Friday, June 29, 2012

Col. Allen West For President 2012

Col. Allen West is my choice for President in 2012. I don't care about him not being a "smooth" talker and I don't care about his lack of political experience. Haven't we had enough of these types already? How about a President who cares about this country, and will have the courage to make the difficult decisions needed to keep the Marxist thugs, that are now leading the Democratic party, from destroying this great Republic. It is time that Republican voters Think for Themselves, and stop following the old guard of the GOP, and their loser picks: Romney, Bush, G.W. Bush, McCain, Dole. Nice guys personally, but not leaders. This country needs a leader, and Col. Allen West has what it will take to restore the Constitution as the Law of the Land.  This nation was founded by Revolution, and now it is time for a Republican Revolution.
Lord Howard Hurts  

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