told Newsmax that Sutton's account was "bogus" and a "fabrication that has been retracted" by a spokesman for the Sutton family (note: Sutton Family not Sutton). So.....Why not post all Obama's college grades, and student loans, for the citizens of this nation to read, not only to end this "conflict", but as a means to draw the much divided citizens of this great nation together to further the Freedoms granted by our Constitution? I can only say, "Where there is smoke, there just might be a raging fire." Also, and I can't help but to mention this: Has anyone noticed that Obama looks more like Malcolm X than Barack H. Obama Sr.? Just making an observation here. 

5. This eligibility issue could have been avoided had "Big Media" read the Constitution, and the legal precedence concerning the Natural Born Citizen clause, Section 1 of Article Two of the United States Constitution. This section, of Article Two, sets forth the eligibility requirements for serving as president of the United States, and FORGET all the "spin" to make Obama eligible for the Presidency. It is clear that Obama is a USURPER, and it is a "CRIME" that the Supreme Court has not accepted any claims of Obama being ineligible to serve from the many citizens of this nation who have filed legal challenges. And just a note: In the elections of 2008, John McCain was so far behind in early polling that it was a joke that he continued. The "Big Media" "drooled" all over him, and pointed out that he was the only Republican that could be elected because he was a moderate, and proven leader. The polls started to swing, and McCain became the "MAN". Then, once elected in the primaries, "Big Media" said that McCain was too old, and a far right radical, moron (the moron part was right). The scam was that McCain had been born in Panama, and some thought that he was not qualified by the eligibility requirements of the Constitution to serve as President. A lower court took the charge, and The Supreme Court finally ruled that  McCain was born of 2 American citizens, and even though he was born in Panama, he was eligible to serve as President. And even though there were many relevant prostrations about Obama not being qualified to serve during this time, the courts ignored all claims. Again, make your own decision as to the validity of the courts decisions, but I say, once again, "Where there is smoke, there is a good chance there could be a raging fire." 

I hope that this information makes someone in the military THINK about more than: If gays can wear dresses or short skirts, or if they can be pink or green. But then again, how have the current military leaders received their promotions? Oh Crap! I guess I have answered my own question as to why the military is not defending the Constitution. Oh Well! 200 hundred years is the historic maximum life of a Republic. Hello, Union of Socialist States of America. Good bye, United States of America.
Lord Howard Hurts

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