Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our Federal government wants to replace "In God We Trust" with "In Government We Depend"

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formally know as "Food Stamps",  is currently being used by over 46 million Americans. Of these 46 million recipients of SNAP,  nearly 15 million persons were added during the G.W. Bush administration, and nearly another 15 million persons were added during the first 3 years of the Obama administration. Making this government program one of the most successful vote buying scheme ever. 

Of the 46 million persons currently on the SNAP program, the average monthly benefit is $132 per person. One major problem with this program is that many "Food Stamp" recipients are illegally selling their benefit cards (there are no longer any "Stamps". There is an “Electronic Benefit Transfer” or EBT card that requires no photo ID) for cash on eBay, Craigslist, or just traded for cash, at a discount to "individuals" so that the SNAP recipient can purchase things other than food. Many times after "selling" their EBT card, the recipient then returns to the government office, that issued the card, and makes a claim for a "lost card". Federal law states that should someone "lose" their EBT card, it is to be replaced immediately, no questions asked. This fraud costs the working taxpayers of this country more than $750 million dollars a year. And most persons making these claims make 4 such claims per year. The government claims that this is not a real issue because many of the recipients of such cards are either homeless, mentally ill, or just can't remember their own name. But strangely enough...... they can remember to go to the SNAP office and get another EBT card. But never fear. The government is working hard to investigate over 850,000 of these "lost" card claims each year. But what is the reason for investigating when it is not a crime to "lose" an EBT card? But don't worry "Sucker", the government is also working on some type of reform to have Congress pass a law that makes it more difficult for a recipient to claim loss of an EBT card when it really has been sold. Whew! That makes me feel good. I am sure Congress will work diligently to curb EBT card abuse, and reduce the dependence on government to provide Food for 46 million potential voters. Sure, I believe this. I also believe that the Mafia might just do a better job of running this country than our current Congress. At least the Mafia would not be pretending to follow the Constitution.

Now let me understand this. The persons running the SNAP program admit that there is massive fraud by persons selling these EBT cards which are intended to feed the starving poor of this nation. They say that their hands are tied because there is no law, on record, to punish those who abuse this EBT card program, so they are asking the Congress to pass a law making it possible to remove persons illegally selling, or "losing", their EBT cards from the program. Thus making the recipients that this program, whom this government department deemed eligible to receive these EBT cards in the first place, to STARVE and live without FOOD. Does this make logical sense to rational, working, taxpayers? How about this idea, and call me crazy if you want.......... but why not make the person to whom the EBT is given show a photo ID when using the card? Why let any Tom, Dick, or Harry, just "swipe" the card and get free food? And how about SNAP giving, those who do not have a photo ID, a Free Photo ID, that can also be used when voting? And how about "screening" recipients more closely to make sure that they really need the "Food Stamps" in the first place?  With all the selling of the cards at a discount it is apparent that many recipients seem to want to purchase things other than FOOD. And because they can't subsist on THINGS, they need FOOD to live, it is apparent that there are a lot of people on the system that do not need Free Food. So lets "get real", and understand that "Food Stamps" for the "Poor" is just another cuddly, fuzzy, make you cry, scheme to Buy Votes for Corrupt Politicians. Let the churches, who have tax free status, and other non profits, help the truly, needy, poor of this nation. Our Federal government wants to replace "In God We Trust" with "In Government We Depend". 
Lord Howard Hurts

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