Monday, July 8, 2013

There Is A Coming Civil War

Patriots Wake Up! Prepare. This Zimmerman-Martin second degree murder case in Sanford, Florida is proof positive that the corruption of America and the Constitution is near final. The President, B.H. Obama, before the facts were known, stated that this Trayvon Martin could have been his son. The implication, and there is no other reason for the President to make a public statement on this case, is that Trayvon was the innocent person in the altercation, and that the 'white Hispanic' defendant is the guilty party. 

As the case has progressed it is clear that there is no actual legal ground on which to proceed against Zimmerman. The judge in the case is clearly bias or ignorant of the law, and 'appeasement' of African-Americans ( I detest this classification of American citizens as I find it both racist and divisive.) is the only reason the case was brought in the first place. I employ the Patriots of this nation to keep informed, and to be ready to insure that the Federal Government protects the Constitutional rights of all citizens........not just those who will vote for a Marxist like Obama. This Zimmerman-Martin case clearly shows that America is racially divided, and for this great nation to survive........the Constitution must be upheld. It is time to stop letting this fraud of a President pick, and choose, the laws that the Federal Government will enforce. Please read this linked article and think.
Lord Howard Hurts

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