Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Patriot Solution

Republicans, my friends, "The Writing Is On The Wall". In a letter to House Speaker John Boehner, the DOJ said that it will not bring a congressional contempt citation against Eric Holder to a federal grand jury, and that it will take no other action to prosecute the attorney general. Forget about the Arizona immigration ruling, and the ObamaCare ruling, from a Supreme Court that has negated not only the spirit of the Constitution, but the entire fabric of Freedom given us by this document. These Marxist thugs, wrapped in the "clothing" of American Democrats and Supreme Court Justices; and led by President Obama; have declared, both by actions and words, that they are lawless thugs, and that it is time for the producers, the savers, the taxpayers, and those of the Christian faith, to give all that they have so that those who see themselves as being discriminated against can live the life they think they deserve. These thugs have declared America a Democracy, a lawless nation. It is time for the producers, the savers, the taxpayers, and those of the Christian faith, to join ranks, and stop pretending that things will be better if only we elect a Republican like Romney. This attitude of: "Anyone but Obama", is Cowardly and Destructive. It is time to face the reality that the "Writing" is on the wall for a reason, and to further pretend that the wall is "Blank" is a sign that this great experiment, The United States of America, is finished. It is over.

If you are as disgusted as I am with the leaders of this nation then I ask that you read my solution for solving this situation, and if you think it a good idea, and one you are willing to employ email me, so that I will know just how many Patriots exist and are ready to do battle against the thugs.

The Solution

No nation has ever be taken over by a majority. America is a nation Under God. God helps those who help themselves. The decline in Freedom, in America, has been slowly coming for over 70 years. Republicans are as much a part of the problem as Democrats. The GOP leaders have given us: G. Bush, Bob Dole, G. W. Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney. Nice men personally, but not leaders, and apparently guys who can not read "The Writing On The Wall". In this coming election, November 2012, it is time for Patriots to stop voting for the "best" of the worst. A vote for Romney is nothing but a minor slowdown for these lawless Democrat thugs. It is time to take a bold stand, and to declare that Patriots are ready to fight. It is time for all Republicans to vow that they will not put up a Presidential candidate for 2012. That they will let Obama win without opposition.........but that they will vote in all local and state elections. Let the thugs win an "Empty Chair". A President without followers is no longer a President. I truly believe that if Romney is elected President it will prove to be the end of both America and Freedom. It is time to think out of the "BOX". 
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, June 29, 2012

Col. Allen West For President 2012

Col. Allen West is my choice for President in 2012. I don't care about him not being a "smooth" talker and I don't care about his lack of political experience. Haven't we had enough of these types already? How about a President who cares about this country, and will have the courage to make the difficult decisions needed to keep the Marxist thugs, that are now leading the Democratic party, from destroying this great Republic. It is time that Republican voters Think for Themselves, and stop following the old guard of the GOP, and their loser picks: Romney, Bush, G.W. Bush, McCain, Dole. Nice guys personally, but not leaders. This country needs a leader, and Col. Allen West has what it will take to restore the Constitution as the Law of the Land.  This nation was founded by Revolution, and now it is time for a Republican Revolution.
Lord Howard Hurts  

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Don't Listen To Radio Clowns

