Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bad Mothers By Ben Stein on 1.20.11

Thinkers are independent,  self starters, and leaders. many leaders do we really need? Are we not a nation of too many leaders and not enough followers? Could the pyramids have been built if there had not been an abundance of followers? We may not like the way the Chinese think (and don't give me grief because I stereotype), but by using their "cultural method", they will rule the world. One must remember that all reality is relative. The word Success means different things to different persons. There is no universal meaning or understanding for Success. With its massive population of well disciplined followers, China will write the rule book. The only way America can survive is to fight "fire with fire." But alas, Americans love their couches, golf, football, and food, and are thus destined to become a small footnote in history.  Lord Howard Hurts

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