Monday, June 11, 2012

BH Obama's Purloined Birth Certificate

Today, June 11, 2012, I can attest that President Obama has a birth certificate in the vault in Hawaii. I have a copy of this document and have read it, and now know the reason, or suspect with near certainty, why a false birth certificate was posted by, or for, President Obama. I have procured this document after more than 3 years work and at a cost of nearly 3 million dollars. I now have this document in a secured place in Switzerland. I am going to keep this copy only to insure that should there be an investigation of any new, or old, birth certificate, that is placed in the public "view", that it matches this hard earned, purloined, copy. 

I must inform my readers that I am no longer a "Birther". I admit that in the past I was very suspect and negative about this birth certificate issue, and this was due entirely because of the lack of transparency on the part of the President. But now that I have a true copy of his birth document, I am convinced, 100%, that he was born in Hawaii and is qualified by the Constitution of the United States of America to be President (and this also means that I believe that he is a Natural Born citizen). I now fully understand his reluctance to not have this document made public, but in view of all the controversy that has surrounded this "birth issue" the past 5 years, I, personally, see no reason for him to continue the charade. Facts are facts, and in time the truth will finally come out. So I am here to tell the American public that this birth certificate issue is nothing more than one man's concern for personal privacy rather than some great conspiracy against national Sovereignty. I will also note, and inform the public, that the statements made by Dr. Chiyome Fukino, Hawaiian Department of Health, are true. That this birth document is half typed and half hand written, and signed by the doctor who delivered Obama.  I also believe Dr. Fukino when she says that 2 copies, of this original document, were sent to President Obama. My only parting comment here is that the document that has been posted on the Internet as an actual copy of the birth certificate on record, and in the vault in Hawaii, is a FAKE. And as I said, I now know, or suspect, the personal reason that the FAKE document was produced, and why the elaborate staging, by the President, to have this FAKE birth certificate viewed as the actual document housed in the Hawaiian vault. This said, I am not sure that all this subterfuge and lying passes as the legal behavior of a President. I leave that up to the courts and the American public. I can attest that BH Obama was not born in Kenya or any place other than Hawaii. 

Personal Note: I will make no further comment on this issue. Obama was born in Hawaii. I am out of the country at this time and will return when I get back. If you read my postings you be made aware of the circumstances that may account for my being difficult to find at this time. I also suspect that the illegal entry into my Sarasota house had something to do with this purloined copy of the Presidents birth certificate. After reading and thinking about this document, I am no longer a "Birther", and ask that those who oppose the Obama administration stop wasting time on a "Red Herring", and work constructively to oust this most corrupt President, and administration, by working to get a real candidate elected to represent the Patriot's of this nation and the Republican Party in 2012. Romney is a nice guy, but a "Weak Sister". 
Lord Howard Hurts

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