Rush Limbaugh was surprised by Chief Justice Roberts decision on ObamaCare. Glenn Beck was surprised by Chief Justice Roberts decision on ObamaCare. Now these two "clowns" are all fired up to get the Republican non thinkers out to vote for Romney. Look, if these two buffoons did not foresee the housing crisis, did not foresee the Arizona immigration crash, or foresee Chief Justice Roberts siding with the socialist on the Supreme Court over ObamaCare, why would any rational person believe that electing a "Sissy Boy" like Romney will make a difference in the future of ObamaCare or this nation? It is now time, as I have ranted on for the past 3 years, to "Hit" Obama where he is vulnerable. "Hit" him in the Birth Certificate. Force him to prove that he was born in Hawaii, and make him revel all the "skeletons" in his closet (and being gay just might be one of these "skeletons"). Throw this Moron out of office before the elections in November or be ready for another big surprise........Obama Will Win! Obama and the Democrats are "lawless", and one can not continue to fight "lawless" individuals adhering to the "Queensberry rules". The very existence of Freedom is going to be at stake this November, and this is why it is so necessary, to attempt, to have Obama removed before this election. If he is removed before the election, ObamaCare will not exist, along with many other socialist laws. But should the time be so limited that the election must continue, it is imperative that the Republican party has Allen West as their candidate. Forget that Col. West is not a "polished" speaker. Or that he has no real political experience. He is a man who will follow the Constitution and who will take all actions needed to keep this great Republic Free. If Obama wins the election, you can count on civil disobedience similar to that found in Greece today. And should Obama lose, you can count on massive civil disobedience and the beginning of a civil war. Only Allen West has the guts and determination to mobilize the force needed to keep the lawless element from turning this nation into a burning "Heap of Dung". Don't be surprised again, and stop listening to "Radio Clowns". This nation was not created by a majority vote, and when 46 million Americans are on "Food Stamps", you can be sure that a majority vote will be a vote for Obama and the socialists. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Our Federal government wants to replace "In God We Trust" with "In Government We Depend"

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formally know as "Food Stamps",  is currently being used by over 46 million Americans. Of these 46 million recipients of SNAP,  nearly 15 million persons were added during the G.W. Bush administration, and nearly another 15 million persons were added during the first 3 years of the Obama administration. Making this government program one of the most successful vote buying scheme ever. 

Of the 46 million persons currently on the SNAP program, the average monthly benefit is $132 per person. One major problem with this program is that many "Food Stamp" recipients are illegally selling their benefit cards (there are no longer any "Stamps". There is an “Electronic Benefit Transfer” or EBT card that requires no photo ID) for cash on eBay, Craigslist, or just traded for cash, at a discount to "individuals" so that the SNAP recipient can purchase things other than food. Many times after "selling" their EBT card, the recipient then returns to the government office, that issued the card, and makes a claim for a "lost card". Federal law states that should someone "lose" their EBT card, it is to be replaced immediately, no questions asked. This fraud costs the working taxpayers of this country more than $750 million dollars a year. And most persons making these claims make 4 such claims per year. The government claims that this is not a real issue because many of the recipients of such cards are either homeless, mentally ill, or just can't remember their own name. But strangely enough...... they can remember to go to the SNAP office and get another EBT card. But never fear. The government is working hard to investigate over 850,000 of these "lost" card claims each year. But what is the reason for investigating when it is not a crime to "lose" an EBT card? But don't worry "Sucker", the government is also working on some type of reform to have Congress pass a law that makes it more difficult for a recipient to claim loss of an EBT card when it really has been sold. Whew! That makes me feel good. I am sure Congress will work diligently to curb EBT card abuse, and reduce the dependence on government to provide Food for 46 million potential voters. Sure, I believe this. I also believe that the Mafia might just do a better job of running this country than our current Congress. At least the Mafia would not be pretending to follow the Constitution.

Now let me understand this. The persons running the SNAP program admit that there is massive fraud by persons selling these EBT cards which are intended to feed the starving poor of this nation. They say that their hands are tied because there is no law, on record, to punish those who abuse this EBT card program, so they are asking the Congress to pass a law making it possible to remove persons illegally selling, or "losing", their EBT cards from the program. Thus making the recipients that this program, whom this government department deemed eligible to receive these EBT cards in the first place, to STARVE and live without FOOD. Does this make logical sense to rational, working, taxpayers? How about this idea, and call me crazy if you want.......... but why not make the person to whom the EBT is given show a photo ID when using the card? Why let any Tom, Dick, or Harry, just "swipe" the card and get free food? And how about SNAP giving, those who do not have a photo ID, a Free Photo ID, that can also be used when voting? And how about "screening" recipients more closely to make sure that they really need the "Food Stamps" in the first place?  With all the selling of the cards at a discount it is apparent that many recipients seem to want to purchase things other than FOOD. And because they can't subsist on THINGS, they need FOOD to live, it is apparent that there are a lot of people on the system that do not need Free Food. So lets "get real", and understand that "Food Stamps" for the "Poor" is just another cuddly, fuzzy, make you cry, scheme to Buy Votes for Corrupt Politicians. Let the churches, who have tax free status, and other non profits, help the truly, needy, poor of this nation. Our Federal government wants to replace "In God We Trust" with "In Government We Depend". 
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Could This Music Be A Harbinger Of Sorts?

