Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Operation American Spring

Patriots of America be at "Operation American Spring" in Washington, D.C., on May 16, 2014. This will be an historic intervention between Biblical Force and the Corruption that now plagues the United States of America. The Patriot attendees need not bring weapons of any type.  Believers will need only their 100% Christian faith! The Lord God Almighty will provide for all the Patriots earthly wants, and will speak to them, and guide them as to how to remove all the Political 'Corruptors', from this nation. And to do this all Patriots need to arrive on May 14 so that they can 'hear' the word of God, and be made aware of the strategy that must be employed to oust these non believing 'Corruptors'. All monetary sacrifices incurred, by the Patriots, will be returned 1,000 fold. Faith in God Almighty will nullify all defensive or offensive weapons held by these Godless 'Corruptors'. All resistors will be punished by God by death. America will be the leader of all human morality for all time. On May 18, 2014 there will be a new President of The United States of America. This will be both a declaration of faith in God, and conclusive proof that God is not dead.

Every Patriot should make a copy of the biblical account of "The Battle of Jericho" and read it over, and over, until it is fully understood, because this confrontation in Washington, D.C. is going to be very similar. Please don't think that you know all the particulars of this historic battle. Read  it over and over, and make it your faith in the Lord God Almighty. 

I had hoped to be at this rally, but 14 days ago I underwent a 5 by-pass heart surgery, and will not be strong enough to attend.  I had planned on bringing my "Holy Artifact" (a piece of the cross on which Jesus was killed), but I will keep it at hand and pray from the 14th till the 16th of May. 

This may be the last time to save this great nation. Please, all Christian faithful make the sacrifice and have the faith needed to completely remove this Godless crowd from control of America on May 16. Send this note of fact to Facebook, news outlets, TV, Radio, friends, and everywhere on the Internet. Let Freedom Ring.
Lord Howard Hurts   freedomfiles.blogspot.com