Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Egyptian Style Rally In Washington, DC On May 10, 2011

It has been proposed that there be a "stop on the highway" protest on March 13, 2011. I propose an Egyptian type rally on May 11, 2011, instead, and here is my reason: 

I personally think that this "stop on the highway" idea is not organized enough to be more than a "blip" on the TV screen at best. We have a President who likes the protesters in both Tunisia and Egypt, and thinks that if 100,000 protesters assemble in the capitol city in Egypt, and demand that the sitting President "quit", it is time for him to leave. I would think that a rally in Washington, DC would be a better idea. And I don't mean one like, thumb sucker, Glenn Beck had where signs were discouraged. Our President, Obama, likes protests that abolish the election laws, and makes the rule of the "MOB" the rule of the country. Remember, we have a President, Obama, who could have stopped the jailing of Lt. Col. Lakin, by just producing his long form birth certificate prior to Lakin's military hearing and sentencing. No, I don't think this "highway" idea is even close to "daring" enough. This country is in a near "chaos" situation, and the only way to win back rule by the Constitution is to fight "fire with fire". Obama expects the Tea Party Movement type persons to behave as, bed wetter, Glenn Beck instructs, and to approach an illogical and unlawful situation (Obama's birth certificate) in a logical, and "have faith in the courts," manner. WRONG. That type of thinking will only let the "chaos" grow. The situation is not "terminal" as yet, but should we rely on the elections of 2012 to resolve these same issues, it just might be too late. I would plan a massive, Egyptian style, remove Obama, rally in Washington, DC on May 10, 2011. The "writing is on the wall", one just has to READ IT.  
Lord Howard Hurts

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