I was in Athens, Greece, last week and stopped by my favorite restaurant, The James Joyce in the Monastiraki station area. This popular Irish pub, and restaurant, is one of my favorite eating places in the city. It was around 9 PM, and  the waiter had just brought over my Steak and Guinness Pie. For those of you who are not familiar with this Irish dish, it is pastry pie filled with tender chunks of Irish beef, slowly cooked in a special Guinness gravy, and served with Champ potato' extravagant scoop of creamy mashed potatoes that are filled with finely chopped scallions, and served with a large pat of butter, in a well, formed in the center. As I put fork to the tender beef and mixed it with the heavenly potato's, I had a firm hand placed on my left shoulder........making it impossible to get this much needed nourishment into my mouth. "Well, well. If it isn't old Lord Howard of Kent", a strident voice said. Returning my filled fork to my plate, I turned and saw my old friend, Avner, of "The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations",  the Mossad, looking down at me. At over 6 foot tall, Avner, at age 67, with long gray curls of hair, and with his usual slim and trim figure, cut a most distinguished example of a "man's man"......... as contrasted to the short and overweight, male, clientele that filled the restaurant at that hour. Not waiting for me to ask him to sit, he slid his lithe body into the chair across from me, and taking both his hands, he began to both squeeze and tap my shoulders for some 4 or 5 seconds. It was good to see him so fit and relaxed. He said that he had come in for the 11oz Rib Eye steak and baked potato with the scallions and garlic. And he declared, for all to hear, that he was now addicted to this typical Irish fare. Seeing my friend at the table the waiter once again reappeared to provide Avner with drink and to take his order. The waiter then left us to our bottles of Warsteiner, and returned my Steak and Guinness Pie, to the kitchen, to be returned when Avner's medium rare Rib Eye was ready. We then began to catch up on the latest happenings in Athens, and the world. 

I had been in the city for several days, and Avner said that he has lived here since his third year of retirement in 2010....... "That the town is a fuse to a "bomb" that will ignite not just Greece, but the entire world". It was his opinion that once Greece "drops", Portugal, Spain, and Italy will follow within 6 months, and then the world will be in a deep "depression", and the Third World War will begin. I told him that I was very much shocked by the continued fighting in the streets and the fact that American television news has not shown the public one tenth of what is actually happening today in Greece, nor how dangerous this chaotic situation really is. The discussion then turned to Israel and Iran, and I told him my thoughts about there being no good results for Israel no matter if Iran was attacked or not, but that to just sit by and "wait and see", would be the worst scenario possible. Avner then told me that he was in the process of clearing up his investments in Greece, and was going to move back to Israel for the full term of his retirement. He said that he believed that the harbinger of God, Isaiah 9:10, was upon Israel, and that he was ready for the fight to restore Jerusalem as the holiest city, undivided, in Israel. As we continued our discussion the waiter returned with our meals, and as we looked into each others eyes, I could see that my good friend was not quite certain of the outcome of this harbinger engagement, but that he was deadly determined to see it to the  finish. We ate our dinners in quiet, and drank another Warsteiner. And then from somewhere above the bar came the sound of Nana Mouskouri and her famous Amazing Grace. Could this music be a harbinger of sorts?
Lord Howard Hurts

"Egypt likely to preserve peace treaty with Israel"

With the Muslim Brotherhood installed in Egypt, "Israeli official: Egypt likely to preserve peace treaty with Israel"

Oh, my friends, have we not heard this saga before? "And the Trojans so wanted to end the war, and enter the peace, that they believed only what they wanted to believe, over the logic of both Cassandra and  Laocoon. And soon the Greeks were at the gates, and the city lost."  Don't be children and accept a pat on the head and candy from those who hold you in contempt. Read: Sunday, May 20, 2012, Note To Tina,   Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, June 23, 2012

What Part Of "Que Sera, Sera" Do You Not Understand?

