Friday, January 21, 2011

Will Glenn Beck Save This Country?

Glenn Beck seems like a "nice" guy, but I am afraid that his "theory" that this country can be saved through education is not going to work when so many people are living on government "handouts".  What are we to do? Continue to "preach" to the choir? It is apparent that President Obama is leading this country, rapidly, towards socialism. With the millions of unemployed, and the 50 million persons on food assistance (this is the governments estimate) each month, what are the odds that these persons would vote for an administration that would reinstate the Constitution as the "law of the land", and expect all citizens to assume responsibility for their own future?  The security and social structure of this country has been broken more through Political Correctness than any other misplaced policy. It is time for the military of this country to step up, and defend the Constitution, and reestablish our freedoms. At the same time, we need to remove ourselves from both Iraq and Afghanstan. These "wars" are nothing more than a misguided attempt to establish social reform based on our "western" values.  America should never put "boots" on the ground unless it is ready to annex the defeated territory into the Union.  This concept of wining the war in Europe during WWI and WW2, Korea, and Viet Nam,  then rebuilding what we "bombed out" at taxpayers expense is misguided nonsense. Lord Howard Hurts

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