Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Could this be the sound emitted by a Phoenix rising from the ashes?

I go out into the morning, and stare intently into the western sky, and wait and watch for the morning sun to rise. Thus far, my watching's have been uneventfully, but with Big Media declaring Obama and his administration the smartest, and most benevolent, in the history of this nation, I feel that my "watching" will soon be rewarded. 

Likewise, I wait, daily, for the message from Big Media that the American Constitution has been rescinded; and I "glue" myself to the television, awaiting news that Obama has been chosen, by Congress, to dictatorially lead this nation until a new, and more popular, Constitution can be written. At one time I had hoped that this nations military would assume their responsibility, and uphold the oath they pledged; "To defend the Constitution from all usurpers, foreign and domestic"; But that time has passed. Much like the events that befell the ancient Roman Republic (133-27 BC), our military has become less loyal and less informed, and there seems to be no need for further wait. Our military now has became a government job, with a generous pension, rather than a mission. Alas, I am now sure that there is no "King David" among us.
The taxpaying citizens lost both their faith, and interest, in the government as it daily became more distant...... and held only the weak, the uninspired, and the poor, in high esteem. Traditional love of country became only words sung by Country Western singers (And we all know that they are just hillbilly's, and not real American citizens). The small family farm has been both taxed and legislated into extinction. The large, corporate run farm, with it government ties and funding turned a country, that had not only fed itself, but fed the world, into a nightmare of regulations and farms run by persons who only know how to shuffle papers, not grow crops. As the colleges and universities granted more and more of their self serving degrees, in disciplines that represented no actual physical or social value, the cities and towns began to crumble from neglect. And during this decline, government began to place less and less interest in the traditional citizenry. English became a second language. Americas sovereign borders became mere lines drawn on world maps. Diversity became the rule of the day....... Things became more "curiouser, and more curiouser". All roads led to "Wonderland". Moral decay became more and more evident. Gratuitous sex became the norm, closely followed by a decline in both the work ethic and productivity. Goods and services finally became too expensive, and/or, unreliable, so that foreign trade increased to the point that over 48 million Americans became depended, not only a "handout" to keep fed, but they more, and more, depended on the "Supreme Ruler", Obama, son of a goat herder from Kenya, to determine, and legislate, every mans place on Earth, and his responsibility to the "Great Society". What was Up was now Down. What was East was now West. 

I continue to scan the western sky to await the rising of the sun..........but off in the distance, I can hear the sound of a most melodious bird. Could this be the sound emitted by a Phoenix rising from the ashes?
Lord Howard Hurts

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