Friday, June 1, 2012

A Tale Of Two Candidates

"John Edwards may have been acquitted but he has lost the respect of the American people forever." So says Toby Harnden, of the "Mail Online". Wrong. John Edwards lost the respect of all respectable Americans years ago. His trial has ended in the way it should have ended. His crimes are no more sever or illegal than the crimes of most all those sitting in the Congress today, and this includes the President, himself. The corruption that permeates the entire fabric of American politics needs to be eradicated, but alas, not at the expense of one dreadful, loser, like John Edwards. The jury has spoken and the public needs to take action to squash all the politicians and "wannabe" politicians that ascribe to the current, socialist, theory that "the end justifies the means"; before the entire framework of the Republic crashes down in an historic demise. 

America is now engaged in a Presidential, political, fight that pits two contenders, Obama and Romney, in a fight for the moral supremacy of a great Republic that has lost it's "Moral Compass". This election amounts, once again, to a choice between the "lesser of the two evils". Both candidates are markedly flawed, but the voters, like those who choose to watch "pit bull fighting", are crouched and leaning, and drooling spittle, as their energized minds wrap around the deadly combat. There are moral alternative choices for this great office, but the public is so intent on "blood", not unlike that which proceeded "The French Revolution", that moral candidates like Allen West, are not only ignored, but dismissed as too "warlike".  

Obama, the most fraudulent of any past U.S. President, is suddenly getting bad press from his own dysfunctional party, the Democrats. His character is so flawed that even the "Blind Sheep" voting public is becoming wise. I predict that in the coming months the Democrats will let Obama "retire" with the blessing of his wife, "Lady MacBama". Thus opening the "door" for the more savage "pit bull", Hillary Clinton, to take on the "Sissy Boy" Romney for the Presidency. Now, please don't believe, or hold your breath, that the election of "Sissy Boy" Romney would stem the trend towards complete socialism......but  at least this "best of the worst" scenario would give the respectable Americans time to find their "Moral Compass", and elect someone with the courage and integrity, such as Allen West, next time around. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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