Tuesday, July 9, 2013

101 Million Americans On Some Type Of Food Subsidy Program

Patriots. There are now more than 101 million Americans on some type of government food subsidy program. (http://cnsnews.com/news/article/101m-get-food-aid-federal-gov-t-outnumber-full-time-private-sector-workers)  B.H. Obama and his minions have nearly destroyed this nations economy. When one third of the population of any country has to depend on government to exist, dictatorship and chaos closely follows. And the 'beat goes on'..................while the Obama Administration 'crows' about the progress they have made to get the economy 'out of the ditch' that George W. Bush got us into, and yet 101 million Americans can not afford to feed themselves. This is insanity. 

The largest gain in employment is part time work. Part Time Work? If 101 million Americans can not afford to feed themselves then please explain how Part Time Employment will help the situation? People without jobs, and food, tend to elect persons who profess to stand for Hope and Change. And this is exactly why B.H. Obama is in the White House today. But where is the Hope and Change? For 5 years this nations economy has stagnated. When prices get too high more low cost workers from Mexico and Central America are let in to take the jobs that Americans will not take. The government then gives the displaced Americans food subsidies and unemployment checks, but when over 1/3 of the population is being cared for by the working taxpayers, the system is going to crash because of the immense burden on those who work. B.H. Obama and his Marxist associates have accomplished what a war with guns and bombs could not do. These Marxist have so divided this nation by false and 'pumped up' calls of racism from 'Whites' against 'Blacks' that even the most informed citizen doesn't pay attention to the fact that 'Blacks' can walk the streets of most every city in America, day or night, safely. But 'Whites' can not walk the streets of 'Black' neighborhoods, day or night, without encountering racial threats or worse. 

The media has helped to create this 'Alice In Wonderland', what is Up is really Down and what is Down is really Up, situation, and unless the Patriots of this nation join together to insure that the Constitution is upheld as the Law of the Land, this nation, like Rome many centuries before, will perish. And the best way to save the nation is to start a new political party to replace the tattered Republican Party that too often mirrors the insanity proposed by the left leaning Democratic Party. I, once again, propose that this new party be called: Christian Democrats. I would believe that it could be a 'king' maker from the start as I believe that there would be enough members to 'tip' any election one way or the other. Let Freedom Ring.
Lord Howard Hurts

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