Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reply to Sarasota Herald Tribune, Tom Lyons

You almost have this one correct. Why do you liberals always insist on the government making laws to protect citizens from their own inability to check out facts? Do you like the way the post office works? Really? And don't tell me that it actually is a private corporation. Yeah sure. And do you like Fannie and Freddy? They work well, if you believe the misinformation given out by Barney Frank. Sure. How about NASA. They are planning on putting a human being on Mars, and leaving him  there because there is no way to return. Great plan. Reasonable use of taxpayer money, for sure.

 This Dr. Leonard A. Rubinstein, has been before  his peers, and has been turned lose on the public. Who would the government ask about his qualifications? Other doctors, maybe? Let the government protect us from enemies who want to destroy us, and let the citizens inform themselves to issues that concern their own health. Is this how you parented? Did it work? Then why do you think it works any better if implemented by government? Stop trying to save people who don't want to be saved, or who don't want to take responsibility for themselves. Experience is the best teacher, and a few mistakes makes one wiser than someone with a Harvard degree. Government is nothing more, or less, than a False Sense of Security.  Have you ever given thought that Liberalism, as defined by today's democrats, might be some type of mental illness? Have you read, Candide by Voltaire?  You are starting me to think of you as Dr. Pangloss. How about having Candide  added to the senior reading list in the Sarasota schools?  Lord Howard Hurts

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