Thursday, February 10, 2011

Glenn Beck Is A Great American!

I must say that Glenn Beck, today, Feb 10, 2011, on his TV show, really "put it on the line". I take back my comments about him being a "thumb sucker" and "bed wetter". Glenn really showed that he is ready to do what is necessary to get this country back on track. He also had, as a guest, Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin. If you are not familiar with him, please read this:  On September 26, 2009, Boykin gave an address at a How to Take Back America Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. hosted by the Eagle Forum. According to the Canada Free Press, General Boykin asked the audience. "What are you prepared to give up for America? Are you willing to pay the ultimate price?" He followed up with warning, "there is no greater threat to America than Islam". 

Does a protest of stopped cars on the highway seem reasonable if one should think the good general correct? I say that the only way to force Obama to "come clean", and put his "cards face up on the table", is to confront him with 100,000 productive citizens in Washington, DC, and to tell him that we do indeed want change. That we want him to resign now. In view of Obama's comments and actions towards Egypt, how can he refuse? This country can stand 2 years with Biden as President. The man is so inept that he will invigorate the Congress to step up, and do their work.    
Lord Howard Hurts

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