America is presently situated on the "edge" of a great civil war. It is a war between the black and white citizens of this great nation. Unfortunately there is no easy solution that can prevent this coming civil unrest. The more one side gives, the more the other demands, and so on until one side takes complete control, and the loser submits totally or is vanished. 

The black-white problem in America is more complex than one race is smarter than another. The majority of white Americans come from "stock" that came to America to seek freedoms not allowed in their native country. Blacks on the other hand were brought here, against their free will, and came from "stock" that hardly understood the physics of the "Wheel". "Smarter", is a relative term not an actual demonstrable term that universally denotes one race actually more knowledgeable than another. One who can demonstrate that he understands the concept of the internal engine might be considered "smart", but should this "smart" individual be stranded in the jungle, of the Congo area of Africa, without food or water, he might be considered "dumb" when compared against the native persons living in this area who don't have any idea on how to diagram the working of an internal engine, but who know where to find the nourishment needed to keep themselves alive. So on the one hand the world can praise those that are smart enough to build internal engines, but on the other, it is a fact that you can not subsist on internal engines. And it is for these reasons that the race relations, between whites and blacks, in American, will always be one against the other. For not only are the inborn social characteristics at odds, but the fact that the distinct skin colors are 180 degree apart makes a visual distinction that easily pits one race against the other. Every race has a distinct and discernible genetic "memory" that motivates and perpetuates itself, and this is the undeniable "Law of Nature". "The Law of Nature" serves only one master, and that master is the "Creator" himself. "Nature" has no favorites and takes no prisoners, and it's only goal is "Survival of Existence". And this said, there is no reason to believe that blacks and whites, in America, will come together and think as One National Race. Only the "social engineers" from "Harvard", who live in the world of "Disney" and "The March Hare", demand the impossible, and in time history will prove that "Nature" is the one, and only, supreme moving force on Earth, and that the "warm and fuzzy" notions, and dreams, of these "Harvard" types will fail as have all other acts against "Nature" in the past. Que Sera, Sera (whatever will be, will be.)
Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Romney Is An "Empty Suit" And No More

I am going to try one more time to motivate rational thinking Americans to demand that the Republicans drop "Sissy Boy" Romney and elect Allen West as their standard bearer. There is no logical reason to once again vote for the better of two "evils". The election of Romney will just slow, slightly, this nations slide towards socialism. In fact, in the interest of making this coming election a worthwhile event, it would be better for the Republicans to have no candidate at all, and just to let Obama "crown" himself. But of course most Americans are the product of  the Federal education system and have no concept of individual determination and freedom through Free Enterprise. I know. Lord Hurts is a moron and voting for Romney will at least be a positive change no matter how slight. Wrong. "Sissy Boy" Romney is the "sign" that Americans do not have the courage to fight. If Romney is elected the fate of America is SEALED. This great experiment in freedom is over. Why? Just look at what happened a few days ago: Obama used an Executive Order to implement amnesty to one million illegal's. These illegal's are mostly persons from Mexico. This Executive Order is, by all admissions, and this includes Obama, himself, illegal. But do the Republicans take action to rescind this illegal order? No. Many Republicans in fact are happy for this "clarity" with a situation that might make Hispanics not vote for Republicans. What? Hispanic have a tradition of voting Democratic and that is a fact, period. Then we have this illogical thinking from those who graduated from the Federal education system: "Illegal's are smart, prosperous, hard working, and they will melt into the population of this country and make this nation stronger." Wrong. Just take a look at the up and coming Republican, Marco Rubio. He can't make a statement without referring to his Hispanic background. No, even Rubio is a racist and promoter of his ethnic past (how many Irish or German Americans do you know that refer to themselves as Irish-American or German-American? They don't. They are Americans). Anyone who refers to themselves as some hyphenated American is not a real American, and should not be allowed to vote in Presidential elections as they are in fact not true Americans.

