Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is Obama Qualified By The Constitution To Serve?

I wrote this following post several months ago. Since then, Lt. Col. Lakin has been convicted and sentenced to prison. This could have been avoided had President Obama just shown his long form birth certificate, proving that he is Constitutionally qualified to serve as President of the United States of America. But like he has done many times before, he sent lawyers to the court to obscure the issue by using the tactic that the plaintiff has "no legal standing", therefore there is nothing for the President to show.  Clearly this President has something to hide. Read further and THINK.

This nation is in corrosive decline due to erosion of moral traditions, and this state of decline has a name, DECADENCE. This Republic will not survive because we are being continually told by our current government that we need to be a more diverse society. The more we accept this false premise the greater the divide. Our Constitution is why this nation is powerful and great. It brings us all together as one. But alas, Obama and our education system is hard at work to dismantle all attempts to keep this "FLAG" flying.  Lieutenant Colonel Terrence Lakin is the case in point. And if you don't know who this man is, it is time to google him, and inform yourself. This man faces prison and disgrace because he asks President Obama to prove that he (Obama) is qualified to be President, as per the Constitution of this nation. Yet this President, the courts, and their accomplices in the military, not only reject LTC Lakin's right to demand proof of this legality, but will cast this honorable citizen into prison as example to others who should have doubts about Obama's legality to serve. Our military has been effectively neutered. If Obama is not removed, immediately, from office, the Constitution will be just a relic in the pages of history. If LTC Lakin is found guilty at his military trial, Then this Constitution and our "FLAG" stand for NOTHING. At that time I propose that we replace our "FLAG" with one that is all WHITE, with a depiction of a flock of shivering sheep in it's center. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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