Thursday, June 7, 2012

Obama Might Be A TRAITOR TO AMERICA, Says John "Yawn, Yawn" McCain

McCain: Obama Leaking SecurityInfo to Bolster Campaign:  John McCain is correct and he needs to do more than "mouth off" in the press. If what he says is true, Obama is a TRAITOR TO AMERICA, and he needs to be arrested and punished. But having watched John McCain in action during the elections of 2008, I suspect he will "Retreat" from his accusations, and hide behind the political usual, "I made a misspoke". This type of defense has been defined, and perfected, so perfectly, by BH "57 states" Obama, and Hillary "I was under fire in Bosnia" Clinton. No John, step aside and let a real Patriot like Allen West take charge. Lord Howard Hurts

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