Thursday, June 28, 2012

Don't Listen To Radio Clowns

Rush Limbaugh was surprised by Chief Justice Roberts decision on ObamaCare. Glenn Beck was surprised by Chief Justice Roberts decision on ObamaCare. Now these two "clowns" are all fired up to get the Republican non thinkers out to vote for Romney. Look, if these two buffoons did not foresee the housing crisis, did not foresee the Arizona immigration crash, or foresee Chief Justice Roberts siding with the socialist on the Supreme Court over ObamaCare, why would any rational person believe that electing a "Sissy Boy" like Romney will make a difference in the future of ObamaCare or this nation? It is now time, as I have ranted on for the past 3 years, to "Hit" Obama where he is vulnerable. "Hit" him in the Birth Certificate. Force him to prove that he was born in Hawaii, and make him revel all the "skeletons" in his closet (and being gay just might be one of these "skeletons"). Throw this Moron out of office before the elections in November or be ready for another big surprise........Obama Will Win! Obama and the Democrats are "lawless", and one can not continue to fight "lawless" individuals adhering to the "Queensberry rules". The very existence of Freedom is going to be at stake this November, and this is why it is so necessary, to attempt, to have Obama removed before this election. If he is removed before the election, ObamaCare will not exist, along with many other socialist laws. But should the time be so limited that the election must continue, it is imperative that the Republican party has Allen West as their candidate. Forget that Col. West is not a "polished" speaker. Or that he has no real political experience. He is a man who will follow the Constitution and who will take all actions needed to keep this great Republic Free. If Obama wins the election, you can count on civil disobedience similar to that found in Greece today. And should Obama lose, you can count on massive civil disobedience and the beginning of a civil war. Only Allen West has the guts and determination to mobilize the force needed to keep the lawless element from turning this nation into a burning "Heap of Dung". Don't be surprised again, and stop listening to "Radio Clowns". This nation was not created by a majority vote, and when 46 million Americans are on "Food Stamps", you can be sure that a majority vote will be a vote for Obama and the socialists. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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