The President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, thanked Obama on behalf of the Mexican people for what he called a “valuable decision” (the Executive Order letting illegal's stay in this country). Well isn't this interesting? If these people are so smart, and valuable to America why would the President of Mexico be so happy to see the brightest of his citizens leave? Must be that Mexico has so many brilliant citizens that they can give a few to "stupid" America. But then again, how many Americans sneak across the border into Mexico each year? Zero. I guess that Americans are so dumb that they don't know that Mexico is so advanced that it is the place to move to if one wants to have a better life. Now all this said and done. just what was the response from "Sissy Boy" Romney? You got it, NOTHING. Obama got a potential one million votes and Romney stood around with his finger up his nose and listened to advisers that told him that to protest against this latest Presidential Order would "turn off" Hispanic voters, and they would not vote for him. Duh, Duh, "Sissy Boy". There are about 30% of Hispanic voters that are real Americans, and they are going to vote for anybody except Obama. The remaining 70% are just looking for which ever candidate will give them some Free Stuff. Most Hispanic voters if asked who replaces the President of the United States, should he die, will answer: "His eldest son". Wake Up, America! An empty suit is not worth anything as President. Romney is an "Empty Suit", and nothing more. Demand that Allen West be the Republican candidate for President in 2012, and things will really change. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, June 15, 2012

America: A Nation Of Neutered Males

“He put his penis in my butt,” the witness said bluntly. “He got real aggressive and he forced me into it. There was no fighting against it, sometimes I’d scream, tell him to get off of me.”  "It happened again, a few times.............until I grew a pair of balls, I had enough of it." This is direct testimony from an 18 year old man who was forced to have sex with Penn State football coach, Jerry Sandusky.  Where is the outrage in America, especially from the male population? When are American males going to "grow a pair of balls?" Where has it been mentioned by the American press that Sandusky is a homosexual? Oh, is it because he has a wife that the news media doesn't consider him a homosexual? Just what is the definition of homosexual that would prevent the illustrious news media from not associating the word, homosexual, with Jerry Sandusky? Well to save you the trouble of looking it up; here is the definition of homosexual: 1: of, relating to, or characterized by a tendency to direct sexual desire toward another of the same sex. 2: of, relating to, or involving sexual intercourse between persons of the same sex. What a surprise. Jerry Sandusky, clearly, is a homosexual. So just why is it not reported and attached in articles after his name? Could it be that the liberal Democrats and the equally liberal Republicans don't want to lose the vote from the perverted homosexuals of this nation? Oh, am I out of line calling homosexuals perverted? Now just what is the definition of perverted? Perverted: A sexual practice or act considered abnormal or deviant. Well I don't know about you, but to me, putting a penis into the butt of another man is abnormal and deviant. Something that I am not prepared to watch or participate in.

We presently have a Federal education system that prides itself on "freedom of speech and ideas", and promotes the concept of: "Billy has two daddies that sing and kiss and wear diapers around the house", as being NORMAL human behavior. I call this child abuse. Where is the concern for the male children that do not feel comfortable with this type of behavior and view it as abnormal? Oh yes, they must have been brainwashed by their church or parents to think this way. Because the government and our President, Obama (who seems to me, to be a little light in the loafers), know better, and the experts at "Harvard" have determined that everyone has homosexual tendencies, and to resist this "feeling" is proof that these ignorant persons are brainwashed by Bible pounding, hicks who possess few teeth. Wake Up, American Males! We possess a God given, human instinct, that tells us that homosexuals are not normal persons, and this is a fact that can not be disputed by other any truth. And isn't it strange that these same liberal thinkers, and "Harvard" educators, want to have laws implemented that would put persons who talk against homosexuals in jail?  (maybe in the hope that jail life will move these "sinners" more quickly to a homosexual lifestyle). 

