Monday, January 31, 2011

Obama: Mubarak must deliver on democracy promise By admin | Published: 7:43 PM 01/28/2011

"President Barack Obama says he’s spoken to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and told him he has a responsibility to take concrete steps to deliver on promises of better democracy and greater economic opportunity."  Sounds like a good idea. Maybe President Obama should take his own advice and do just this. Obama likes the demonstrators in both Tunisia and Egypt so much, and "feels their pain", maybe it is time for the Tea Party Persons to "hit" the streets of Washington, and let Obama know that it is time for him to "step down". He has been a fraud from the start.   Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Letter To Glenn Beck

By not addressing the controversy concerning his long form birth certificate, and sending lawyers to use technical issues rather than just producing the asked for certificate, it is certain that President Obama is hiding something.  And it is for this reason that the conspiracy theory's flourish. It is moronic to think that he is just waiting to "pounce" on republicans, and tea party persons at election time with his long form birth certificate in his hand. It is logical that he doesn't have a long form birth certificate from Hawaii There is no other logical answer. It is time for these thumb sucking republicans, and mild mannered tea party persons , to take charge and demand rather than ask for this birth certificate. The Constitution states that to be President, one must be a Natural Born citizen, and the first step in determining this is to have and to show a long form birth certificate.  Stop with all the politeness, and either have Obama produce the document or remove him from an office he never was actually elected. I know. Bed wetters like Glenn Beck think that everything can be corrected in the 2012 elections if a republican is elected as President. But this is just wishful thinking. Why would Obama even worry about elections when he knows that he was not qualified, and nobody did anything to "out him"? The republicans and tea party people talk tough, but act like cowards and sheep. The office of President is  an office of trust and honesty, and Obama has shown neither. If you will look at my blog at:   You can read more about the real reason President Obama will not produce his actual birth certificate or his school records, or his passport records.   Lord Howard Hurts

Is Obama Qualified By The Constitution To Serve?

I wrote this following post several months ago. Since then, Lt. Col. Lakin has been convicted and sentenced to prison. This could have been avoided had President Obama just shown his long form birth certificate, proving that he is Constitutionally qualified to serve as President of the United States of America. But like he has done many times before, he sent lawyers to the court to obscure the issue by using the tactic that the plaintiff has "no legal standing", therefore there is nothing for the President to show.  Clearly this President has something to hide. Read further and THINK.

This nation is in corrosive decline due to erosion of moral traditions, and this state of decline has a name, DECADENCE. This Republic will not survive because we are being continually told by our current government that we need to be a more diverse society. The more we accept this false premise the greater the divide. Our Constitution is why this nation is powerful and great. It brings us all together as one. But alas, Obama and our education system is hard at work to dismantle all attempts to keep this "FLAG" flying.  Lieutenant Colonel Terrence Lakin is the case in point. And if you don't know who this man is, it is time to google him, and inform yourself. This man faces prison and disgrace because he asks President Obama to prove that he (Obama) is qualified to be President, as per the Constitution of this nation. Yet this President, the courts, and their accomplices in the military, not only reject LTC Lakin's right to demand proof of this legality, but will cast this honorable citizen into prison as example to others who should have doubts about Obama's legality to serve. Our military has been effectively neutered. If Obama is not removed, immediately, from office, the Constitution will be just a relic in the pages of history. If LTC Lakin is found guilty at his military trial, Then this Constitution and our "FLAG" stand for NOTHING. At that time I propose that we replace our "FLAG" with one that is all WHITE, with a depiction of a flock of shivering sheep in it's center. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, January 21, 2011

Will Glenn Beck Save This Country?

Glenn Beck seems like a "nice" guy, but I am afraid that his "theory" that this country can be saved through education is not going to work when so many people are living on government "handouts".  What are we to do? Continue to "preach" to the choir? It is apparent that President Obama is leading this country, rapidly, towards socialism. With the millions of unemployed, and the 50 million persons on food assistance (this is the governments estimate) each month, what are the odds that these persons would vote for an administration that would reinstate the Constitution as the "law of the land", and expect all citizens to assume responsibility for their own future?  The security and social structure of this country has been broken more through Political Correctness than any other misplaced policy. It is time for the military of this country to step up, and defend the Constitution, and reestablish our freedoms. At the same time, we need to remove ourselves from both Iraq and Afghanstan. These "wars" are nothing more than a misguided attempt to establish social reform based on our "western" values.  America should never put "boots" on the ground unless it is ready to annex the defeated territory into the Union.  This concept of wining the war in Europe during WWI and WW2, Korea, and Viet Nam,  then rebuilding what we "bombed out" at taxpayers expense is misguided nonsense. Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bad Mothers By Ben Stein on 1.20.11

