Friday, June 1, 2012

Can't America Find 10,000 Defenders Of The Constitution?

When a man smiles and accepts kudos from an adoring public, all the while knowing that the kudos are based on false facts........Is this the type of President this "Nation of Blind Sheep" really wants to follow? There can only be one logical reason for Obama not showing his college grades, his passport information, his student loan records, and not letting anyone view his original, Hawaiian, birth certificate to insure that the one posted on the Internet is a real copy............. and the Reason is that nearly everything Obama has told about himself is NOT TRUE. Obama is a FRAUD. When 10,000 people protested in Egypt, the President of that nation was removed and arrested. Obama and Hillary Clinton cheered. Can't America find 10,000 defenders of the Constitution?
Lord Howard Hurts  

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