Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why Iraq and Afghanistan?

So True and So Sad. And the war proceeds. Where are all the protesters against W. Bush's war? Funny, now that it is Obama's war, everything is OK. The casualties have nearly doubled in 2 years, over the unacceptable "death" counts during the Bush 8 years. Yet the democrats have been, for the past 2 years, in full control of Congress, and yet the war continues. Proving once again that democrats lack a moral brain, and take marching orders from the left. And, not to mention, the moron republicans who follow RINO's, and can't see that Iraq and Afghanistan are none of our business. Proving once again that Truth and Logic is something possessed by very few American citizens. It is time we stop intruding into others cultures. We should set the example for Freedom, and let others decide their own "fate". Our military policy should be defensive only, and if and when troops are sent outside the US, any territory "captured" would become part of the US. We need to stop fighting wars so that we can then rebuild the country we just defeated. Makes no logical sense. This country needs a Moral Brain. Lord Howard Hurts

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