Thinkers are independent,  self starters, and leaders. many leaders do we really need? Are we not a nation of too many leaders and not enough followers? Could the pyramids have been built if there had not been an abundance of followers? We may not like the way the Chinese think (and don't give me grief because I stereotype), but by using their "cultural method", they will rule the world. One must remember that all reality is relative. The word Success means different things to different persons. There is no universal meaning or understanding for Success. With its massive population of well disciplined followers, China will write the rule book. The only way America can survive is to fight "fire with fire." But alas, Americans love their couches, golf, football, and food, and are thus destined to become a small footnote in history.  Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 19, 2011 After Tunisia, Arab World Gives Up on America By Mohamad Bazzi

You are surprised? President Obama, the most corrupt and clueless President in the last century, has the same problem as the former leader of Tunisia, so why would he be enthusiastic about citizens who are tired of the corruption, lies, and outright deception?After Ben Ali fled, Obama had to acknowledge the event, and if his words were true, "applauding the courage, and dignity, of Tunisians", Obama should see the "writing on the wall.". And by the way, where is that, Obama, long form birth certificate that the new governor of Hawaii eluded to? The prior governor said that she has seen it, personally. Did she take it as a keepsake? Lord Howard Hurts

Obama’s looser policy towards Cuba gets mixed reviews on Capitol Hill By Alexis Levinson - The Daily Caller | Published: 12:20 AM 01/19/201

Isn't the act of doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result called Insanity? Isn't this exactly what our past policy dealing with Cuba has been? It is time to stop and think, and formulate a winning policy, and it looks like Obama has chosen a policy that may break Castro’s hold on the freedom loving people of Cuba. Now, I don’t think he intended this policy to do anything accept bolster the failing current communistic government, but I also don’t think that Obama is nearly as smart as the drooling media portrays. I would think that Obama would rather give, outright, taxpayer aid to the Castro government, but even he is not dumb enough to think that the republicans, even as “toothless” as they are, would let this idea pass. As a matter of fact, I would advocate opening travel to Cuba to any US citizen, and not put a limit on the cash that could be transfered. Let Cuba see the American dollar and meet the American citizens. Their own desire for freedom will take hold, and within a year or so, Castro will be “history”. Let the strength of the dollar be our guns. Have faith that the people of Cuba know, and want freedom from “slavery,” and will take charge of their own destiny. Let’s back Obama on this idea. Lord Howard Hurts

They’re coming for your hand soap: The Daily Caller Opinion, Published: 4:57 PM 01/18/2011:Derek Hunter

It is a fact that anti-microbial soaps cause more problems than they solve, but it is not the responsibility of government to make laws banning this soap. It is the responsibility of the “public” to do their own “homework” before using anything advertised. Government has passed laws against murder, but has this stopped murder? Government being the “savior” of the citizenry is just a “false sense of security” and nothing more. This Nanny State mentality has to stop before we become a nation of “sheep”. We need to be a nation of Thinkers rather than a nation of insecure cowards. Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Buy Silver For Insurance

Our economy looks to be "tanking" sometime later this year. Now this assessment might be correct and it might be wrong, but considering all the debt that the Obama administration has added in the past two years, it would be a prudent measure to purchase "insurance"  in the form of silver just in case our paper money tanks. Tanks? Yes, tanks. There is every reason to believe that massive inflation is unavoidable because of the current spending by government, and if one has all their savings in paper money and inflation hits, can you spell "bankruptcy"? Now it is "fashionable" to purchase gold to avoid the devastation of runaway inflation, but remember that in 1933, the US government made it unlawful for a private citizen, of the United States of America, to own gold. Do you have confidence that this government, today, will do differently, should this "depression" continue? 

