Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Atlantic, January 12, 2011, Andrew Sullivan, Palin's Test

Andrew. How about moving out of Disney Land, and getting into reality. This shooting, in Arizona,  is most unfortunate, but not any more than other random shootings that might have happened, at a local convenience  store, to "regular" working citizens. Tell me Andrew, just what was the reason that others were shot and some died at this same rally? Your logic is pure democratic insanity. Yes, insanity. Democrats are mentally ill. They can not understand reality. Try reading some history. Nothing has changed in thousands of years. Humans act the same way today as they did in Roman times. Yawn, Yawn. Stop trying to make logical sense out of an illogical act of violence. Stop trying to "find the answer" to something that is just "human nature", and non logical. There is no Santa Clause and Disney Land is made up. This country is coming apart at the "seams" because of "Deep Thinkers" with college degrees.  These "Deep Thinkers" don't even understand that their degrees are nothing more than self serving documents, granted by institutions, that have very little relationship with actual reality. Lord Howard Hurts

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