Saturday, June 15, 2013

Marco Rubio Is A Democrat

Patriots, Wake Up! Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is viewed as one of the upcoming stars of the Republican Party. He is a fraud and just another nice looking guy with a huge ego. He is a man with an large appetite for power, and this might be attributed to 'Short Man Syndrome'. He wants to legalize all those persons that are in the U.S. illegally so that they can start paying taxes. This idea is insane. These persons, for the most part, are low skilled workers, and we have enough low skilled, manual, workers already..........they are American citizens who receive 'Food Stamps', and other monetary gifts from the U.S., working, taxpayers, because there are jobs that they just don't want to hold. Too bad! Get a job or don't eat. And if they have children that they can not afford to feed then these children become the ward of the nation, and the cost for their care will be charged to these parents, or they will suffer the same fate as 'Dead Beat Parents' in divorce cases.........jail. The 'Free Lunch', from the working taxpayers, days are over. Everyone in the boat must do their time at the oars.

It is time to stop this insanity of bringing another culture into America. This only dilutes and complicates our own culture. America needs to be the 'Shining Light' for others to follow and emulate. Let others fight and shed blood for their Freedom as did our founders. America is long past the age of  'The Melting Pot'. This 'Melting Pot' idea is nothing more that a liberal dream perpetuated by the 'Harvard Types' who live in 'Disney World' rather than the real world. 

A prison consisting of a 3 foot high chain link fence in the northern part of Alaska is where all 'Dead Beat Parents', and illegal's, should be housed. The prospect of the cold and long distance from civilization should be inspiration enough to make most 'Dead Beat Parents' and illegal's either get a job or move back to their own country (at their own expense). It is time to stop this Marxist, Rubio, in Republican clothing, from pretending to be anything except a Democrat. Patriots, we must either oust Rubio or make him change his party designation. It is also time for the Patriots of America to demand that the Obama Administration stop making deals with countries such as Mexico that are 'One Sided'. If Mexicans can come into America for a better life without regard to the laws or borders then the same rules should apply to Americans wanting to go into Mexico for jobs or a better life. All treaties with foreign countries need to be equal or there should be no treaty. All benefits that apply in the U.S. for illegal's have to be equal for Americans wanting to move to the country of the illegal's. 

The Marxist of America want to be voted into office, and it is a fact that illegal's, 99% of the time, will vote for Marxists who promise 'Free Stuff' rather than them voting for politicians who want to uphold the Constitution and are not on a 'Personal Power Trip' (B.H. Obama, Rubio, Hillary Clinton, McCain. Just to name a few major Marxist 'Power Trip' offenders.). Let Freedom Ring.
Lord Howard Hurts

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