Saturday, June 23, 2012

What Part Of "Que Sera, Sera" Do You Not Understand?

America is presently situated on the "edge" of a great civil war. It is a war between the black and white citizens of this great nation. Unfortunately there is no easy solution that can prevent this coming civil unrest. The more one side gives, the more the other demands, and so on until one side takes complete control, and the loser submits totally or is vanished. 

The black-white problem in America is more complex than one race is smarter than another. The majority of white Americans come from "stock" that came to America to seek freedoms not allowed in their native country. Blacks on the other hand were brought here, against their free will, and came from "stock" that hardly understood the physics of the "Wheel". "Smarter", is a relative term not an actual demonstrable term that universally denotes one race actually more knowledgeable than another. One who can demonstrate that he understands the concept of the internal engine might be considered "smart", but should this "smart" individual be stranded in the jungle, of the Congo area of Africa, without food or water, he might be considered "dumb" when compared against the native persons living in this area who don't have any idea on how to diagram the working of an internal engine, but who know where to find the nourishment needed to keep themselves alive. So on the one hand the world can praise those that are smart enough to build internal engines, but on the other, it is a fact that you can not subsist on internal engines. And it is for these reasons that the race relations, between whites and blacks, in American, will always be one against the other. For not only are the inborn social characteristics at odds, but the fact that the distinct skin colors are 180 degree apart makes a visual distinction that easily pits one race against the other. Every race has a distinct and discernible genetic "memory" that motivates and perpetuates itself, and this is the undeniable "Law of Nature". "The Law of Nature" serves only one master, and that master is the "Creator" himself. "Nature" has no favorites and takes no prisoners, and it's only goal is "Survival of Existence". And this said, there is no reason to believe that blacks and whites, in America, will come together and think as One National Race. Only the "social engineers" from "Harvard", who live in the world of "Disney" and "The March Hare", demand the impossible, and in time history will prove that "Nature" is the one, and only, supreme moving force on Earth, and that the "warm and fuzzy" notions, and dreams, of these "Harvard" types will fail as have all other acts against "Nature" in the past. Que Sera, Sera (whatever will be, will be.)
Lord Howard Hurts

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