Friday, January 13, 2012

The Boat Is Sinking

Warren Buffett's latest pitch for the wealthy to pay more in taxes is nothing but more, Yawn, Yawn. The man is suffering from hardening of the arteries, and clearly shows signs of severe Democratic, Mental Illness. Proof of this is his latest challenge to Republican members of Congress, and especially his 3 to 1 special challenge to Republican Senate leader, McConnell, to send a check to the government to help pay down the National Debt. Yawn, Yawn. What a bore. 

Firstly, just how does this old duffer, Buffett, think the National Debt came to be so large? Wake Up!, Gramps. Could it be that government has spent more than it legally takes in? If your boat has a hole in its side, and water is coming in, you don't drill holes in the boats bottom to let this leakage water out. The problem has been, for the past 50 years, that the Federal government has a penchant to promote itself, and keep corrupt Congressmen in office. To accomplish this the Federal government allows these Congressmen to "buy votes", using the money of working taxpayers, by creating legislation that has built a welfare system that now has more than 46 million citizens dependant on it. This destructive legislation has all but killed incentive, and self esteem, in this nations productive citizenry. Think this: Is it possible for everyone who enters a casino to win on every pull of the slot machine handle? And if it were, why even build casino's or slot machines. Just give the money away, and cut the complexity, and the "middle man". Well that is precisely what President, Obama, and Congress, is doing. And it is getting to the point where even morons can see the flaws in the plan. So what is the next logical step in this dependency progression? Civil War and Socialism. There is no other result that can occur given this set of circumstances. 

Now I am sure that Losers, and Democrats, think that Robin Hood was a nice guy because he robbed from the rich, and gave to the poor, but actually this type of lawlessness promotes only a loss of the producers in a society. Because, why take the time, effort, and risk, to produce something when it is easier to steal? And without a fair system of laws, and a large number of producers, civilization can only move backwards. It is always easier to take, than to produce. So it is easily proved that either "Robin Hood" Buffett is a moron, or he is a man with a plan that deceives all earthly logic. 

Now, I don't think Buffett is a moron, so he therefore must be a man with a plan, and he wants Socialism to be the American form of government. For you see there is, and has been for years, a law on record that gives anyone the opportunity to pay extra taxes without requiring all persons in the U.S. to participate. It is called: "Voluntary Gift To Government". If "Robin Hood" Buffett really wanted to help the poor of this nation he would spend his last years giving his money to worthwhile individuals who possess the producer spirit that is needed to continue America's legacy of Human Freedom. Without the producers of this nation there can be no consumers. And likewise, without consumers that is no need for producers. And this was about how I would think it was during the Caveman Era.

To continue to give the Federal government more money to squander is just letting more water into the boat through all the holes that have been drilled through its bottom. Impeach the Congress, and the Socialist, Obama, before it is too late, and the boat sinks.

Lord Howard Hurts

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