Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reality Really Bites!

Life is just too complex to have been an accident. When one finally comes to this conclusion, it is apparent that there are Natural Laws that can not be broken. Of all life forms on Earth, only man has a mind that can "view" into the future and equate it with the past. It is most unfortunate that most men spend their entire life with their "head buried in the sand", afraid to confront Reality foursquare. America is at the "tipping point", and it is time for Reality to take hold, and lead this nation from the depths of the "Harvard Illusion" that has "blinded" us for the past 70 years. We, as free men, can either take charge, or Nature, with her "invisible hand", will bring this nation into balance without choosing any favorites.

America lives in it's own economic cocoon. No other country on Earth is comparable in the amount of societal luxury that exists even for the poorest of America's population. When one lives in "Disney World", one tends to not understand the day to day struggle that consumes the peoples of the rest of the world, and because there is so much easy money available here, even if it is borrowed, America acts like a God, and hands out favors, and money to those who grovel at her feet. "Groveler's" are like parasites. They don't contribute to a healthy existence. They "suck" the life out of the host,  and in time this pairing ends with the death of the host.

What American's don't understand is that as technology increases the need for a large number of living and breathing persons, to make up a workforce, diminishes because of the fact that every action, on Earth, is balanced by an equal and opposite reaction. This is not some theory postulated by Harvard types, it is Reality dictated to us by Nature. There is no disputing or altering this fact. We are in an historic expansion of technology, yet the population of the world is also expanding at an equal, or greater rate.  The result of this will be one of two options: 1. The population of the world will be "killed off" to a much lower level, by some means as yet unknown, Or 2. We will fall back into a Dark Age of past history. These are the only two options available, and there is no other way for Earth to remain balanced. 

Let me give you a simple example that maybe will help you understand the reality of "Balance of Nature". Chickens. If you have a pen that is 12 feet by 12 feet and place a 50 pound bag of feed in the middle, and introduce 4 chickens into this pen. You will have a balance of chickens to feed and space. In fact there will be more than enough feed so the chickens will live a peaceful life. Now, don't increase the amount of feed, or space available (this represents the finite supply of raw materials available on Earth), but increase the amount of chickens in the pen (this would represent the increase in the natural population that would be the result of plentiful amounts of food). The more you increase the amount of chickens in the pen, the more the competition for this finite amount of food increases. The once gentle chickens become combative, and will begin to kill and eat each other. This is the same with human populations because human populations are under the control of Nature. Nature seeks balance at all times, and Nature doesn't have favorites.

This same situation is in play around the world today, and only the most aggressive of populations will survive to pass on their genes to the next generation. If America wants to survive, then America must copy Nature, and start using "Tough Love" to lessen the number of parasites that are feeding off the host. Reality Really Bites.

Lord Howard Hurts

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