 I say, be safe, and use history as your example. This is why I advocate "investing" in silver. Silver also has hundreds of uses in industry, whereas gold is used mostly in jewelry items, and jewelry items are pure luxury items that in time of massive inflation will not be in demand. The price of gold reflects its scarcity, today it sells at near $1,400 an ounce. Silver, on the other hand, is priced at around $30 an ounce (Jan 2011). This difference in price makes silver available to "regular" citizens who have limited savings, but want to protect what little they have saved from government driven inflation. Now, a friend of mine in Alabama wrote to me recently. He said that he was afraid of silver based on what happened to his father in 1980. His father had invested heavily as silver when it had a massive "run up" because of the "secret" investing by the Hunt brothers from Texas (search: Hunt brothers silver disaster). By 1979, silver had run up to near $50 an ounce, and then in early 1980, retreated rapidly until by 1982, it was priced at around $4.80 an ounce. Now at its peak in 1979, at near $50 an ounce, this would amount to something like, $350 an ounce in today's money. So you can see that silver at $30 an ounce,  today, does not even come close to the "risk" that it was in 1979. And remember, I am not advocating "investing" in silver to make money, I am advocating using silver as insurance against massive inflation. And "investment" of 10-15% of your savings is all that should be used for the purchase of silver. And I recommend only physical silver. 

If gold was once made illegal by the government, why should I believe that silver, even thought there is no history of it happening, will fare any better?  The only reason is that the amount of available silver is huge compared to the amount of gold available. This huge amount makes it difficult for this government, or any government, to place restrictions on it ownership. This coupled with the fact that industry uses so much silver that any restrictions would cause serious problems in employment, something that  could cause riots and turn out any resident of the White House. The ratio between the cost of silver and gold, currently, is around 50 to 1. But in reality this ratio doesn't or will not hold. Why? Because of all the uses for silver as opposed to those of gold. Silver is in high demand in industry while gold is mostly used in the manufacture of luxury items and as a "store" of wealth. Silver has traditionally had a cost value ratio of 20 to 1 (silver to gold). If this ratio is correct, then when gold is at $1,400 an ounce, silver should be priced at $70 an ounce. So maybe $30 an ounce silver is not only good insurance, it might just be a good investment. Then to move one step forward. If gold should move to $3,000 and ounce (and this has been predicted by some rational thinkers), then silver would move up correspondingly, and have a price of near $150 an ounce. Of course this is all based on speculation, but watching the Obama administration work makes this type of speculation seem a forgone conclusion, to me anyway. So read and think, and maybe buy some silver as insurance from personal financial disaster should massive inflation hit. Remember that during the depression of the 1920's and 30's, a luxury automobile that had cost $10,000 or $20,000 prior to the depression could be purchased for $100. Building lots on Miami Beach, which had been going for $10,000 each, could be purchased for $100, and even at those prices there were few takers as there just was no money around. Study and Think, and protect yourself, because this Obama government will not be of any help to anyone other than those who have their "hands out", and will vote democrat. We are near the point of voting in socialism, while all the time disregarding the warnings from history. There is no such thing as a free lunch.   
Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Atlantic, January 12, 2011, Andrew Sullivan, Palin's Test

Andrew. How about moving out of Disney Land, and getting into reality. This shooting, in Arizona,  is most unfortunate, but not any more than other random shootings that might have happened, at a local convenience  store, to "regular" working citizens. Tell me Andrew, just what was the reason that others were shot and some died at this same rally? Your logic is pure democratic insanity. Yes, insanity. Democrats are mentally ill. They can not understand reality. Try reading some history. Nothing has changed in thousands of years. Humans act the same way today as they did in Roman times. Yawn, Yawn. Stop trying to make logical sense out of an illogical act of violence. Stop trying to "find the answer" to something that is just "human nature", and non logical. There is no Santa Clause and Disney Land is made up. This country is coming apart at the "seams" because of "Deep Thinkers" with college degrees.  These "Deep Thinkers" don't even understand that their degrees are nothing more than self serving documents, granted by institutions, that have very little relationship with actual reality. Lord Howard Hurts

Monday, January 10, 2011

"If they bring a knife to the fight, we will bring a gun."

These right winged "nut jobs", like Sarah Palin, need to stop making inflammatory political statements that encourage violence, as has played out in Arizona yesterday, and should be held as an accessory to any illegal act committed by their "followers". I am speaking in particular of a statement Palin made before a partisan political crowd in Philadelphia, in June, of 2008. She said, "If they bring a knife to the fight, we will bring a gun." Wait. I am wrong. This was a statement made by President Obama. Why are the intellectuals, the "Deep Thinkers" of this country, wasting time probing the mind of a mentally disturbed, 22 year old, socialist, Jared Loughner, attempting to find logic in an illogical mind? Because democrats are suffering from a form of mental illness themselves. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why Iraq and Afghanistan?