Please do not deluge me with some phoney statistics created by homosexuals from "Harvard" that 99% of all homosexuals are not like Jerry Sandusky, because I know better. I have known one particular homosexual for over 60 years. In elementary school most of the male students recognized that this person was "Queer" (a word that we used in the 1950's, and I am sure a word that must be "outlawed" now by the American educational system, and a choice of word worthy of getting a student expelled in today's  education system), and we young male students stayed away from him because he made us feel uncomfortable. 

All humans possess a God given survival trait that insures that there will exist a future human population. This survival trait makes us aware when someone is not normal. I know, I know. If a male doesn't like or accept homosexuals that is proof that he is one, and he is just fighting the tendency...... Sure. It is time for the male population of this nation to stop being "Neutered" by the American education system, the "Harvard" elite, and homosexual men. Homosexual behavior is not normal behavior and it should not be forced on the youth of this nation. There are logical reasons that homosexuality is not accepted by many religious faiths on this earth, and there should be no secret as to why. So in order to take back this nation from the decline in our Freedoms, and to restore our "Moral Compass", homosexual behavior should be recognized for what it is: Deviant and Perverted. Homosexuals exist and that is a fact, but they need to get back  in the "closet". We need a leader to bring us out of this "Dark Fantasy World", and that person is Allen West. It is time that real Republicans stop the election of "Sissy Boy" Romney as its standard bearer. He doesn't have the guts needed to put the homosexuals back in the closet where they belong. And he will not be able to make the "hard" decisions needed to keep this nation out of a Civil War. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Monday, June 11, 2012

Obama's Purloined Birth Certificate. Inquisitive Minds Want To Know.

On Monday, June 11, 2012, I posted: BH Obama's Purloined Birth Certificate. This posting caused a flood of persons asking for more information, calling me a liar, or just asking skeptical questions. I answered one writer by email, and this is a copy of that email. Maybe this will help to answer what Inquisitive Minds Want To Know.  Lord Hurts

To: Ms. X: I can't answer all your questions, but I will try to bring a more rational perspective to my claim. As for spending $3 million dollars in the quest for Obama's birth certificate, this is only a guess. It might be less, but not substantially less. It has taken 3 long years of trying to find the "weak link" in the chain to bring this birth certificate to "light". As I worked to figure a way to get into the vault in Hawaii, I had wondered many times about why Obama was so concerned about someone viewing his actual birth certificate. My mind wandered just as the minds of many others had done. I also had wondered why The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, otherwise known as the Mossad, had not provided the proof of the "missing Obama birth certificate". I have several friends inside this organization and had "prodded" them to "blast" the Obama administration with the proof (I knew, at the  time, that they had a copy of the Obama birth certificate that is locked in the vault in Hawaii). Well, I heard no response, one way or the other. Silence. I should have known that "Silence" meant that what they found was next to worthless (there are many outlets that would have fronted and presented this information had it been offered). But I plodded along, thinking that there was some convoluted reason for the Mossad not providing the information to "Sink Obama". I can only say that it was a difficult and most often frustrating journey to finally get a true copy of the Obama birth certificate in hand. And then suddenly, once secured, I find that this document is nearly worthless as a tool to pry this most inept, and corrupt, individual (Obama) from office. Looking back, I should have figured if the Mossad had no interest, then it was a "blind alley," so to speak. Now I find myself at a crossroad, and at the same time in a precarious situation. The document I have procured holds nothing that a court of law would rule as an obstacle to BH Obama being President of the United States of America. Of this I am certain. He is in fact a Natural Born Citizen, and there is no dispute about this. Now, in my attempt to "make history", I have breeched many laws, and should I make this document public, the only thing that will be accomplished is that the previously posted birth certificate, on the Internet, will not match this actual BH Obama birth certificate found in the vault in Hawaii. Big deal. Oh, and I would be arrested for obtaining a document by purloined means. Now here is the key, and something that I should have picked up on years ago: Dr. Fukino says that she sent 2 copies, of this original birth certificate to President Obama. I believe her. But has anyone asked her if the birth certificate posted on the Internet, by Obama, is the same as the ones she sent to Obama? Her answer would have to be, No. She also stated, and it is documented,  that she viewed the document 2 times in the vault in Hawaii, and that the certificate was half typed and half hand written. Is the Internet document half hand written? No. Then it is not a photo copy of the ones sent by Dr. Fukino to Obama. So now you can "see" that I am in a "Stand Off" with Obama. If he pushes to have me arrested, I can easily make this copy of his birth certificate available to some friendly media outlet. So why should he "push me" if I keep the information hidden? But then again, why should I make it known that I have a copy of his birth certificate in the first place? Because too many people who look for negative information about Obama seem to suffer from "heart attacks", and if I should have a sudden "heart attack", the document will find its way to some media outlet. Obama is ahead now, so why test fate and "push buttons" that may change the game? If you read my postings at: you will find that I have had several incidents where individuals have been "following" me, and I have had to relocate myself, in several different countries, so as to feel safe. I am presently outside of the U.S. and will continue to stay outside until something changes. 

