Monday, May 6, 2013

Soda Drink Companies Rake In 4 Billion Dollars A Year Of Taxpayer Money

Liberals love the 'Food Stamp' program. Currently, there are nearly 50 million Americans on this 'vote buying' program. The soda drink companies are raking in nearly 4 Billion Dollars a year of this taxpayer money (Don't believe me? Do your own research). When are the hard working taxpayers of America going to Wake Up, and demand that low income citizens seek help through private charities instead of the U.S. Federal Government? 

There are no restrictions on junk food being purchased with either 'Food Stamp' or EBT 'credit cards'. And there is no way to track who is purchasing what food or drinks, and this is the way the Government wants this program continued. This way the recipients of these welfare payments will always vote for those who increase the 'Free Stuff'. Hard working Americans who pay their own bills have to plan and make decisions on what brands and kinds of foods they will purchase. Welfare recipients can buy whatever their cards will let them.........and lobster, birthday cakes, sodas, energy drinks, and caviar, are considered foods worthy of purchase with these Government issued cards. And should any 'Food Stamp' recipient want to double his or her monthly allotment, all that needs to be done is to return to the welfare office and say that the 'Food Stamp' card was stolen or lost. There are no questions asked. A new card with full value is given, and there is no way to check to see if the card was really stolen or lost. Would you not like all banks to have a similar policy? You go in and take $100 from your account. You leave the bank and return the next day and say that someone stole your $100, and the bank asks no questions and gives you another $100. Does this even seem rational? A Socialistic Welfare State can only survive as long as there is a population of productive workers who are dumb enough to work and plan and save so that the 'slugs of society' can sit around and vote for corrupt politicians. When the productive workers finally decide to stop working, and get on the 'gravy train' themselves, the Socialist system collapses and the nation becomes like Cuba. In Cuba the average worker makes about $20 U.S. per month.........not a week, per month! Think living in Cuba is fun?
Lord Howard Hurts

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