So True and So Sad. And the war proceeds. Where are all the protesters against W. Bush's war? Funny, now that it is Obama's war, everything is OK. The casualties have nearly doubled in 2 years, over the unacceptable "death" counts during the Bush 8 years. Yet the democrats have been, for the past 2 years, in full control of Congress, and yet the war continues. Proving once again that democrats lack a moral brain, and take marching orders from the left. And, not to mention, the moron republicans who follow RINO's, and can't see that Iraq and Afghanistan are none of our business. Proving once again that Truth and Logic is something possessed by very few American citizens. It is time we stop intruding into others cultures. We should set the example for Freedom, and let others decide their own "fate". Our military policy should be defensive only, and if and when troops are sent outside the US, any territory "captured" would become part of the US. We need to stop fighting wars so that we can then rebuild the country we just defeated. Makes no logical sense. This country needs a Moral Brain. Lord Howard Hurts

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Obama's Is A Natural Born Citizen

Here is the REAL deal on Obama's birth  certificate. Unfortunately, most everyone is going off on the wrong "trail". Obama is really a Natural Born citizen of this country. This is the reason that he "toys" with the "Birthers", and men of courage like Lt. Col. Lakin. Obama knows that should push came to shove, and the cowards in the media are not going to do it, he could prove that he is a Natural Born citizen. All the different published facts confuse the issue because some of the facts found are true, and some are false. But the real fact of the matter is that Obama is the son of his "grandfather", Stanley Armour Dunham, and his mother is, as yet, some unnamed black woman. Yes, I repeat, Obama is the son of his "grandfather", Stanley Armour Dunham. If you should doubt this check, and you will find that in May of 1997, all the records contained in a file, gathered and recorded by the FBI, detailing an investigation of Stanley Armour Dunham, were deleted.  Dunham, it noted, was a frequent "customer" of black prostitutes. Now the issue of the "marriage" of Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham, which there is no proof, other than what Obama wrote about it in his book, is understood as only a "ruse" to avoid the moral fallout of that time period. So the issue of Obama being a Natural Born citizen is final, regardless if he was, or was not, born in Hawaii. Additional proof that this scenario is true can be logically substantiated by the very fact that Obama has spent many thousands of dollars to send lawyers to courts to stop from having to provide a legal long form birth certificate from Hawaii. Why would this President worry about letting his detractors see his legal birth certificate? Is he afraid that someone will assume his idenity? Nonsense. Many of these law suits also ask for all his school records, all his passport information, all his adoption records, and records for all school loans he has ever received. The office of President is a job based on trust and honesty, and by not providing basic background information, information that is provided by thousands and thousands of potential employees seeking regular jobs every day, this is proof positive that there is something very negative being hidden by Obama. But alas.....This Birth Certificate issue is just a Red Herring. Stop wasting time, effort, and money on it. This President is a socialist and there is enough evidence to prove it. He is a fraud in most every way. Obama is in the process of turning this country into a democracy, and it is such a shame that the educational system of this country has been, and continues to be, so corrupt and negligent that it has not taught our youth the difference between a democracy and a Republic. The ballot boxes will be the "guns" of this revolution unless patriotic citizens empower the military, of this nation, to do their duty to uphold this Constitution. The window of opportunity is open, but unless action is taken before the elections of 2012, this window will in all probability be closed for all history. FREEDOM is not free. It can only be held by blood, sweat, and tears by an admiring public. Long Live America and This Republic.
Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reply to Sarasota Herald Tribune, Tom Lyons

You almost have this one correct. Why do you liberals always insist on the government making laws to protect citizens from their own inability to check out facts? Do you like the way the post office works? Really? And don't tell me that it actually is a private corporation. Yeah sure. And do you like Fannie and Freddy? They work well, if you believe the misinformation given out by Barney Frank. Sure. How about NASA. They are planning on putting a human being on Mars, and leaving him  there because there is no way to return. Great plan. Reasonable use of taxpayer money, for sure.

 This Dr. Leonard A. Rubinstein, has been before  his peers, and has been turned lose on the public. Who would the government ask about his qualifications? Other doctors, maybe? Let the government protect us from enemies who want to destroy us, and let the citizens inform themselves to issues that concern their own health. Is this how you parented? Did it work? Then why do you think it works any better if implemented by government? Stop trying to save people who don't want to be saved, or who don't want to take responsibility for themselves. Experience is the best teacher, and a few mistakes makes one wiser than someone with a Harvard degree. Government is nothing more, or less, than a False Sense of Security.  Have you ever given thought that Liberalism, as defined by today's democrats, might be some type of mental illness? Have you read, Candide by Voltaire?  You are starting me to think of you as Dr. Pangloss. How about having Candide  added to the senior reading list in the Sarasota schools?  Lord Howard Hurts