The Presidential election of 2012 may be the pivotal point for this great Republic. To think that the fate of the nation is based on the economy is pure folly. To believe that Republican Romney will revive the economy because he was a successful businessman is a total misunderstanding of the seriousness of a nation without a "Moral Compass". This nation, and the world, is on the brink of total collapse due to economies based on promissory paper, and political promises, rather than hard assets such as gold or platinum. What we should be concerned with is electing a leader who will provide security to the citizens while restoring integrity to government, and who will defend the Constitution as it is written. When these three goals are met, the economy will restore itself. It is also time to eliminate the Department of Education because as the cost of education increased over the past 30 years, the American student scored lower, and lower, when compared to students of other nations; nations that provide education for half the cost of the inferior American education. And this is why I believe that Allen West is the person that the Republicans should draft as their candidate for President. In the trying times coming only a military man will be able to make the "hard" decisions needed to keep this nation from entering into a destructive civil war. Elect Obama, Romney, or Hillary Clinton, and say hello to: The United States of Socialist America. 
Lord Howard Hurts  

BH Obama's Purloined Birth Certificate

Today, June 11, 2012, I can attest that President Obama has a birth certificate in the vault in Hawaii. I have a copy of this document and have read it, and now know the reason, or suspect with near certainty, why a false birth certificate was posted by, or for, President Obama. I have procured this document after more than 3 years work and at a cost of nearly 3 million dollars. I now have this document in a secured place in Switzerland. I am going to keep this copy only to insure that should there be an investigation of any new, or old, birth certificate, that is placed in the public "view", that it matches this hard earned, purloined, copy. 

I must inform my readers that I am no longer a "Birther". I admit that in the past I was very suspect and negative about this birth certificate issue, and this was due entirely because of the lack of transparency on the part of the President. But now that I have a true copy of his birth document, I am convinced, 100%, that he was born in Hawaii and is qualified by the Constitution of the United States of America to be President (and this also means that I believe that he is a Natural Born citizen). I now fully understand his reluctance to not have this document made public, but in view of all the controversy that has surrounded this "birth issue" the past 5 years, I, personally, see no reason for him to continue the charade. Facts are facts, and in time the truth will finally come out. So I am here to tell the American public that this birth certificate issue is nothing more than one man's concern for personal privacy rather than some great conspiracy against national Sovereignty. I will also note, and inform the public, that the statements made by Dr. Chiyome Fukino, Hawaiian Department of Health, are true. That this birth document is half typed and half hand written, and signed by the doctor who delivered Obama.  I also believe Dr. Fukino when she says that 2 copies, of this original document, were sent to President Obama. My only parting comment here is that the document that has been posted on the Internet as an actual copy of the birth certificate on record, and in the vault in Hawaii, is a FAKE. And as I said, I now know, or suspect, the personal reason that the FAKE document was produced, and why the elaborate staging, by the President, to have this FAKE birth certificate viewed as the actual document housed in the Hawaiian vault. This said, I am not sure that all this subterfuge and lying passes as the legal behavior of a President. I leave that up to the courts and the American public. I can attest that BH Obama was not born in Kenya or any place other than Hawaii. 

