Monday, August 22, 2016

Dare to be Brave

Patriots of America. It is "Do or Die" time. You either must be daring and brave or face the consequences of being a coward. Hillary Clinton is the enemy. B.H. Obama is the enemy. They must be arrested and brought up on charges of Treason. It is time for a New Revolution and please do not believe that Donald Trump is the final answer. At this particular time Donald Trump is the link to the final answer and the restoration of the Constitution as the "Law of the Land". Please read the linked article and take action. Dare to be Brave. Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, August 12, 2016

When Will American Christians Stand Up?

When will the Christian Patriots of America finally risk their lives and finances to rid this nation of the corruption that this Obama Administration, and the Clinton Foundation, have brought on this great nation? It is time to 'push back' and stop talking. Donald Trump needs to put these criminals to the Constitution on notice that when he is elected he will immediately institute an investigation of President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, The Supreme Court, and the RINO's that have traded our Constitution for their personal wealth and happiness. It is time for a New Revolution to highlight that the Second Amendment has nothing to do with American hunting rights. Please read the linked article and see the latest problem that this Obama administration has entwined us with. Lord Howard Hurts