Friday, June 28, 2013

Hillary Clinton Is Seeking Revenge Against B.H. Obama

From my emails I have received a most creditable tip that there currently is an ongoing clash between the B.H. Obama forces, and the Hillary 'my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia' Clinton, Presidential Wannabe faction. It seems that 'Viper' Hillary is pushing to get revenge for being thrown under the bus in the election of 2008. Apparently, Hillary is going to make an example of B.H. Obama and this action, she believes, will insure her the election to the Presidency in 2016. My source 'says' that this revenge tactic, by Hillary, is the main reason for the push for information on everyone living in the U.S. by Obama. To survive, he has to be able to intimidate more Congressmen and big donors to the Hillary For President campaign. 

Obama knows the truth about his birth certificate, and even though he was born in Hawaii there is a handwritten footnote on this document that changes his father from the goat herder, Obama Sr., to Frank Marshall Davis. This is the reason he has spent so much money to keep from being drawn into a court. Should he be engaged in an actual appearance, in a court, he would have to let the plaintiff go to Hawaii and view his actual birth certificate (sorry, conspiracy fans. Obama was born in Hawaii. He has used this goat herder father 'hook' to promote himself all these years, and the truth about his real father would seriously dilute his credibility). 

Patriots. Keep posting favorable articles towards Hillary. 'Pump' her up, and promote the 'internal feud'. Lord Howard Hurts

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