Personal Note: I will make no further comment on this issue. Obama was born in Hawaii. I am out of the country at this time and will return when I get back. If you read my postings you be made aware of the circumstances that may account for my being difficult to find at this time. I also suspect that the illegal entry into my Sarasota house had something to do with this purloined copy of the Presidents birth certificate. After reading and thinking about this document, I am no longer a "Birther", and ask that those who oppose the Obama administration stop wasting time on a "Red Herring", and work constructively to oust this most corrupt President, and administration, by working to get a real candidate elected to represent the Patriot's of this nation and the Republican Party in 2012. Romney is a nice guy, but a "Weak Sister". 
Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Obama Might Be A TRAITOR TO AMERICA, Says John "Yawn, Yawn" McCain

McCain: Obama Leaking SecurityInfo to Bolster Campaign:  John McCain is correct and he needs to do more than "mouth off" in the press. If what he says is true, Obama is a TRAITOR TO AMERICA, and he needs to be arrested and punished. But having watched John McCain in action during the elections of 2008, I suspect he will "Retreat" from his accusations, and hide behind the political usual, "I made a misspoke". This type of defense has been defined, and perfected, so perfectly, by BH "57 states" Obama, and Hillary "I was under fire in Bosnia" Clinton. No John, step aside and let a real Patriot like Allen West take charge. Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, June 1, 2012

Can't America Find 10,000 Defenders Of The Constitution?

When a man smiles and accepts kudos from an adoring public, all the while knowing that the kudos are based on false facts........Is this the type of President this "Nation of Blind Sheep" really wants to follow? There can only be one logical reason for Obama not showing his college grades, his passport information, his student loan records, and not letting anyone view his original, Hawaiian, birth certificate to insure that the one posted on the Internet is a real copy............. and the Reason is that nearly everything Obama has told about himself is NOT TRUE. Obama is a FRAUD. When 10,000 people protested in Egypt, the President of that nation was removed and arrested. Obama and Hillary Clinton cheered. Can't America find 10,000 defenders of the Constitution?
Lord Howard Hurts  

A Tale Of Two Candidates

"John Edwards may have been acquitted but he has lost the respect of the American people forever." So says Toby Harnden, of the "Mail Online". Wrong. John Edwards lost the respect of all respectable Americans years ago. His trial has ended in the way it should have ended. His crimes are no more sever or illegal than the crimes of most all those sitting in the Congress today, and this includes the President, himself. The corruption that permeates the entire fabric of American politics needs to be eradicated, but alas, not at the expense of one dreadful, loser, like John Edwards. The jury has spoken and the public needs to take action to squash all the politicians and "wannabe" politicians that ascribe to the current, socialist, theory that "the end justifies the means"; before the entire framework of the Republic crashes down in an historic demise. 

America is now engaged in a Presidential, political, fight that pits two contenders, Obama and Romney, in a fight for the moral supremacy of a great Republic that has lost it's "Moral Compass". This election amounts, once again, to a choice between the "lesser of the two evils". Both candidates are markedly flawed, but the voters, like those who choose to watch "pit bull fighting", are crouched and leaning, and drooling spittle, as their energized minds wrap around the deadly combat. There are moral alternative choices for this great office, but the public is so intent on "blood", not unlike that which proceeded "The French Revolution", that moral candidates like Allen West, are not only ignored, but dismissed as too "warlike".  

Obama, the most fraudulent of any past U.S. President, is suddenly getting bad press from his own dysfunctional party, the Democrats. His character is so flawed that even the "Blind Sheep" voting public is becoming wise. I predict that in the coming months the Democrats will let Obama "retire" with the blessing of his wife, "Lady MacBama". Thus opening the "door" for the more savage "pit bull", Hillary Clinton, to take on the "Sissy Boy" Romney for the Presidency. Now, please don't believe, or hold your breath, that the election of "Sissy Boy" Romney would stem the trend towards complete socialism......but  at least this "best of the worst" scenario would give the respectable Americans time to find their "Moral Compass", and elect someone with the courage and integrity, such as Allen West, next time around. 
Lord Howard Hurts