Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Romney Is An "Empty Suit" And No More

I am going to try one more time to motivate rational thinking Americans to demand that the Republicans drop "Sissy Boy" Romney and elect Allen West as their standard bearer. There is no logical reason to once again vote for the better of two "evils". The election of Romney will just slow, slightly, this nations slide towards socialism. In fact, in the interest of making this coming election a worthwhile event, it would be better for the Republicans to have no candidate at all, and just to let Obama "crown" himself. But of course most Americans are the product of  the Federal education system and have no concept of individual determination and freedom through Free Enterprise. I know. Lord Hurts is a moron and voting for Romney will at least be a positive change no matter how slight. Wrong. "Sissy Boy" Romney is the "sign" that Americans do not have the courage to fight. If Romney is elected the fate of America is SEALED. This great experiment in freedom is over. Why? Just look at what happened a few days ago: Obama used an Executive Order to implement amnesty to one million illegal's. These illegal's are mostly persons from Mexico. This Executive Order is, by all admissions, and this includes Obama, himself, illegal. But do the Republicans take action to rescind this illegal order? No. Many Republicans in fact are happy for this "clarity" with a situation that might make Hispanics not vote for Republicans. What? Hispanic have a tradition of voting Democratic and that is a fact, period. Then we have this illogical thinking from those who graduated from the Federal education system: "Illegal's are smart, prosperous, hard working, and they will melt into the population of this country and make this nation stronger." Wrong. Just take a look at the up and coming Republican, Marco Rubio. He can't make a statement without referring to his Hispanic background. No, even Rubio is a racist and promoter of his ethnic past (how many Irish or German Americans do you know that refer to themselves as Irish-American or German-American? They don't. They are Americans). Anyone who refers to themselves as some hyphenated American is not a real American, and should not be allowed to vote in Presidential elections as they are in fact not true Americans.

The President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, thanked Obama on behalf of the Mexican people for what he called a “valuable decision” (the Executive Order letting illegal's stay in this country). Well isn't this interesting? If these people are so smart, and valuable to America why would the President of Mexico be so happy to see the brightest of his citizens leave? Must be that Mexico has so many brilliant citizens that they can give a few to "stupid" America. But then again, how many Americans sneak across the border into Mexico each year? Zero. I guess that Americans are so dumb that they don't know that Mexico is so advanced that it is the place to move to if one wants to have a better life. Now all this said and done. just what was the response from "Sissy Boy" Romney? You got it, NOTHING. Obama got a potential one million votes and Romney stood around with his finger up his nose and listened to advisers that told him that to protest against this latest Presidential Order would "turn off" Hispanic voters, and they would not vote for him. Duh, Duh, "Sissy Boy". There are about 30% of Hispanic voters that are real Americans, and they are going to vote for anybody except Obama. The remaining 70% are just looking for which ever candidate will give them some Free Stuff. Most Hispanic voters if asked who replaces the President of the United States, should he die, will answer: "His eldest son". Wake Up, America! An empty suit is not worth anything as President. Romney is an "Empty Suit", and nothing more. Demand that Allen West be the Republican candidate for President in 2012, and things will really change. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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