Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Can the tea party survive success? By Patrik Jonsson - Christian Science Monitor | Published: 7:18 PM 01/31/2011

My comment to this article:  The real problem is that it is the Tea Party Movement,and not the Tea Party. To be a creditable "force" there needs to be both organization and leadership. Try to run a company where the voice of each worker is equal to the other, and no one person is responsible for setting the "compass point," and leading. Doesn't work, and for this obvious reason, the Tea Party Movement is just another "phase" in the big book of history. I propose a new party that would take into consideration all the concerns and ideals of the Tea Party Movement, and not be stigmatized by the "corny" name. I propose that there be a new force and party for upholding the Constitution, as written by our founders, and I propose that this new party be called Christian Democrats. Christian Democrats would have a name recognition that would let it be known from where our rights derive, and it would be a minority party that could influence both the current republican and democratic party. And in time, this new party might even expand into a dominate political party. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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