Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Patriots: Christian Democratic Party

Sarah Palin, you are so correct in your assessment of the facts, but you misjudge the power of the 50 million Americans on 'Food Stamps'. They want 'stuff' and don't care how they get it. The Constitution, today, is 'null and void', and there is no longer a need for a Supreme Court of The United States of America. B.H. Obama is a fraud from his birth certificate to his professing to be a Christian. Our Cowardly Congress is so corrupt that the Mafia would be a better choice for representation (and more truthful and moral). To believe, as does Rush Limbaugh, that we can educate the 'voters' about the failings of Obama and Liberals is more fantasy than exists at Disney World. The only thing the next elections will bring is more RHINO's. 

Sarah, it is time to 'Throw Them All Out', and our only help to accomplish this mission would be our military, but alas this once mighty, fighting, military is now 'in process' of becoming an 'all gay...everyday....scare them with talk instead of bullets' national defense force. So this being reality, the only way to restore this nation to the greatness that it once held is for the Patriots of America to join together, and start a new political party....... the Christian Democratic Party. And to show complete unity and determination, I propose that this new party declare Allen West their candidate for President in 2016. And starting today, all Patriots need to get behind Allen West 150%. Let Freedom Ring, And Take No Prisoners. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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