Thursday, January 27, 2011

Letter To Glenn Beck

By not addressing the controversy concerning his long form birth certificate, and sending lawyers to use technical issues rather than just producing the asked for certificate, it is certain that President Obama is hiding something.  And it is for this reason that the conspiracy theory's flourish. It is moronic to think that he is just waiting to "pounce" on republicans, and tea party persons at election time with his long form birth certificate in his hand. It is logical that he doesn't have a long form birth certificate from Hawaii There is no other logical answer. It is time for these thumb sucking republicans, and mild mannered tea party persons , to take charge and demand rather than ask for this birth certificate. The Constitution states that to be President, one must be a Natural Born citizen, and the first step in determining this is to have and to show a long form birth certificate.  Stop with all the politeness, and either have Obama produce the document or remove him from an office he never was actually elected. I know. Bed wetters like Glenn Beck think that everything can be corrected in the 2012 elections if a republican is elected as President. But this is just wishful thinking. Why would Obama even worry about elections when he knows that he was not qualified, and nobody did anything to "out him"? The republicans and tea party people talk tough, but act like cowards and sheep. The office of President is  an office of trust and honesty, and Obama has shown neither. If you will look at my blog at:   You can read more about the real reason President Obama will not produce his actual birth certificate or his school records, or his passport records.   Lord Howard Hurts

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